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Chapter 121

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The pungent stench from the bottle quickly spread to the surroundings, which made many people frown and cover their nose . After all, the smell was really too strong; even Anne who was usually laughing leisurely was currently fanning her face with bitter expression . Apparently even she couldn't stand this kind of smell .

On the opposite, Lapis, the "culprit," looked indifferent . The smell didn't seem to have any impact on her . After all, she was an alchemist; she made potions all day long . She could even bear smells more horrible than this . In her opinion, this had only reached an the appetizer level .

Marlene was a bit pale at this moment . However, the reason wasn't because of this pungent stench . She reached out with her finger and closed her eyes . After a moment, she frowned . She glanced at Rhode with surprised and uneasy expression .

"This is a gas element precipitation!"

As a mage, and a talented one, Marlene could easily feel the elemental wave in the surroundings . From the moment that strange smell spread, she could already feel the original active gas element precipitate and sink . It was just like children who were suddenly getting scolded by the adult while originally playing and having fun—they would sit down on the ground, quiet and motionlessly in a disconsolate manner .

As a mage, of course Marlene knew what that meant . For the gas element to suddenly precipitate, it means that the associated spells would be difficult to cast . Her favorite storm shield's power would be greatly reduced, even assuming she could cast it . The relationship between magic and elements was like workers and factory . If the workers worked in full swing, the factory would naturally be able to generate a powerful energy . But if the workers worked swinging one by one, then it would naturally be impossible to create any threat .

However, at that moment, Marlene was exceptionally surprised because element precipitation was a very rare potion effect and most alchemists simply couldn't made it . However, Rhode seemed very familiar with it . After all, it was him who gave Lapis the recipe . Marlene wrote the recipe according to what Rhode had said; the quantities of the recipe's ingredients were so detailed—even to its gram . Even a potion master like Marlene didn't know the exact effect of this potion even after getting the recipe . She could only vaguely judge that based on the magical herbs in it, the potion would create a wide-range smoke .

But right now, Marlene was really surprised . She couldn't understand how Rhode got this recipe and how he could remember it so well . He was not an alchemist; he shouldn't be able to understand these kinds of things . Moreover, this element precipitation potion was very rare .

Is he really…

Marlene clenched her fist and placed it on her chest . She could feel her heart beating really fast .

At this time, the strange smell gradually filled the air and a strange scene suddenly appeared before them .

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The Wind Snakes that were originally flying around in the forest suddenly wailed and fell to the ground as if they were hit by a huge boulder . Some Wind Snakes that were lucky enough to escape that catastrophe were running around as if they saw a ghost . They were screaming and desperately flew away . They didn't even care if their wings and body were scratched by sharp branches . They just kept flapping their wings swiftly to get away from the forest in fear .

In a blink of an eye, the forest became empty; beside the Wind Snakes that fell to the ground and kept crying out in despair, there was no other sound .

"Hmph!" Looking at the scene before him, Rhode coldly snorted .

He was familiar with this scene . In the game, many part-time alchemists killed the monster like that . Wind Snakes weren't like birds that were born with a body suitable for flying in the sky . The reason why they could fly in the air wasn't because they had wings; it was because they had a special ability as a gas elemental creature . They could use their skill to fly freely in the sky . If the sky was the ocean, then the Wind Snakes were like the boats that were floating on it .

But now, after completely suppressing the gas element by using a precipitation potion, the ocean had turned into a dry pond . Without water, fish could only helplessly struggle . This was the exact portrayal of what happened to the Wind Snakes before them right now .

They were just a group of stupid monsters that hadn't even reached level 5, and before, they actually made me look so pitiful . If I don't take my revenge, then my name isn't Rhode!

Rhode stomped on a Wind Snake that was still struggling . Below, the Wind Snake kept screaming and making shrill sound, but Rhode didn't seem to be bothered by it . He used his full force and crushed the Wind Snake into meatloaf . After that, he turned around and issued a command .

"The potion effect won't last too long! Speed up and get going!"

Hearing Rhode's order, the mercenaries wore a different expression on their faces and quickly began to get going . They followed Rhode and continued to walk into the forest under the Burning Blade mercenary group's survivor's lead .

