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Chapter 133

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The angel's wings were fluttering and slowly landed in the beautiful garden . She hurriedly lifted up her head and looked at the surroundings, before helplessly sighing, then stomped her feet on the ground .

"Celt, are you here?"

"What's up, Grandia?"

A white-robed girl walked out of the garden . She was holding a white wand in her hand while curiously looking at the messenger who was hovering above the ground .

"Has Her Highness Lydia come here? I'm looking for her . The Country of Light has sent their messenger here, hoping to negotiate the matter about the increasing trade flows . I wanted to report this to Her Highness first, but in the end I couldn't find her . She only left a message 'don't look for me' in the study room… but this kind of thing doesn't count, right!"

"Ah, so it's like that…"

After hearing it, the girl frowned and thought for a while, before exposing a gentle smile .

"But I think you shouldn't have to worry about it . I heard that yesterday evening, Her Highness and Grand Mage Amund left the Golden City… I think her habit of collecting has broken out once again"


Hearing until here, the angel maiden pressed her forehead and wryly smiled .

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People who were close to Lydia knew about this habit of her . Her Highness like to collect beautiful things . Not only flowers, artwork, or animals, humans were also included . However, the way she "judged" beauty was different compared to other people . Her Highness didn't just like beautiful appearances . She was more fascinated by those with a dazzling craft, clever mind, or bright soul and strong will . Once she found this kind of prey, she would definitely use any means to bring that person beside her to become her subordinates . It was her way of saying "since I'm the ruler of this Kingdom, every beautiful thing in here should belong to me . "

In fact, two-thirds of Lydia's closest subordinates were all "captured" by her because of this reason .

"Her Highness always does whatever she wants; that's why people like us are suffering . "

She took a deep breath . Then, the angel spread her wings and once again flew into the sky .

"There are still two more years; Her Highness's coming-of-age ceremony has almost come . I hope she can find a man and get married, then maybe she would even be a little more restrained… I really do not get it; there are a lot of outstanding men around her, but how come there isn't a single one who confessed to her?"

Hearing the angel girl complain, the woman only laughed and used her finger to point at her .

"Isn't it because you kept scaring them away?"

"I never did such a thing!"

Hearing until here, the beautiful angel flushed red, then quickly frowned and refuted her words .

"We're only guarding her Highness . If they were really serious about Her Highness, then they should be able to pass this kind of challenge easily! If they don't even have this kind of courage, how can they make Her Highness happy? We won't allow the incident that happened with the predecessor to happen once again!"

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The atmosphere suddenly became tense, but the angel girl quickly noticed that she had made a slip of the tongue, then closed her mouth and bitterly smiled .

"Since Her Highness isn't here, then I won't waste more time… Her Highness also knows about this matter and doesn't seem to forget about it, rather wanting to avoid it deliberately… In that case, we also won't look for trouble . I'll report this matter to Miss Milla and ask her to deal with this . After all, this is not the first time she's done that . "

After saying that in a hurry, as if she was hiding something, the angel girl spread out her wings . She turned into bright light and disappeared in the blue sky .

The white-robed girl looked at the angel figure that quickly disappeared . After awhile, she turned back and went inside the garden, looking at the girl who was hiding behind the bushes .

Rhode wiped his hands and looked at the room before him .

Originally, this room was an empty room, but he asked for this room to be modified after he gave an order to Lapis . He also bought some tools and materials for alchemy . He wanted to create an alchemical room . At first, he wanted to use the game's system, since there was also an automated alchemical room in the mercenary group system . Unfortunately, Rhode's mercenary group's level was still too low at Level 1 . Although it had changed from "Unknown" to "Small Reputation," there didn't seem to be any difference .

It was more convenient to make it using the system, but Rhode didn't mind using his own money to create one . In just one day, the potion room was completed .

Unexpectedly, Lapis also seemed to agree with Rhode's suggestion . After all, she didn't really have any combat strength, and also seemed uninterested in battle . She always prefered peace over war . This point could be seen from her instinctive reaction when she was attacked; she didn't show any resistance and could only go with the flow . Rhode really suspected that if there was a man who pushed her down in bed, Lapis wouldn't be able to do anything beside crying or shouting .

