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Chapter 166
Chapter 166: Peace of Mind
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Thinking about this problem, Rhode felt that it was a little bit tricky . If that demon really had any relationship with Christie, then it definitely wouldn’t let go of the girl . If that was so, then that might result in a problem in the future . In fact, until now he still didn’t know why the demon wanted to catch Christie . There was a lot of other prey beside just her and the demon could easily catch any of them . However, it said that it wanted to catch Christie alive, meaning that it would put her into prison… Dragon Soul above, even an ordinary strong man couldn’t stand the prison environment, not to mention Christie’s weak body . It wouldn’t be able to withstand the cold air since it might put her life into danger at anytime . The smell of the miasma in the prison could even make people poisoned to death .

Unless she had a secret that he didn’t know of .

“Yes . ”

Many thoughts flashed through Rhode’s mind . However, the elder didn’t know about it, so he only nodded and answered . The elder had begun to let it go since it seemed like Rhode already knew his plan . If so, it would meaningless even if he continued to lie . Perhaps, if he told the truth, then Rhode would be more lenient to him .  That’s right, since we arrived at the prison, Master also wouldn’t know about what I’ve done .

“Master told me to foster that child . ”

Saying until here, the elder raised his head and looked at the girl who hid behind Anne’s back .

“Frankly, after that tragedy befell their family, I thought that this girl was most likely the offering . Her blood had been corrupted with the dark force . I thought that Master would definitely take an interest in her, and he guessed right . After Master heard my report, he was interested in her and told me to foster her and sent her to the prison afterward . After I took this mission, I tried my best to complete it, but I still failed in the end…”

“Then why did you do something like this to her?”

At this moment, the others walked forward . After the undead creatures left, the mercenaries were also relieved . They kept looking at the surrounding vigilantly, and some of them were curiously walking toward that elder . Frankly, after finding out that the Village Elder was the real culprit, these mercenaries were just as shocked as Rhode was . In their opinion, it was no wonder all of the people in this village seemed to be wicked .

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After hearing the elder’s answer, Marlene frowned and asked .

“Your Master wanted you to foster her, but her condition is very weak and you didn’t seem to take care of her properly . Wouldn’t you be afraid if something were to happen to her?”


Hearing Marlene’s question, the elder only smiled wickedly . He looked at the blonde-haired girl and look back toward everyone .

“As expected of the wisdom of a mortal, always so stupid and short-sighted… How can you understand our faith? Our ideal? That’s right, according to your understanding, after I got the order from Master, I was supposed to foster this girl and take care of her properly . But that’s only the self-righteous delusion of fools like you who live under the sunlight . I don’t want to bring her up with a personality full of hope . To Master, souls full of despair, hate, fear, and tragedy are the most delicious . That’s why I purposely let her be hit, abused, and humiliated by those fools . It was all to make her feel despair, to let her hate everything in this world including the sunlight and warmth . When that time came, she would surrender herself to the darkness and become Master’s… hehehe… Ah, that’s right; there’s also one thing I want to make clear . I didn’t purposely make her body weak—she was born with a weak body . Frankly, sometimes I worried that she might die . But what made me shocked was that she actually managed to persevere and live until now… It can be considered as a miracle . ”

Saying until here, the elder stopped talking, but there was a trace of disgust in the way these people saw him . When they looked that this elder, they couldn’t help but want to hit him . Anne’s face became gloomy, and she moved her finger and threateningly pointed at the elder . It seemed that she didn’t plan to respect the old at all . Marlene also lifted up her wand and coldly snorted . She lifted up her head, but it didn’t seem like she wanted to glance at the elder for a second time . Right now, Lize held Christie tightly in her embrace, as if by doing that, she would be able to protect her from any harm .

“It’s you who’s the foolish one, fallen evil . ” At this moment, Celia opened her mouth .

“Although this girl’s body is corrupted with darkness, her soul isn’t corrupted because of that . Not only has your evil plan failed, she also won’t sink into this kind of evil . You and your Master will receive the divine punishment! People like you can only live in the eternal abyss and be on the receiving end of painful torture!!”

