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Chapter 163
Chapter 163: Shadow Devil
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Christie started breathing intensely .

Her chest tightened as she held on tightly to her cloak, but she still could not withstand the dark energy that emitted from the crack . It wasn’t just the mere ‘chill’ air from the cellar; instead, it was a bone-chilling sensation . Even though the massive gold shield blocked her vision in front of her, but Christie seemed to notice the shadow of death stretching for her . The inaudible scream in her ear became louder and louder; obviously, it carried a grudge and evil intents towards the girl .

Her body started to shiver uncontrollably . She unconsciously took a few steps back until Anne held her down by her shoulder . Christie lifted her head with uncertainty in her eyes . On Anna’s face, she could only notice her cheeky smile and beautiful eyes .

“Don’t worry, with Leader around, everything will be okay . These things can’t be compared to what Leader can achieve . ”

Anne grinned and rustled Christie’s hair .

And at this moment, a 3-meter tall shadow arrived at the square .

“It’s the Shadow Devil! Everyone spread out! Lize, Marlene, grab its attention! The rest, take care of the ghouls and undead! Don’t forget your potions!”

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When he noticed the Shadow Devil, Rhode’s expression turned grim, but he still immediately gave out commands without delay . The mercenaries quickly scattered and used their potions . After a while, a light wind barrier appeared by their side . Lize recast the holy shield on the mercenaries, forming a gentle light .

As for Marlene, she quickly changed her position . She waved her staff, forming a ripple in the air . Afterwards, the ripple gradually solidified in the air and condensed into a magic shield . Marlene yelled loudly, causing the runes on the ground to once again erupt with fire .

But contrary to Marlene’s expectations, the Shadow Devil didn’t retreat like the undead when faced with her spells . Instead, it stood up straight and extended it’s right hand, smashing downwards .

The Shadow Devil’s pitch black long claws suddenly extended outwards, passing through the fire pillars, lashing towards Marlene .

If it were the ‘newbie’ Marlene who had entered the mercenary group recently, she would have obediently stared at death in her face . Thankfully, after the long hours of training, she was no longer the newbie that would be frightened when an attack came close . The maiden dodged the claws as it smashed the ground, leaving a deep crater .

“Don’t use fire elemental spells; this thing is immune to fire!”

Rhode told Marlene as he dashed to her front and guarded . Although he still maintained his calm expression, the appearance of the Shadow Devil caused Rhode to be slightly startled .

The Shadow Devil isn’t comparable to those lowly undead . They were born on the second floor of hell, and belonged to the emissary of the devil . These Shadow Devils were extremely strong on the earth’s surface even though they weren’t so in hell . Since they were borne through the flames of hell, naturally, their fire resistance would be abnormally high .

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“Use water elemental spells . Create some distance between it . It has troublesome claws that can extend . Don’t fight it head-on . ”

“Yes! Mr . Rhode!”

After hearing Rhode’s warning, Marlene nodded her head and took two steps back . To a mage, keeping a distance with the enemy was something fundamental . Right now, she knew that her distance between the Shadow Devil and her wasn’t sufficient .


After informing Marlene, Rhode immediately raised his sword and pointed forward . The angel maiden quickly spread her wings and spun into a dazzling meteor, striking towards its target .

“Damn it! What the hell?!”

The man in the black robe was furious .

He had made enough mistakes tonight .

Since the start, all of his plans were foiled one by one . Rhode’s mercenaries kept outperforming his expectations . And when he thought that he had enough power, the battle angel evaded his fatal attack using some abnormal movement skill . No matter what, he assumed that to dodge his attack, the angel must have used up a great deal of energy . While he didn’t know how she could escape, at least the damage that he dealt wasn’t in vain .

Dreams are beautiful, yet reality is cruel . The harsh reality was like a slap to his face . Celia’s valorous figure spun into a whirlwind and smashed into him once… twice… trice…

The black robed man had an intense desire to look up into the sky and scream ‘HEAVENS, THIS IS UNFAIR!’ . He did not know whether to laugh or cry . O Holy Spirits, you must be freaking kidding me!!

From a certain perspective, he was actually right .

Previously, Celia was indeed fatally injured by the Shadow Devil’s claw attack . But Rhode, who always maintained contact with Celia, merely unsummoned her and re-summoned…

Despite being life forms, summoned spirits were different from contract spirits . The latter lived on other planes of life . A mage’s contract spell would only open a passageway and drag out the contract spirit to help them in battle . But summoned spirits were entirely different . Fundamentally, a summoned spirit was just a card . Let’s take Celia as an example . Her defense is 7, so if a monster with an attacking power of 8 were to hit her, then according to the system, Celia’s defense would reduce to -1 . This will force her to return to her card form, and she would be injured . However, if the enemy were to attack with a power of 7 or below, as long as Celia’s defense point doesn’t dip into the negatives, Rhode could just simply withdraw her and re-summon her again, returning her to her original stats .

That Shadow Devil incident was the same . Celia wasn’t instantly killed, so when she was re-summoned, she didn’t need time to recover from her injuries . Thus, the angel maiden was full of vigor again as she attacked mercilessly .

The poor black-robed man didn’t know this, unfortunately . He could only cry when he saw the graceful figure soar through the night skies wholly unharmed . He knew that he already lost; badly, in fact . From the start, he was like a gambler who stepped into an unknown ring . He had already lost his money, but he didn’t want to give up . Still, it was a pity that he already lost his rights to regret . All he could do was to clench his teeth and go all-out .

“Damn it, damn it!!”

The black robed man growled loudly . He knew that its over . Even if he withdrew all his undead creatures, it would be impossible to recuperate his losses . The Shadow Devil was a reward that he received after serving his devil master for 20 years . He could only summon it once . If it was not for the temptation of capturing an angel, he would not have summoned it at all .

“No… it’s not over…”

His whole body shook in fear just by imagining how his devil master was going to punish him after delivering this news . He was a cornered rat . Since that was the case…

Thinking of this, he lifted his head and looked at the girl who was protected by Anne in the square from far away .

“Christie… Come, to my side!”

The man yelled fiercely . Afterwards, he stretched out both of his hands and conjured two dark-colored flames in his palms . In a blink of an eye, the flames suddenly grew and engulfed him until not even his body could be seen .

Meanwhile, the situation didn’t change much even after the Shadow Devil appeared .

As Celia claimed aerial superiority in the night sky, the perfect conditioned angel kept the Shadow Devil at bay . It howled at the figure flying in front of him angrily and attempted to swat her away by swinging his arms . This time, Celia was well prepared . She calmly flapped her wings and dodged the attack . The moment when the Shadow Devil missed its attack, the echo of wind followed by dozens of icy cold swords flew towards it . The Shadow Devil howled and extended its arms to the front . Instantly, a mist-like shadow erupted from his hands and the icy swords melted to nothingness .

Although Marlene’s attack didn’t damage the Shadow Devil, it succeeded in slowing its movements . And at this moment, Lize attacked .

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