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Chapter 183

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In the end, Rhode didn't agree to her request . Although her performance looked very sincere, but Rhode still felt that something was off . Especially the familiar, intriguing feeling she gave off . If it were only once or twice, he might have thought he was wrong, but everytime he was able to predict what she wanted to do in advance from the expression she made . This feeling was obviously weird to him . In fact, this was also very normal . Those who were very familiar with each other, such as friends and relatives could understand each other's emotions and actions . That was normal because they had been together for a long time, so there would be such a tacit understanding . However, Rhode had never had this kind of feeling with strangers, which just made him feel uncomfortable . Just to be safe, Rhode still rejected her request and quickly turned around toward Anne and left . He didn't even give them the opportunity and time to ask again .

"He's such a strange person . "

When Rhode and Anne's figures disappeared, the girl finally spoke again . She was still smiling like before, as if the one who was rejected wasn't her .

"What do you think he's worried about? Teacher Amund?"

"I can't tell . " The old man shook his head while calmly observing his surroundings .

"Maybe he was worried, or maybe he thought it would be too troublesome . "

"I don't think so . " The girl smiled and shook her head . She stretched out her finger and held it against her chin while slowly narrowing her eyes . After a while, she suddenly spoke . "He knew me well . "

"Your High… young miss?" Hearing her words, the old man was surprised . He widened his eyes and wanted to say something . But at that moment, the girl waved her hand, hinting at him not to talk .

"I can feel that he knows me well; even when I talked to him before, I also had the same feeling . Although I have heard stories about him from many people, it was still my first time meeting him in person… It's really intriguing, isn't it? I have never encountered this kind of thing before . It's really interesting… It's right for me to come here…" Having said that, the girl fell into deep thought . "What do you think, Teacher Amund?"

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"Have to say, the feeling he gave off when meeting him in person was different from what I've heard . " Hearing the girl inquiries, the old man's expression turned serious . "Before I met him, I thought he was a very confident and arrogant person… However, at least based on our previous meeting, he wasn't such a person—or maybe he hadn't showed that part of him… I agree with your opinion, young miss . I think they aren't here for an adventure; else, they wouldn't be in such hurry . Usually an adventurer wouldn't reject this kind of small request . Moreover, from the information that we got, this young man doesn't seem to be that kind of person . "

"That's why I don't understand why they would reject us . " In the end, the old man spread out his hands, frowned, and said .

"Teacher Amund, have you heard about the Prismatic Gem?"


"It's a very beautiful gem . Under the sunlight, it refracts light which consist a variety of usually vivid colors . It's only one gem, but it shows unpredictable color from different perspectives, which is the most intriguing part of the gem . I just think that Rhode is getting more and more interesting . There's a lot of mystery in him… Yes, I'm very happy about it . "

Having said that, the girl couldn't help but lick her lips . Seeing this scene, the old man only helplessly sighed and shook his head .

"Then, what are we going to do next, young miss?"

"Although quiet appreciation is also a form of etiquette, I'd prefer to be able to have the gem myself so I can fully appreciate its light . "

Having said that, the girl smiled with determination . Following her movement, the empty air behind her suddenly formed into six glittering wings, its light illuminating the entire hall . The previous dirty, dark hall suddenly became brighter and purer .

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"I heard that there are a lot of interesting things here . Teacher Amund, do you mind showing them to me?"

Faced with the girl's request, the old man helplessly shook his head . He knew that this student of his well; he knew it was her bad habit again because she often said—only light that can shine brilliantly under the darkness's oppression can be considered as the most beautiful and dazzling light .

That was why he no longer said anything . He only shook his head and raised the plain, wooden stick in his hand .

In the blink of an eye, that plain wooden stick transformed into a black, shiny magic staff with a golden outline . The gem on it exuded a brilliant, magic light . Later, the old man muttered a few words, then placed the staff on the ground .

It was calm, as if nothing had happened . .

But when the light shone, their figures disappeared .

Rhode slowed down his step .

He curiously turned around and glanced behind . Just now, his heart shuddered as if it had noticed something . But his heart wasn't beating any faster, so there wasn't supposed to be any danger . To the contrary, his heart became calmer as if something he had been waiting for suddenly appeared .

What the heck is happening?

Rhode shook his head . Since he met those two, he felt kind of weird somehow, but didn't know why . But now, he no longer thought about that . After running for some time, whether it was him or Anne, they were both already tired . Rhode felt that his energy had run low (since there was no such thing in the game) and although Anne still had a lot of energy, she couldn't follow this kind of pace for too long . That was why before they reached their destination, Rhode decided to rest for a while so they could face their next opponent in perfect condition .

At this moment, a low roar suddenly echoed in his ear .

Hearing this sound, Rhode stopped without hesitation and made a hand gesture for Anne to stop too . Then, he pulled out his sword and looked at the surroundings with a darkened expression .

Upon seeing Rhode's gesture, Anne hurriedly stopped . She lifted up her shield to protect Rhode's back, and at the same time, she observed the surroundings . It was a very spacious hall with dark and cold walls just like before . The only thing difference was that the deeper they went, they would see something similar to a metal pipe embedded in the wall . The pipes were more than a meter wide and Annie had knocked it previously out of curiosity . It seemed to be hollow and empty inside . Where they were now was the same . Other than the two thick metal pipes which were embedded in the walls were four dark, deep holes that had spiderwebs hanging from their corners . They looked like underground water pipes; however, Rhode kept vigilant, staring at the black hole in front of him, while holding his sword .

Just then, four brass balls suddenly rolled out from the pipe . They fell heavily on the ground, colliding with the hard bluestone and issuing a loud sound .

"Be careful!"

Rhode lifted up his sword with a serious expression . He vigilantly looked at the brass balls and reminded Anne at the same time .

"Do you still remember the things I told you before? Don't fight with this thing . It's powerful . Attack its head and beware of its lower part . Understand?"

"Yes, Leader . " Hearing Rhode's reminder, Anne nodded . At this moment, the brass balls that rolled out from the pipe suddenly changed . They rolled around, then suddenly flared .

"Waa!" Seeing this scene, Anne couldn't help but screamed in surprise .

Because at this moment, the brass balls suddenly split up . Afterwards, a metal golem appeared from each one . They stretched out both of their hands and dazzling, sharp blades appeared . There was a trace of magic light in its hollow eyes . Although its body looked weak because it was made from metal, looking at the magic runes on it, it clearly wasn't so .

They were the guardians of these ruins .

"Warning . Unidentified intruders detected . Please leave, otherwise all the intruders shall be eradicated . "

"Warning . Here is the central core area . Unauthorized access is not allowed . "

The lower part of a metal golem slowly moved and walked forward . They surrounded Rhode and Anne at the same time, and repeated the same warning in the same flat tone . There didn't seem to be any threat in their words . However, no one would treat it as a joke, since no one would like to be surrounded by four lifeless creatures .

But Rhode had a different target .

Facing the four golem encirclement, he didn't seem to be nervous . Their average level was only about 15, while he was currently at level 18 . One-on-one might be easy, but 1v4 would be troublesome . However, he didn't care about that . To the contrary, he was looking at the dazzling red gem at the center of each golem .

If he could get all four artificial soul gems, he would be able to evolve his summoned spirits four times . To him, this was the best loot in this battle . Compared to this, all the remaining loot in these ruins were only so-so .

"Be careful, don't break the gem on its body . "

He took a deep breath and didn't forget to remind Anne about this . If she accidentally broke one, he definitely would cry .

At this moment, the guardian golem finally attacked them .

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