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Chapter 162
Chapter 162: Forced to the Corner
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Since the beginning of the battle, the devil worshipper believed that the situation would develop just as he anticipated . The angel would be surrounded; the mercenaries would split up their force . According to his plans, Rhode would have to step in to either help his men or the angel .

The angel, despite her not being a high-ranked among angels, to the common men, she was recognized as a divine being . He didn’t believe that the human noble would leave the angel to die alone; not to mention that she was a beauty as well .

Thus, the devil worshipper attempted to split Rhode and the angel when he situated his undead in two different ambush areas .

Indeed, Celia’s situation wasn’t very rosy . Despite having a natural resistance against the undead, ultimately, she only possessed two arms . The hordes of undead were relentless in their numbers as they carried out their master’s command to assault the helpless militias . This forced Celia to constantly dart from one place to another to defend the villagers . At first, the situation was still manageable, but after some time, she gradually started to pant as she used up her stamina . If this continued, then Celia would unquestionably fall into his hands .

Rhode’s movements also gave him a headache . He couldn’t figure out what Rhode was thinking . The mercenaries on Rhode’s side were calm as they pushed back his ghouls . By now, the devil worshipper had no choice but to acknowledge the prowess of the mercenaries . This kind of quality backup from Klautz was unexpected as he thought that his actions would only cause Klautz to send a small team to investigate . But now, it obviously doesn’t seem like this was the case .

Another thing that made him confused was why did Rhode not help the angel? Does he even care about the angel at all? Or is this all part of his plan?

The devil worshipper just couldn’t make heads or tails of this situation, but he had no choice but to adapt to it . Rhode’s mercenaries were really beyond his expectations, especially that mage that conjured lightning from her fingertips . Even from a distance, he could feel goosebumps on his skin when the lightning snake arced across the night sky . He imagined that even if Rhode went over to help the angel, the destructive power Marlene possessed could be enough to hold the lines .

Of course, he knew that once a mage runs out of energy, she would be a dead weight . But that means that his undead monsters had to last long enough for her to exhaust her strength . However, that was the crux of his problem – he simply didn’t have enough undead to fight a prolonged battle!

He couldn’t wait any longer!

When he finished deliberating, he gritted his teeth together . The devil worshipper wasn’t as confident as before, but he hoped that he could still win .

At least…

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At least if he could capture or kill the angel, there will still be hope!

He quickly turned his attention towards the angel who was protecting the villagers and revealed an evil smile .

So be it, that’s my target . Let’s end it here!

He stretched his hand out from his black robe and gestured in the air . Soon, a maroon symbol appeared as it floated in the air and immediately disappeared the next moment .

His undead count suddenly increased .

Celia swung her sword and once again, splitting the undead into half . She frowned and retreated back to the militias . Although the militia fought bravely against the undead, their weapons couldn’t fatally damage the undead because they did not have the potion . The undead that were injured by the mercenaries regained their confidence as they disregarded the militia’s weapons and merely phase through them . They extended their claws and pierced into the militia’s bodies, causing icy cold energy to spread rapidly within and extinguish their flame of life .

In an instant, three militia’s turned into corpses and the remaining five finally gave up on trying to attack the undead . Instead, they began to hide behind the angel obediently . The militias weren’t trained to fight undead as they only hunted wild wolves and boars . Now that three of their comrades fell so quickly in front of them, their courage hit rock bottom . It can be said that they were already lucky that they didn’t faint on the spot .

Celia felt her pressure gradually increase .

She swung her sword and got rid of the undead by her side . But these undead began to become more cunning . They started to target the militias instead of her, forcing the angel to shift positions rapidly .


Another undead retreated as it dodged the brilliant holy light . Celia didn’t intend to let it escape her . She dashed forward, with her sword ignited in holy fire as she lunged towards the undead . Silver flames erupted from the sword, piercing accurately through the undead that were in her path . They screamed as they perished while turning into dust that floated into nothingness .

“Hu… hu…”

Celia stabbed her sword into the ground as she took deep breaths . Then she retreated two steps and raised her sword again to indicate her battle readiness . She was reaching her limit, and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to last much longer . The waves of undead seemed to be neverending . Thinking of this, Celia frowned but didn’t say anything .

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“Hey, hey, what are you doing . Quickly kill them!”

Those militias immediately panicked after Celia stopped attacking .

“If you don’t kill them, we will be dead . Hurry, don’t just stand there . We beg you, Miss Angel . Save us . We don’t want to die here…”

Hearing the screams of the militia, Celia took a deep breath, but she didn’t say anything . Instead, at this moment, the evil voice once again echoed .

“Heh heh heh . I’m sorry, but this time all of you will die here… Give up, my cute little prey…”

Accompanied by an evil laughter, a chilling wind started to blow once again . The undead that seemed to be scattered around began to diverge towards Celia .


The silver-white flames formed a defensive shield in front of Celia . When the angel raised her sword, suddenly, a long, pitch black claw extended from within the horde of undead . It shattered the shield instantly and smashed on the angel maiden’s chest!

In an instant, cold and evil energy spread all the way from that arm right into Celia’s body . The angel maiden gave a painful scream and flew backward from the impact . Her white feathers scattered in the skies .

“Heh heh heh…”

Afterwards, a man draped in a black robe walked out from the horde . He let out evil and sinister laughter and raised his head to look to the front .

“Beautiful angel, it seems like I got you finally…”

He didn’t finish his sentence .

Because at this moment, Celia suddenly disappeared from his sight .

What?! What happened?

The man in black robe yelled in anger and quickly scanned his surroundings . Not a hint of the angel could be seen .

What happened?

Did she escape?

How was it possible?


As the man in the black robe was flustering, suddenly, horrified cries from the ghouls could be heard through telepathy . When he turned around, the scene in front of him shocked him .

In the skies just above the square, the angel spread her magnificent wings . She raised her long sword and tilted her body downwards, with silver-white fire lingering on her sword .

And what is happening now?!!

This absurdity stunned the man in the black robe . He stared blankly at the square while he heard the screams of his ghouls, not knowing how to react .

How was this possible?

Why did that heavily injured angel suddenly appeared there?

How did she appear there?

Just what in the world is happening now?

The man’s brain flooded with questions, but he couldn’t find the time for the answers . Instead, he could only grit his teeth and boil in rage .

He knew that he had no choice left . He had used his ace card .

Is this how it ends?

Thinking of this, the fires of anger within him flared, but what came afterward was fear and uncertainty .

If I fail… And if master knows that I fail… then he will…

“Go to hell!”

He turned around and glared at the remaining militias . Soon enough, they were surrounded by the undead . They collapsed and died after a few pathetic screams . And after temporarily venting his anger, the man in black robe took a deep breath to regain his composure . Then he raised his hand and pointed to the front .

“Master’s great emissary, I need your help now! Go, destroy those enemies that are trying to hinder Master . Bring back a glorious victory… in the name of hell, I command you to attack!”

Suddenly, the surrounding darkness started to crack . A huge humanoid creature slowly emerged from the crack . Then it opened its mouth and let out an ear-piercing screech as it flew towards the square .

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