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Chapter 123

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Followed by the hissing sound, the Wind Snake Lord lurked in the forest like a fish . Although the gas element precipitation potion had affected them to a certain degree, but it didn't reach a lethal effect like it did to ordinary Wind Snakes . On the contrary, after they noticed the precipitation of the surrounding gas element, the Wind Snake Lords became furious and tossed their tails while roaring . In a blink of an eye, a huge tree was cut down and sent rolling toward the crowd . However, before it hit them, a fire dragon fell from the sky, transforming the tree into ashes .

Hiller held a giant sword and stood beside Rhode .

"What should I do?"

"Just focus on the attack . "

Rhode answered without hesitation and quickly signalled the crowd behind him .

The first one to move was Anne .

She leapt to the front of other mercenaries like a cheetah . Her step was very light, as if the heavy golden shield in her hand didn't seem to exist . In the next moment, Anne stretched the shield on her hand and sharp blades emerged out and rotated around . But this time, she didn't throw it out . Instead, she grabbed the handle and pulled it open . The intricate gold shield was divided into two layers, inside and outside . It suddenly slid to two sides, like a blooming flowers slowly stretching out its petals . The Rock Heart that was embedded in the center of the shield expanded and rotated rapidly . When everything was over, the shield in Anne's hand already turned into a giant the size of a round dining table that could envelope two Annes .

After that, Anne crouched down and swung the shield with force .

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The rotating shield flew across the dark forest, occasionally reflecting a cold light . The Wind Snake Lords noticed the threat and quickly stopped . They moved to the side to dodge the shield blade that had torn through countless leaves and branches, leaving them looking like broken bamboo .

However, Rhode had already started to attack .

A little star-shaped light condensed from the Broken Blade and flew across the night sky . After Rhode has leveled up, the Broken Blade became more powerful and more threatening . If the previous Broken Blade was like a laser beam, then now the rotating light made it look more like a meteor shower that pierced through the night .

It was followed by Marlene, who was indeed a rare magical genius . Although she had only experienced a few missions with Rhode, her performance was like that of someone who had been cooperating with him for few years . After casting the spell with dragon language, the red ruby on her wand turned into a transparent white color . The temperature in the air had also decreased . The wand passed through the sky and brought about a faint white mist . After the fog dissipated, hundreds of icicles condensed into long swords and floated beside her . With a light step, Marlene jumped forward .

The others also didn't stop moving, and the Burning Blade mercenary group quickly went onwards . The rangers raised their longbow and aimed at the eyes of the Wind Snake Lord . Thieves who were skilled in poisoned flying knives threw their flying knives toward their targets . The swordsmen went around the perilous spot and arrived at the monster's side and began attacking . They were stopping another Wind Snake Lord from approaching .

The Burning Blade mercenary group finally demonstrated their strength as a strong mercenary group . Even if the leader didn't give them a clear command, they still could perform they own duty clearly, without the slightest hesitation .

The Wind Snake that had just escaped from Anne's flying shield attack didn't expect that the following attacks would be so violent . The shining meteor easily penetrated its thin wings and relentlessly tore them apart, creating bloody wounds after bloody wounds .

The injured Wind Snake Lord immediately crashed to the ground . Originally, it was relying on its wings to compensate for the lack of a gas element and support its own body . However, now that its wings was injured, it was just like a damaged aircraft . Since there was no way for it to land, its only choice was to fall down .

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The Wind Snake Lord was struggling to lift its head up, but it had not yet expressed its anger when hundreds of swords floated into the air and quickly flew towards it in three different directions . In a blink of an eye, the ice swords tire the Wind Snake Lord's body apart .

As an elemental creature, the Wind Snake Lord's resistance to magic wasn't low, but it still depended on the attributes . If Marlene used the wind element, then the situation would already have turned into chaos . As a mage, naturally Marlene knew the most important thing when facing an elemental creature . Although ice swords weren't the best option for restraining a Wind Snake Lord, but it was still enough to limit its action .

As expected, the Wind Snake Lord was unable to move in time and the continuous explosion was enough to stagger it . Since it had a resistance to magic, Marlene's ice swords were only like mosquito bites . However, no one could stand being bitten by hundreds of mosquito at the same time .

At this moment, Hiller rushed forward and lifted the Fire Blade in his hand up high . The flame on the blade became more and more exuberant—as if it were a small sun—and then he swung it down .


The scorching flame on the blade easily cut through the Wind Snake Lord's proud scales . Blood sprayed out and the Wind Snake Lord screamed in pain . It immediately looked up and opened its mouth to reveal sharp fangs, immediately rushing down . This was the Wind Snake Lord's best move . It could move extremely fast by suppressing its muscles . Many people would neglect this part after they almost succeeded in defeating the Wind Snake Lord and turned into its delicious dinner .