But if it were Marlene or Anne instead, then that man would definitely be in trouble…

Since it was her innate characteristic, Rhode couldn't force her to change it . That's why Rhode could only seek a second option and brought out the best in her through alchemy . At least no matter the result, Lapis's performance could be considered unique in this field . That's why it was better for him to at least try and see what happened . If she could do it, then it was definitely best, but if she couldn't, Rhode would consider making her dress in maid outfit and learn how to clean and make tea…

Even so, Rhode still had somewhat confidence in her . From the potion that she created in Twilight Forest, Rhode could see that her alchemical skill wasn't bad . The reason that she always failed before was because her broad knowledge affected her way of thinking . She knew the effect of those magic herbs and materials, which was why she was always hesitant and then failed . However, the materials that were used to make precipitation potion were things that she had never seen before . In addition, she also didn't understand the recipe Rhode had given her . When she didn't have anything on her mind and created the potion, both the effect and duration of the potion were not bad at all .

As the saying goes, the half-filled bottle will spill, while the full bottle remains still . The current Lapis was also like this; her brain was too full of knowledge of the three different subjects in alchemy . Thus, when she did any one thing, her brain subconsciously also thought about the steps in the other two subjects . It was just like trying to use chemistry to solve math problems, or use english ABCs to solve physics . Naturally, the result wouldn't be good .

Since Rhode couldn't fill her bottle up, the least Rhode could do was to keep it empty to make sure it wouldn't spill . That was why he decide to train Lapis into a skilled worker and not researcher . She didn't have to know the characteristic or the effect of the materials . She only had to follow the steps and complete it well . As for the other things, she didn't have to think about it .

Randolf and the others also agreed to Rhode's suggestion . He was also worried about his sister, knowing that she was not the type that could adventure outside . Although she was forced to become a ranger, her performance was useless . This problem gave Randolf enough headache, and since Rhode was willing to have her do a job with no danger, he naturally agreed to it .

Rhode also wasn't stingy about their pay . Every month, they would give 10 percent of the total profits from adventuring as Lapis's rewards . That was not a small sum of money . Numerous mercenaries only got 15 percent or 20 percent of profits every mission . If there were more members, then the percentage would be smaller . However, Lapis only had to sit in the house and do her work . She could already get so much money, which could be considered quite good already .

However, it didn't mean that Lapis would be relaxed .

At this moment, Lapis crawled toward the table, focusing on making the potion according to the recipe that Rhode had given . It was the same as the element precipitation potion from before; these potion recipes were also uncommon . But it was made through a method that Lapis wasn't familiar with, so it prevented her from thinking it was too complicated . She just had to follow the recipe's steps and make it .

The potion recipe that Rhode gave her wasn't the type that could often be seen in the market . In the Dragon Soul Continent, players had to explore these recipe since the recipe in the system needed a lot of materials and the success rate wasn't too high . To cautious and stingy players, it was definitely not the best choice . Therefore, many players would choose to study recipes and find ways to get the most out of it by using the least amount of material .

Of course, these kinds of improved potions were usually strictly kept by large guilds that were managed by players . As the No . 1 Guild Leader in the Dragon Soul Continent, he was of course familiar with them .

After making sure that Lapis was okay, Rhode left the potion room and entered the hall . Then, he saw Anne and Lize's figures .

Right now, both of them didn't seem to be communicating with each other . One of them was sitting in the chair while turning left and right, and another one was quietly staring outside the window peacefully . Randolf and others were currently training in the garden to familiarize themselves with the skills that Rhode had taught them . The sound of colliding weapons echoed throughout the windows, giving off the feeling of harmony and serenity .

How long will this moment last?

Looking at artistic scene before him, Rhode's mind couldn't help but drift .

After a year, wars will enveloped this continent . When that time comes, will they still able to enjoy this kind of life?

Thinking until here, Rhode couldn't help but bitterly smile .

What was the point thinking of this now?

Wasn't he is trying his best to make sure that day wouldn't happen? To make sure that he wouldn't run away pitifully, spending the rest of his days in battle? The reason he was trying his best now was to let this kind of life continue and prolong the time until the chaos arrived Of course, it would be better if that day wouldn't come .

Creak .

At this moment, the door slowly opened and Old Walker, who smelled of alcohol, walked in . He looked around the hall and quickly came beside Rhode while ignoring Anne and Lize's glances and in a serious tone, he said, "Kid, the Jade Tears mercenary group has begun to make their move . "

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