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Chapter 172
Chapter 172: Gillian’s Suggestion
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In the end, Kavos and the others brought the contract Rhode had given them and left . Beside the yearly term of the contract, almost everything was the same as with other mercenary groups . Of course, Rhode wasn’t expecting them to agree to it immediately . When Kavos left, he asked for Rhode’s permission to bring the contract back so he could discuss with his subordinates and see whether they wanted to accept or not . They made this kind of decision because they saw that the terms written in the contract were indeed fair . After reading it carefully, they admitted that it was a very persuasive contract and not a slave contract as they had previously imagined . If Rhode could fulfill the terms in the contract, then they also wouldn’t mind it .

Unfortunately, Rhode had forgotten about these pitiful men after they left because he had more important things to do .

Healing Christie took a longer time than he had expected . Although Lize told him before that her condition was very bad and it would take a lot of time to heal her, Rhode didn’t expect even that with five high level Clerics, it would still take about an entire day . Until late afternoon, after the sun went down, Lize and the four other clerics finally walked out from the room full of sweat .

The girl’s injury was a lot more severe than they had thought .

The other four Clerics told him that even though her injury had been healed, with her weak condition, it was still easy for her to get sick . However, her condition was already much better than before . Rhode showed his gratitude to the four of them and told Lize to bring them to get a meal and rest . After that, he entered Christie’s room .

Her room was located beside Rhode’s room; she was the second person to live in the 3rd floor . Although Rhode wanted Christie to live with Anne, Marlene, and Lize, because of what happened afterward she was very attached to him and didn’t want to leave him . Because it was useless to persuade her, Rhode could only accept it . Although Christie was very weak, she firmly held onto her will; even if Rhode and Anne have persuaded her, she still wouldn’t want to change her mind . She only pulled at Rhode’s clothes and silently looked at him…

Rhode was helpless and could only let her do what she wanted to .

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From that moment on, Rhode finally began to worry . He felt uneasy for her to stay in the guest room alone . Perhaps he needed someone to take care of her . Of course, those mercenaries couldn’t do that . They didn’t have time, but Rhode had planned it from the beginning . That was also the reason why Rhode asked for the Clerics from the Mercenary Association . He didn’t plan on asking them to fight in front line with Lize, but his mercenary group did lack support . Since he had interacted with them before in the Silent Highland and they also seemed quite nice, it wouldn’t be difficult to select one of them to take care of Christie . Although he would be more assured with Lize, she couldn’t keep staying in the stronghold . When she left for a mission, he needed to find someone to replace Lize’s position .

Rhode calmed his mind and walked inside the room .

Soon, he saw the girl who asleep in the bed .

Compared with before, her face looked a lot better . Her pale face had become rosy and her breath a lot steadier . Previously, she kept coughing non-stop . It seemed that the medical expertise in this world wasn’t too bad . If it was on Earth, with Christie’s previous condition, she would have to stay in the hospital for at a year or two to recover . Even if she was healed, she would still have to consume medicine everyday and spend her life in bed—just like his sister .

Rhode shook his head and threw away his thought . When he came beside Christie and looked at her, he reached out his hand to tidy up her long hair . Frankly, looking at the girl who looked the same as him, Rhode didn’t know how to face her . He only stood there and looked at her silently . It was enough for him to look at her sleeping face .

“Aiya, such a cute looking girl . ”

At this time, a high pitched voice suddenly echoed from Rhode’s ear . It didn’t wake Christie up . Hearing this sudden voice, Rhode didn’t seem to be surprised .

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“What do you think, Gillian?”


Hearing Rhode’s question the Fire Elemental Commander spirit shrugged . She smiled and answered, “Isn’t this good, Master? She’s a very very very cute girl and she definitely will grow into a very beautiful person just like you . Ah, that’s not right; she’ll be more welcomed than you . Look at her: gentle, well behaved, and cute . Ah… it makes people wanted to hold her tight and protect her . I’ve decided, Master! When you summon me again I’ll protect her and no one will be able to stop me!”

“You know I’m not talking about that . ”

Rhode patted her shoulder and pulled Gillian, who sounded extremely happy, back into reality .

“Her body… do you have any way?”

Christie’s body condition didn’t become better . According to those Clerics, because she lived in a bad environment, her body condition had deteriorated and they couldn’t do anything about it . They only suggested for her to rest and drink medicine to improve her health and nourish her body . However, this was only a temporary solution to the problem . For him, this approach was obviously not enough .

“Eh? You really hope to save her, Master? It’s really a pity; in my opinion, a sickly person is cute… Hm, but since you want me to say the truth then I can only say sorry… I can’t . Since I am a Fire Elemental Commander, I can do anything with the fire attributes, but I can’t do anything about others . Moreover, this kid doesn’t belong to the fire attributes, which is why unfortunately, I can’t help . ”

“Then you mean, there’s someone who could help?” Hearing Gillian answer, Rhode frowned, but Gillian didn’t seem to be sure in answering his question .

“About this matter, I’m not certain, Master . Humans are the most complicated creature in this world, so maybe a normal human wouldn’t be able to do it . Not to mention, Christie was born with weak body and it’s not due to a curse or magic . With this kind of body, we also can’t help it . If it’s a curse, perhaps I’ll be able to help, but… hm… from what I’ve seen, if we want to heal her completely, I am afraid we can only go to the three archangels . Maybe they will have a solution . Since their race interacts with humans the most, even resurrecting the dead won’t be a problem for them, I think . However, Christie’s body contains dark power; it may also be a bad thing to ask for their help . Or you can look for the vampire that’s part of the four legendary generals; they have always liked to turn humans into undead creatures . If Little Christie became an undead creatures, then her body wouldn’t be sickly anymore . ”

“Are there any normal methods?”

Hearing Gillian’s answer, Rhode shook his head . Of course he didn’t want to use that kind of method since it won’t be good for Christie .

“If there’s no choice, you can also look for the five Elemental Commanders that command the five elements, since they control all of the elements in this world . They might be able to interfere with her body condition to some extent . ”

Having said that, Gillian clearly looked helpless .

“Or, I think the best choice is to look for the five Dragon Creators . Since they’re the one that created this world, they might be able to do something about their own creation . Didn’t you beat them once in the game? Just beat them again and put a collar on them . I don’t think they would refuse your request . ”

“If it’s just as easy as you’ve said, then I wouldn’t be suffering so much now . ”

Rhode lifted his head and took a deep breath . The girl before him seemed to have felt something and echoed a sound . After that, she turned her body around and fell into a deep sleep once again .

“But… Master, I don’t think you have to be that worried . Perhaps nothing will happen to Little Christie . My intuition said so, Master . You have to believe in a woman’s intuition! I can guarantee that nothing will happen!”

“If woman’s intuition is useful, then no lottery winners would be men . ”

After Rhode uttered his sarcastic words, Gillian once again disappeared . Rhode couldn’t help but to shake his head . Right now, he was already completely speechless facing this Elemental Commander . She suddenly appeared, then disappeared . Rhode already decided that until he reached Level 20, he needed to think of a way to pull her out to avoid her scared him in the middle of the night . It was definitely not a good experience .

But… her suggestion wasn’t too bad .

“Archangel, right…?

Rhode muttered and looked out the window . It was dark, but there was a trace of light twinkling from afar…

Perhaps, he really had to work harder .

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