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Chapter 126

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The black-cloaked mage couldn't react in time, but that didn't mean that was he going to die . When Rhode's sharp sword almost reached him, the Wind Snake Lord under the black-cloaked mage swung its tail violently aimed it toward Rhode!

Facing the Wind Snake Lord's counterattack, Rhode quickly reacted . Without hesitation, he had given up on the "first blood" attack that had almost succeeded and managed to dodge the Wind Snake's tail . If the tail hit him, then the "first blood" would be him .

At this moment, the black-cloaked mage turned around and coldly glared at Rhode .

This was not strange . After all, the black-cloaked mage was floating in the air . In this kind of situation, it was very unlikely for anyone to attack him from behind . That was why he only casted a protection arrow and a magic protection spell and didn't really make any preparation for a direct confrontation . Since a mage's soul power was very precious, it was better to save it up . If it's a battle on the ground, he definitely wouldn't do that . However, he was floating in the air, which was why the black cloaked mage didn't think about it .

But it seemed like he should change his mind .

The black-cloaked mage quickly retreated, and the Wind Snake Lord blocked Rhode . A mage wouldn't choose to fight a swordsman in an upfront battle . It definitely wasn't a good choice at anytime .

How did he fly here?

The black-cloaked mage narrowed his eyes and carefully look at Rhode . After that, he quickly turned his gaze on the transparent wings behind him .

What's that?

This sudden find made the black cloaked mage felt a little bit strange . Angel? Angels aren't supposed to have transparent wings? And the wings were a little bit too small; it didn't seem like an angel's, more like a bird's . It seemed to be a magic equipment, but he couldn't trace any magic wave when he used it .


Just when the black-cloaked mage cautiously and carefully looked at Rhode, Rhode was still holding the sword on his hand and secretly cried in his heart . By relying on the Shadow Follower skill on Soul Messenger, he combined himself with the Spirit Bird and gained the ability to fly in the air .

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Originally, Rhode intended to take advantage of the time when the black-cloaked mage fought with Marlene and deal him a fatal blow . Since mages weren't good at close combat and they were also lacking in resistance—in the game terms, it could be said that they had low HP . That was why in Rhode's opinion, if he could finish the mage now, then he would be greatly injured and easier to deal with later .

However, it was a pity that even a wise man could make mistake .

Rhode glared at the Wind Serpent Lord before him and clenched his teeth . That Wind Serpent was on a totally different level with the other two Wind Serpents from before . A Master Level Wind Serpent Lord, it's really troublesome and… Thinking until here, Rhode couldn't help but look at Marlene who was lying on the ground not far from him . He didn't know her situation right now, but it seemed that he could no longer depend on her .

"Marlene! Cheer up!!"


Marlene forced herself to sit down, but her whole body felt powerless and weak . On the surface, the collision didn't look serious, but in truth, the collision between powerful magics at that moment turned the soul power inside her body into confused state . Right now, she couldn't even use any magic to adjust the power inside her, let alone consider attacking .

"Damn, that guy is pretty though, I have to help him . "

Marlene held her wand and felt a trace of disappointment in her heart . She looked at the sky and saw three fuzzy figures was confronting each other . Of course she knew Rhode's plan and knew what her position was supposed to be in his plan, but now it seemed that his plan has failed… Then does he still have another way?

Marlene also didn't know .

But soon, she noticed that a hand was holding onto her body .

"Don't move first, Marlene . Your current condition is not too good . "

Lize shook her head and stopped Marlene's action . Then she also looked up towards the sky .

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"I think, I can try to do it . "


Hearing Lize's words, Marlene was surprised . As if she suddenly thought of something, her eyes widened .

"You want to use that? But you still can't control it properly! Lize, you can't do that; you're also a caster, you must also understand the risk of using a skill that you are still unable to control! If Mr . Rhode is here, he will definitely stop you from doing so!"

"But now he's not here, and we have no other choice . " Lize said while turning her head to look at the forest not far from them .

There, under Hiller and Shauna's command, the mercenaries were fighting against the Wind Serpents . The gas precipitation potion effect had begun to weaken and some of the Wind Serpents also began to come near them . It was still unknown for how long that they could resist .

"I will never let my nightmare come true; I will protect everyone . I definitely can do it!"

"You can't! Anne, stop her!"

