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Chapter 179

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Rhode frowned and walked toward Anne .

Anne only smiled and straightened her body, looking up at Rhode .

Rhode said nothing and quickly stretched out his hand to touch her face . Feeling Rhode's touch, Anne closed her eyes . After that Rhode's hand gradually went down, and Anne was breathing harder . After that, she suddenly screamed and put both of her hands in front of her chest at the same time .

"Leader, it hurts!"

"This is punishment . "

Facing Anne's complain, Rhode only waved his hands and smiled . He laughed at Anne, seeing her gloomily rub her chest . Just now, he ruthlessly pinched it, making it swell .

"A little girl like you is too inexperienced to learn this kind of thing . " Rhode said while looking at her body . Hmm… that's right, she's still too young .

"Ah… I failed . "

Anne twitched her mouth, rubbed her chest, and complained while taking the clothes beside her .

"This is totally different from what they said, really… infuriating…"

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Hearing this word, Rhode curiously asked . The reason he didn't make a move on Anne was because he was no longer young and had dated a few times before . That's why his reaction wasn't like a man who had never even touched a woman's hand before and forgot himself when he saw a woman's body . Moreover, even if he wanted it, he still wouldn't look to Anne . But he might have wanted to play for a bit if it were an unknown girl in front of him . Although Anne was still young, but her body growth wasn't bad at all; her skin was delicate and smooth, really soft to touch, and she definitely could become a good sex partner . If she's wasn't his subordinate .

It was a taboo for him, just as how a rabbit doesn't foul its own hole because the pleasure of a one night stand was in fact due to not knowing each other . After doing the deed, everyone would be busy and wouldn't interact with the other . It didn't matter if someone was married or not, since you didn't care about who they were . However, if he did it with the people beside him, it would be very troublesome . Previously, he had done such things; after he broke up with his second girlfriend, he was looking for one night stand partner for fun . In the end, after they both went to a hotel, the girl was actually his ex-girlfriend's best friend and also his classmate… It was really really awkward .

In the end, every time they met he would felt very awkward… How did that even happen…

That's why facing Anne's seduction, although he was interested, he didn't follow his instinct and immediately rush to her . Actually, he quite liked her, but their relationship hadn't yet reached that extent yet . To be responsible when he didn't have any feeling for her was too bothersome . Rhode didn't wish to be troubled just for a one time pleasure; he had seen a lot of incidents like this…

And another reason why he didn't make a move was, as a man who had experienced a lot of things, Anne's action seemed too fishy . In general, when a woman took the initiative to bring up this matter, she must have showed her passion no matter little or large . However, Rhode couldn't feel the "passion" from her . To the contrary, he only felt an ambiguous feeling from her .

That's why he was sure the reason Anne did it wasn't to invite him to have sex .

No matter what, he was an adult; if he toyed with a girl who wasn't even 16 yet, then he would die in embarrassment . And after hearing Anne's words, he could confirm that there was be something behind it .

"Who are they?"

"It's our comrades from the Mark White mercenary group . "

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Anne didn't care about the way Rhode looked at her and just continued to put on her clothes . She jumped down from the bed and yawned, then answered .

"They said, if Anne really really liked a man, Anne must do something like this . If Anne did so, that man would become Anne's and he would listen to Anne obediently . At first, Anne thought this method would work… but hmph…"


Rhode shook his head and no longer said anything . Luckily, he was already suspicious of it, or else he would have embarrassed himself to death…

"Then, what do you want me to do?"


"The reason you did something like that before was so I'd listen to you right? Then tell me, what do you want?"


Hearing Rhode's words, Anne uneasily rolled her eyes, trying to escape from Rhode's sight . She looked toward the window, trying to change the topic . However, Rhode kept looking at her, so she couldn't help but give up . She raised her head and smiled like a dog who was waiting for its owner to give its food .

"Anne heard that the bread with berry jam here is very good… That's why… Leader…"

"… Just for this?"

"It's very delicious! Leader, will you buy it for Anne? Will you? Anne will let you see everything!"


What could he say?

He said nothing .

In the end, because Rhode had seen "everything", he had to grant her wish . At the same time, he warned her not to do something like this anymore . After she agreed and they dealt with this unimportant things, Rhode told her about his plan . However, clearly, the fragrant berry jam bread took all of her concentration . Rhode had to waste a lot of time to make her understand his plan . After hearing it, Anne didn't oppose it and wasn't too bothered by it .

"No problem, leader . I will do anything leader asks me to do . "

After saying it, her attitude turned back to usual . Nothing changed .

Since Rhode achieved his purpose, he didn't say anything more . In fact, he was already troubled enough by Anne . Perhaps, it was because she was raised as a beast since young, she totally lacked some common knowledge about this world . It had to be said that even the most common girl absolutely wouldn't think about showing her body in front of a man just for a few slices of bread . However, Anne didn't seem to care about this . Although her adoptive father had taught her about shame, she was only reserved in public . For example, when they went for a mission and there were a lot of men, she never jumped into the river to take a bath naked or something . However, those rules didn't seem to work very well, especially in front of people she trusted and loved . Rhode had been hearing Marlene's complain that she couldn't get a hold of Anne . Anne was always running around naked in the room . What if she was seen by the men?

This problem couldn't be solved by words . Fortunately, Anne had thought about it to some extent, so Rhode didn't say anything more . After saying about the matter regarding the Black Pine Ruins, he left to his own room .


And only then did Anne heave a long sigh of relief . Following that, she hugged the bread and went back to bed .

She looked blankly at the ceiling while eating the bread in her hands .

Although Anne got what she wanted, she didn't know why she was still thinking about something else .

It was Rhode's touch from before .

Like Rhode had expected, Anne wasn't really sure what would happen between a man and woman . She had curiously asked people in the mercenary group, but most of them only smiled at her and said that she'd understand it when she grew up . In the mercenary group, the big sister also taught her many strange tricks; as long as she did according to what they said, those man would obediently listen to her words—but on one condition: that man must be the man who she liked very much .

Anne couldn't understand and was also uninterested in it . She had an instinct that it was dangerous for her; especially those men who were looking at her as if they wanted to eat her . It made her feel really uncomfortable . The reason she did something like this today was totally accidental; Anne was only accustomed to being naked inside her own room and Rhode happened to visit her . Originally, she intended to wear her clothes first, but she didn't know why she suddenly remembered her comrades' suggestion, so she immediately did it .

Of course, the final result was totally different from what she had imagined . Rhode didn't obediently listen to her order after seeing her body just like they said . However Anne found something new… For the first time in her life, Rhode made her feel something she had never felt before . There's seemed to be magic in Rhode's hand; it brought an extraordinary comfort . She immediately felt weak after she was touched by him, and there was an inexplicable feeling that sprouted inside her heart . Although she didn't know what it was, but she was really looking forward to its next development .

Unfortunately… it hurt .

Thinking until here, Anne couldn't help but stretched out her hand to rub her chest . Although she also felt comfortable touching herself, when Rhode touched her, it felt ticklish and hot .

If she could let him touch him again, it would certainly be very comfortable…

Anne looked at the ceiling before her and fell into deep thought .

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