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Chapter 1277: 1277
Chapter 1277: Book of Death (2)


Canary rejoiced at the sight of Shira . However, she wasn’t joyous that Shira was here in time, but was glad that Rhode had finally arrived! Canary retreated immediately, knowing that this summoned spirit of Rhode was somewhat erratic and would hit anyone whenever she was in a frenzy . Canary wasn’t willing to be her punching bag, so the moment she saw Shira, she got away and dodged . And almost at the same time, the black torrent that was supposed to slam onto Canary wrapped around Shira from head to toe instead!

If it were someone else, perhaps one would be dead instantly . But for Shira… Death was her best friend .


The instant that black torrent engulfed her, the scarlet longsword in Shira’s hands split it apart like Moses parting the sea, slicing through the darkness of death . Shortly after, she brought along her usual, characteristic laughter and brandished her sword at the Chaos Lord!


A scarlet brilliance flashed by and her longsword cleanly slammed onto the Chaos Lord . Perhaps the Chaos Lord was also a little unfortunate as the moment Shira flourished her blade, it was in the state of immunity against spiritual spells and magical spells, causing it to be unable to be immune against physical attacks . That was how Shira pierced her sword into the Chaos Lord’s body mercilessly . The scarlet longsword was like a knife slicing through butter, ripping apart the robe that wrapped around the Chaos Lord in a deafening sound and leaving behind a ghastly wound . The Chaos Lord let out a shriek instantly, before warping and appearing on the other side . However, Shira was completely unfazed . On the contrary, she let out a chuckle and struck ahead with her sword, aiming straight at its body again .

“Be careful!”

Looking at this scene, Canary couldn’t help but feel anxious . They had witnessed the strangeness of this Chaos Lord, but Shira wasn’t aware of it yet . It would be trouble if the Chaos Lord were to reflect her attack!

But before Canary’s words sounded, her bad feeling came true before her very eyes .

The moment Shira’s longsword punctured the Chaos Lord, a bizarre situation happened . Even though the scarlet longsword penetrated the Chaos Lord’s body ruthlessly, the blade didn’t pass through the body from the other side . On the contrary, the Chaos Lord’s body was like a dark hole that absorbed half of the blade . Looking at this scene, Canary was taken aback . Almost at the same time, along with a mysterious flash, the scarlet longsword stuck out from Shira’s slender and petite body instead!


Canary was dumbfounded . She knew this Chaos Lord possessed some uncommon tricks, where not only could it reflect attacks, but it could also magnify the damage . Well-equipped players on Canary’s side couldn’t resist the attacks, so how would Shira be able to?

What should I do now? Heal Shira? But Shira is an undead creature . If we were to heal her, wouldn’t we be doing the Chaos Lord a favor instead? But I don’t have any mages who are capable of casting undead spells…

At this thought, Canary discovered that she didn’t need to consider these questions at all . Because Shira burst out laughing again .

“Hahaha, it’s so painful! So painful!”

The petite young lady shivered as she pulled out the longsword in her body . At that moment, deep, red blood gushed out of her terrifying wound and splashed onto the ground . Not only that, but blood also trickled down from the corner of her mouth . But what terrified one was that the eyes of this gravely-injured and pale young lady were glinting in joy as though she were a child who received an interesting toy .

“More pain, give me more pain! Hahaha, yes, this is it . This is what I want!!!”

Along with a scream that was almost to the point of insanity, Shira raised and brandished the longsword at the Chaos Lord again, without any hesitation!

“All clerics and mages, go all-out in your attacks!”

Canary seemed to recall something and ordered right away . Shortly after, along with her command, spiritual and magical spells rushed skyward, aiming straight at the Chaos Lord .

This time, the Chaos Lord appeared to be in a worse mess than before . Under Shira’s attack, it lost almost all of its deterrence . Canary and the others were afraid of its reflection skill before, but Shira didn’t care at all . Not only was she not afraid, but she also welcomed the reflected attacks with open arms . Her frantic slashes at the Chaos Lord grew more menacing and powerful . Despite that, most of her attacks were taken in and reflected back by the Chaos Lord, striking her body and inflicting considerable damage . At that moment, the petite young lady’s body had almost no place left intact . The tattered gothic dress was now riddled with more holes . Moreover, the young lady was also in a bloody, shredded mess right now . But even so, she had no intention of abating her attacks of fury .