"Anne, I need your help . I hope you can protect us when I'm casting the spell . "

"No, Anne! Stop her, it's suicidal!"


Anne looked at Marlene's worried expression and Lize's serious expression . She showed some hesitation . Since it was her first time facing this kind of thing, Anne didn't know who should she listen to .

"Anne, believe in me . "

Lize placed both of her hands in front of her chest and her expression was very serious .

"Do you still remember the battle between you and the Death Knight in Silent Highland? I'm also the same; I just want to protect everyone . I don't want anyone to get hurt and I can do this . Believe in me, I'm not risking my life—I'm sure that I can do this . Now is the best opportunity to do so, or else, it's hard to say what's going to happen next . "

"… Alright, Sister Lize . "

Hearing until here, Anne finally nodded and lifted her shield .

"I will protect the both of you . Hang in there!"

At this moment, Rhode once again fought with the Wind Serpent Lord .

The Wind Serpent's tail swung pass through Rhode . Violent airflow made him lose his balance and the Wind Serpent Lord's sharp teeth suddenly appeared beside him . Just a bite was enough to turn his body into pieces . At this moment, the Spirit Bird "agile" characteristic finally came into use . When the Wind Serpent Lord was biting down, Rhode's figure suddenly turned into a green straight line and quickly flew back, escaping from the Death God . However, that was not the end; after noticing that its attack has failed, the Wind Serpent suddenly widened its eyes and glared at Rhode . After that Rhode suddenly felt his body became heavy . The Spirit Bird that was originally attached to himself was being mercilessly forced to get out from his body by a powerful force . Then, it transformed back into a card and disappeared in the air .

Not good!

Rhode's heart sank; he had looked out for this move since the very beginning . Since the opponent was a Master Level Lord, this meant that it had an absolute control over the wind element . The Spirit Bird itself was an wind element creature; it was impossible for it defy a Master Level Lord . Originally, he intended to retreat immediately once his attack had failed and wait, but it seemed that the opponent's movement was even faster that what he had imagined . According to the previous attack, Rhode had also almost figured out the level of the black-cloaked mage controlling the Wind Serpent .

A contracted mage that was able to make a contract with Master Level Wind Serpent Lord meant that he was at least a Level 50 Grand Mage!

Thinking until here, Rhode couldn't help but secretly curse at heart . Those b*stards from the Country of Light really are generous; they actually brought a Level 50 middle circle mage that could become a Magic Association agent in small city to become a thief here . It seemed like the Country of Light really want to finish their lives!

But now was not the time for him to complain . After he lost the Spirit Bird's help, Rhode no longer had the ability to fly and immediately turned back to his human form . He landed down, following the gravity; at the same time, Rhode caught a trace of bright light in his eyes and countless thunderbolts appeared from the sky, aiming toward him .

That guy sure is fast . Ah, I don't care anymore!

Thinking until here, Rhode quickly made up his mind . He instantly stretched his left hand and a summoning circle appeared in the air; the Holy Sword card once again appeared in his hand, and he took it and clenched it with force .

After that, a white, soft hand caught him .

Celia fluttered her wings and slowed down Rhode's fall . She didn't look up and quickly stretched out her wings . She leaned to protect Rhode by shielding him with her body . After that, a thunderbolt struck down and hit her body .

Boom boom boom!!

Followed by the earth-wrecking sound, sparks were igniting and broke her white wings . Her body seemed to tremble like a small boat struck by a stormy sea, but she still clenched her teeth and suffered the thunderbolt's continuous attack .


Looking at this scene, the black-cloaked mage was taken aback and his movement became slower . He didn't know where did the angel suddenly came from . As a Country of Light's inhabitant, he naturally knew that angels had a noble position in the mainland . If others knew that he did killed an angel, he would definitely be finished!

The black-cloaked man shook his head and put aside his hesitation . There was no use regretting it now . Since he started it, it would be just fine as long as he could kill the people here so he wouldn't have to be afraid of being exposed! This angel also didn't look strong; it didn't seem like it'd be difficult to get her!

This matter couldn't be delayed, so the mage moved immediately .

Thinking until here, the black-cloaked mage immediately raised his hand, once again wanting to control his power and deal a fatal blow on the target .

At this moment, a dazzling gold light suddenly appeared and caught his attention .

When the black-cloaked mage turned his head around, he saw a gorgeous, dazzling light beam .

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