Of course, it was impossible for Hiller to neglect this part .

His action could be considered very fast . After the sword hit the Wind Snake Lord, Hiller immediately jumped back to block the attack with his sword . However, even if he had calculated the movement in advance, the Wind Snake Lord's sharp fangs still stabbed into Hiller's giant blade . The red flame started burning, followed by a pungent smell .

Hiller's body shook slightly the moment the Wind Snake Lord's fangs collided with his blade and the Wind Snake Lord sprayed out its venom . Fortunately, the Fire Blade vaporized the venom in time, but that didn't mean that no harm was done .

A strange, black fog wrapped Hiller inside, and the deadly gas that emerged out was so disgusting and it could even kill a frail person . At this time, the Wind Snake Lord repeated its attack, since the previous attack had succeeded . It shrank its neck once again and rushed down .

However, at this moment, the Wind Snake Lord lifted its head quickly, its force so immense that it toppled many of the surrounding firm branches . But it didn't seem to care about it, and instead turned its head to angrily look to the side in pain .

Rhode, who didn't know what had arrived beside the Wind Snake Lord, withdrew his sword . The attack almost cut off the Wind Snake Lord's wing and left a shocking wound on it . The Wind Snake Lord that was attacking furiously glared at him . Soon, the air around the Wind Snake Lord rapidly rotated and turned into sharp sword aimed at Rhode . Waiting for the moment while Rhode jumped to dodge its attack, the Wind Snake Lord once again shrunk its head as if he wanted to tear this damned prey into pieces .

It didn't see that when Rhode was jumping, he threw something with his right hand . It could only see that Rhode's figure flashed before him . Following its instinct, the Wind Snake Lord quickly chomped down and the feeling of blood and minced meat in its mouth made it feel joyous .

But this joy lasted less than half a minute .

An intense pain broke out in his mouth, and the intense air tore at its mouth and tongue . Currently, its teeth was breaking apart, and when it opened its mouth, the Wind Snake Lord was no longer as fierce as before . After being fatally injured, it began to desperately retreat, trying to escape the godforsaken place . Although an invisible force was still holding onto its body firmly, the force was still powerless in the face of survival instinct .

The Wind Snake Lord was retreating while using its natural force to create a wind barrier . The only thing it wanted to do now was to leave this place . Even it had forgotten that the sound that echoed in its brain couldn't be easily ignored .

Precisely because of that, the Wind Snake Lord didn't notice a small uplift on the ground that was aimed toward it and easily broke through the wind barrier toward the Wind Snake Lord .

When it finally realized the changing in the ground, it was already too late .

The sharp rock already pierced through the ground and penetrated through the Wind Snake Lord's body like a skewer . The element opposition had reached its limit, and the Wind Snake Lord's struggles and screams still wouldn't change its fate . Its tail swept around and toppled the surrounding trees . Blood sprayed out from its wounds . Following the Wind Snake Lord's intense movement, it left a trail of white smoke on the ground . A moment later, the exhausted Wind Snake Lord finally stopped moving . Its body was pierced just like that and it was no longer breathing .


Marlene was relieved . She put down her wand and immediately turned around to look at the other side .

The battle with the Wind Snake Lords was easier than they expected because Rhode and Hiller's collaboration compensated for each other's weaknesses . Rhode's Starlight mercenary group was stronger in one-on-one combat, but weak in group combat, while Hiller's Burning Blade mercenary group was exactly the opposite . Although among them, there was no one besides Hiller that was particularly outstanding in combat ability, neither of the two wished to face two Wind Snake Lords at the same time even if they were in a different environment . Rhode was worried about being overwhelmed by the opponent's number because he only had a few people, and Hiller was afraid of collapsing because of his group's weak average strength .

But now, the collaboration between the Starlight and Burning Blade mercenary groups made up for each other's disadvantage . When Anne, Marlene, and Rhode joined, their strength could no longer could be contested by Level 25 Wind Snake Lords . On the other hand, the increase in the number of the mercenaries also made Lize's group healing spell more useful . While Rhode was focused on attacking his target, Lize kept casting her spell so that the mercenaries facing the other Wind Snake Lord wouldn't collapse . When Rhode assembled with the other mercenaries, the outcome of the battle was already tilted to the extreme .

The black-cloaked mage opened his eyes .

He knew what was going on . To the caster, the moment the soul connection broke off wasn't just like seeing his first girlfriend embracing another rich man without hesitation, but also led to an unimaginable anger . However, as a powerful mage, he calmed down and gently stroked the Wind Snake Lord below him, expressionless .

He knew the reason why the Wind Snake Lords he sent lost . In a gas precipitation environment, they were unable to react effectively, which was very deadly to a Wind Snake Lord . Now, he had to wait .

He believed that a suitable time would soon come .

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