And now the Chaos Lord was finally starting to panic . Faced with the deadly and reckless attacks from Shira, none of its skills were useful . Just as Canary guessed, this Chaos Lord wasn’t completely immune to all types of attacks . And now, due to Shira’s constant aggression, the Chaos Lord had to focus most of its attention on this Undead Puppet . And this way, in order to avoid taking too much damage, the Chaos Lord had to choose to be immune to the physical aspect of the attack . Meanwhile, in the face of spiritual and magical attacks, the Chaos Lords could only be able to choose to be immune to one of them . But this way, it would inevitably take damage from another type of attack!

This time, Canary and the rest learned the hard way that mages could only release elemental spells to create elemental creatures . So that if they were reflected back, they could be able to negate them with ‘Elemental Return’ . Clerics had even less to fear, as they were immune to their own attributes . That was why they were more unbridled in releasing their spiritual spells than other spell casters, since they were immune to spiritual spells even if they were reflected back!

To put it simply, there was a lot of danger in this too, especially for spell casters . Due to the flashing spells that enveloped the battlefield, it made it impossible for them to see whether their spells were being reflected back . And if the spells were reflected back, and their ‘Elemental Return’ wasn’t cast in time, they would most certainly perish with that low level of defense . But fortunately, these people led by Canary were the best of the best . If they weren’t capable of realizing dangers, how could they go on dangerous adventures with Rhode and accomplish this ‘backstabbing’ strategy?

Flashes of magical brilliance scattered everywhere and limited the attack of the Chaos Lord . It was clear to everyone that since Rhode’s summoned spirits were here, he wasn’t far away either! At that moment, the attacks grew more reckless, where spiritual and magical spells filled the sky and enfolded Shira and the Chaos Lord . Although this world wasn’t a game and there was no setting for immunity to damage after teaming up, everyone wasn’t worried about that . Because to Shira, the more ferocious the attack, the better it was!

At the same time, Rhode finally arrived .

“Canary, how’s the situation?”

Rhode asked, gazing at the ‘bombarded’ hall and Chaos Lord . Fortunately, he had someone like Icy Snow with him . As a matter of fact, when Canary started the battle against this Chaos Lord, he made Icy Snow observe the fight using her space senses . For that reason, under Canary’s hard work, Rhode had a pretty good idea of the BOSS’s traits . He had to admit that such a spontaneous BOSS was the most hated by players .

“It’s not too bad, Rhode . This Chaos Lord is a little troublesome . But thanks to Shira backing up the front, we should be fine…”

“Okay, leave it to me then . Everyone, go for it!”

Upon hearing Canary’s reply, Rhode nodded and turned around to command the spell casters and clerics . Shortly after, Rhode’s group joined the battle and almost instantly, blinding magical brilliance flashed, while wind, water, fire, and thunder elements coalesced into various creatures that pounced on the Chaos Lord . The clerics raised their arms high, summoning holy energy from heaven to blast the hall .

This time, Rhode didn’t hide in the back like when his group took on Julia . Back then, he was a Spirit Swordsman who couldn’t accomplish much . But now, in the face of a Chaos Lord, his role as a Spirit Swordsman was a boost to their offense . To the rest, maybe the reflection skill of this Chaos Lord seemed deadly, but it was an entirely different matter for Rhode . Because he didn’t need to unleash the attacks himself, as the summoned spirits would do the job on his behalf!

While Rhode evaded the flames, he gripped his sword upside down and swung his right arm forward . Shortly after, several cards flew out of his hand toward the Chaos Lord . In the blink of an eye, the Centaur Knight leapt into the sky, striking the Chaos Lord with its spear . On the other side, the Hell Hound, enveloped in flames, wasn’t content with being outdone . It snapped its jaw open and its three heads spat blazing flames that engulfed the Chaos Lord .

Boom! Boom!

The tri-headed Hell Hound blasted the miserable Chaos Lord into the corner . However, the Centaur Knight wasn’t as lucky . The instant it launched its attack, its chest was immediately speared through by its own weapon . Shortly after, the Centaur Knight howled in pain and turned into dust that disappeared in midair .