“Enough, Celia . Stop it . ” Rhode stopped her indignant remarks . After that, he walked forward, looked at the elder, then nodded .

“It seems that you’re very cooperative… Hmm, then I will ask you my last question . About Christie’s mother; did she really look like Christie? Also, about the demon in her… do you still have something that you want to add?”

“No . ” This time, the elder shook his head .

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“Although she’s also a beautiful girl, she’s definitely different from Christie . About the demon in her, I have nothing to say . At that time, I didn’t know what happened to her . That’s why I never saw the so-called demon existence . In fact, when I saw you for the first time I was very surprised… Who are you actually? Why do you look exactly like that young girl?”

“It’s something that you don’t have to know . ” Clearly, Rhode didn’t want to exchange information . But at this moment, a timid sound suddenly echoed .

“… Can I ask you a question?”

Everyone looked toward the source of the voice and saw Christie who was standing beside Anne . Her hand was clenched tightly in front of her chest and she looked at the elder who was being tied up with a complex emotion . Hearing this voice, there was a trace of strangeness in the elder eyes, after which he coldly laughed .

“What question?”

“I… I want to know…”

The girl clenched her hand and her body was trembling, but her eyes were firm . Looking at her expression, Rhode frowned . He wanted to say something but still gave up and shook his head in the end .

“The reason you raised me is just because…”

“That’s right, it’s only because of Master’s order . ”

The elder coldly stopped her words .

“If it’s not because of Master, do you think I would still raise you by my side? Hmph, the blood in your veins has been cursed; you were never destined to have a bright future . Obediently accept Master’s calling is what you were supposed to do . Now is also the same; don’t forget about the things that you hated! You are the child of death . You definitely cannot give others a bright future! Because there’s only despair and suffering in your whole life! You…”


Hearing until here, Shauna stopped the elder’s cursing . She looked towards the elder in despise and took out her sword . “Master, we don’t have to keep hearing this evil demon follower’s nonsense . Let’s just kill him here!”

Hearing Shauna complain, Rhode nodded his head . “Since you have answered my questions, then I’ll stop here… Next…”

Saying until here, Rhode looked at Celia .

“Celia, I’ll leave this to you . You should know how we usually take care of evil demon followers . ”

“Of course, Master . ”

Hearing Rhode’s words, the angel walked toward the elder and lifted her sword up high and spread her wings . Soon, a gentle ray fell from the sky, and followed by the tip of her sword, it fell toward the elder .

“Wait, you cannot do this!!” Aware of what Celia was trying to do, the elder face turned gloomy . He tried his best to struggle while looking at Rhode .

“We agreed; you can’t take back your words!”

“Really surprised me . ”

Facing the elder’s anger and criticism, Rhode only shrugged his shoulder expressionlessly .

“I don’t remember agreeing to anything . I only told you not to forget that I have my own way of handling you, but I never said what kind of way . You have misunderstood me; please don’t create anymore trouble . ”

“You, you…”

The elder hadn’t finished his words because at this moment, Nepheran Tentacle blocked his mouth under Rhode’s order . The elder could only issue a “uuu” sound . and it wasn’t clear what that meant . At this moment, Celia began to chant . A clear, beautiful melody echoed in the night sky . At the moment the light fell from the sky, the melody was also getting clearer and wrapped the elder in it .

Rhode enjoyed this view . After that, he heard a small sound beside him .

“No matter what, thank you… for raising me . ”

Rhode looked down and saw Christie’s clear eyes . Her eyes were moist, and there was a trace of complex emotion in it .

He said nothing and extended his hand to pat her head . Christie also followed his gesture and fell into his embrace . She turned around and buried her head inside Rhode’s body because she didn’t want to see this scene anymore .

The melody was getting clearer, the light also brighter . In that moment, everyone couldn’t help but close their eyes .

When they opened their eyes, everything was already empty .

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