No one noticed that Lize's face had turned pale while looking at the sky .

The dense leaves were blocking the starry sky, and sharp, hoarse cry of the Wind Snakes could be heard everywhere . It made her immediately remember the nightmare she had last night . The darkness-shrouded everything, the endless group of Wind Snakes, and…

Lize couldn't help but shiver .

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That was just a nightmare, that's right, it was just a nightmare…

Just then, a hand patted her shoulder .

"Sister Lize . "


Lize, who was frightened, subconsciously jumped up and turned around . Only then, she saw that Anne was standing beside her . The girl who only knew how to eat and sleep everyday curiously looked at her . Her pair of clear, emerald eyes reflected Lize's frightened and uneasy expression .

"Are you okay? Do you feel uncomfortable?"

"No, I just… dozed off a little…"

Lize also didn't know how to explain . In the end, she only said so .


After she listened to Lize's answer, Anne carefully looked at her for a while then revealed her usual lively smile once again .

"When we fight, Sister must stand behind Anne, alright? Anne will definitely protect Sister!"

"Ah… Hm, I know, thank you, Anne . "

Facing Lize's panicked answer, Anne no longer said anything . She only smiled and patted Lize's shoulder . After that, she energetically jumped forward . Looking at Anne's figure, Lize couldn't help but sigh . Then, she stretched out her hand and slapped her cheeks forcefully .

That's right, now is not the time to doze off . I need to work hard!

Thinking until here, she took a deep breath . After that, she clenched both of her hands and looked at the front with a serious expression . The originally chaotic pace had become steadier .


A red light flashed through and broke the darkness like a fire dragon . The poor Wind Snakes that rushed towards the front didn't manage to dodge in time . They were swept into the beam and turned into ashes in a blink of an eye .

"How's the situation?"

Hiller looked at the dark forest and asked without turning his head .

"Very bad, Leader . Two-thirds of the people are heavily injured, five people among them are in bad condition and seem to be poisoned . Although we have tried our best… the number of survivors will be difficult to say . "

"Is that so . "

Hearing his subordinate's reply, Hiller's expression didn't change . He held a giant, burning swords in each of his hands while coldly watching the surroundings . The Wind Snakes that lost their companions were no longer as aggressive as before . This also gave an opportunity for Hiller to rest . But clearly, this experienced mercenary leader didn't take things lightly because he knew that the situation wasn't very good .

Hiller's mercenary group was attacked by Wind Snakes on their second day in the Twilight Forest . At first, they didn't really think highly of those Wind Snakes, since the Burning Blade was a first-class mercenary group, and those kind of monsters simply weren't even qualified to threaten them .

However, as time passed, the number of Wind Snakes also increased . Hiller finally noticed that the situation wasn't the same as he had imagined and how unusual it seemed . He made the decision and led his men to the forest . After that, the situation that developed was even more strange . In general, after entering into the forest, the Wind Snakes would choose to retreat . However, this time they didn't leave as usual . On the contrary, the Wind Snakes completely surrounded the forest, encircled them, and kept attacking them day and night .

Since Hiller was no fool, he also realized that the Wind Snakes were being controlled and manipulated by someone .

The next battle has validated his speculation .

"Tell everyone to prepare; we will try it one more time . "

Hiller lifted the giant swords in his hands . The burning flame followed his movement and once again began raging up .

"We have to broke the encirclement as soon as possible!"

"… Yes, leader . "

After receiving Hiller's order, his men didn't feel the slightest hesitation . Although they were being attacked and some of them were injured, as long as it was the leader's order, they would follow it without hesitation . That's why after hearing Hiller's command, his subordinate didn't hesitate the slightest and directly told his companion about the order .

At the same time, a scream sounded .

What happened? Did those Wind Snakes start to attack?

The sudden changes immediately aroused Hiller's attention . He quickly looked at the surroundings in vigilance, but to his surprise, what he saw wasn't a scene of Wind Snakes rushing towards him . On the contrary, the Wind Snakes were retreating in panic and rushing to leave the forest .

What happened?

Hiller hadn't yet grasped the situation when he smelled a pungent stench . After that, he saw some people walk out of the forest before him .

"I'm happy to see that you guys are still alive," the young man who stood at the front said .

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