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Looking at this scene, Rhode’s expression remained unchanged . He extended and flipped his arm around, where a card appeared in his hand . After he threw the card into the sky, the Centaur Knight, which was demolished, reappeared…

That’s right . That was the ability of a Spirit Swordsman . Even though he wasn’t able to create elemental creatures like spell casters and was only able to summon spirits into battles, in the face of this enemy before them, he had an advantage in doing so . Because if the attacks from elemental creatures were reflected, the attacks would be dealt back to them . But if the spirits summoned by a Spirit Swordsman were individuals, the reflected attacks wouldn’t be inflicted to Rhode and would hit the summoned spirits instead, just like how the Centaur Knight was instkilled . Despite that, it didn’t matter to Rhode because even if his summoned spirits were killed, he could still summon them again .

Even though summoning spirits used up a lot of his spiritual powers, Rhode was the Void Dragon, after all . Although his strength was weakened now, he didn’t need to worry about running out of spiritual powers . He also brought along the equipment created by Lapis and Marlene using the Illusion Crystal . He had an endless source of spiritual powers, so he didn’t need to worry about overconsumption!

Even if you kill my summoned spirits 100 times, I will still be able to summon another 101 times!

“Damn you… You inhabitants of Order!

Under the constant attack of the summoned spirits, the Chaos Lord finally revealed fatigue . Just like what Canary observed, it was apparent that this Chaos Lord lacked proactive offensive skills and was basically only capable of reflecting skills passively . But now, it was caught in the endless and fearless attacks of Shira, a hassle of spiritual and magical spells, and the combined attacks of the summoned spirits . Although the Chaos Lord was able to reflect them and stay immune to some, Rhode was clearly unconcerned . As soon as his summoned spirits were dead, he would summon them back into the battlefield . He didn’t need to move an inch and it had nothing to do with him even if the Chaos Lord were to blast his summoned spirits to death!

At that moment, the Chaos Lord was under tremendous pressure . It was rather arrogant when facing Canary’s group that was lacking in numbers . But now, Rhode brought a team of members who had just defeated Julia . As a result, under their crazy aggression, the Chaos Lord was about to crumble!

And finally, after dodging Shira’s attack again, the Chaos Lord raised its arms and bellowed .

“You are asking for death! Now, die under the will of Chaos!”

As it snarled, the robe wrapped around it was ripped apart to reveal its body . At that moment, everyone finally discovered that this Chaos Lord was, in fact, a human-shaped, mysterious being coalesced from circles of runes! Inside its body, a dazzling sphere of light emanated an unprecedented brilliance and was glowing ever brighter!

“Go all-out! Get ready to retreat! Watch your defenses!”

Looking at this scene, the startled Rhode gave a command hurriedly, at the same time retreating to safety . He knew many Chaos Lords would self-destruct on the verge of death . If this enemy were to do the same, things would get dangerous . Upon hearing Rhode’s command, everyone’s attack grewd wilder and stronger . But this time, they failed .

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Be it spiritual or magical spells, Shira’s longsword, or Icy Snow’s arrows, all of them passed through the Chaos Lord and struck the ground heavily . At that moment, the Chaos Lord seemed just like an illusion that didn’t exist . However, the sphere of light in its body grew brighter, and it seemed much more dangerous than before!

“Die, Order lackeys! You shall perish in Chaos…!”

Gazing at the insane attacks, the Chaos Lord revealed a smile and raised its arms . Along with this action, the sphere of light in its body suddenly transformed…

At that moment, a silent silhouette appeared behind the Chaos Lord .

It was Little Five . She passed through the wall and appeared behind the Chaos Lord . Shortly after, she extended her right arm, which held the transparent sword . Along with this action, a blade ray flickering in green spiritual radiance pierced the sphere of light inside the Chaos Lord’s body .


This time, her attack wasn’t for naught . The Chaos Lord, whose sphere of light was struck, let out an indignant scream . It spread and extended its arms in despair . But it was meaningless . The rune took shape as the Chaos Lord disappeared, while the hidden sphere of light dimmed rapidly and vanished .


Whistling airflows burst . As the sphere of light vanished entirely, the Chaos Lord was completely obliterated in midair .

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