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Chapter 1068: 1068
Chapter 1068: Cassidy

Contrast Deity Warden, Cassidy .

Even though Rhode tried to imagine how Cassidy looked several times now, he was speechless after seeing her with his own eyes . She seemed like a decent-looking young lady with a beautiful, delicate face and a healthy and slightly-tanned skin tone . Her silver-whitish hair extended to her waist, while the pure, white leather armor accentuated her slim, curvy figure . What was most attractive about her was the large sword on her back . Instead of treating it as a sword, one might as well say that it was a rectangular iron plate . Not only did it not have a typical sharp blade, but it also lacked the arc of a sword . No matter how one looked at it, it was like an iron plate cast on the hilt of a longsword .

But Rhode didn’t dare to belittle this sword that didn’t look like one . After witnessing Christie’s ‘feather pen’ and Alice’s ‘book’, he had a deep understanding of the dangers of the mysterious weapons the Deity Wardens possessed .

Although Cassidy seemed similar to the other Deity Wardens… her qualities were totally different from theirs . Be it the other ‘Christie’, Marlene, or Alice, no matter how different their personalities were, they fit being superiors . Christie’s steadiness, Marlene’s indifference in the past and current arrogance, and Alice’s imposing manner overlooking all things fit the traits of the Creator Dragons’ dependents . But now, Rhode didn’t feel as though he had met a Deity Warden when he saw Cassidy . How should he put it… Gazing at her, he felt complicated . Although she seemed like a valiant and formidable-looking young lady in appearance, he felt like she was a lion trying to be a hamster accompanied by her timid manner . It was full of contradictions!

“W-Who are you? What are you trying to do?! I-I don’t know you! Stay away!”

Crossing her arms and staring in uncertainty at Rhode, Cassidy yelled timidly . Looking at this scene, Rhode didn’t know what to say . He did foresee how he should interact with her, but was completely speechless after looking at this young lady with the words ‘I’m afraid; don’t bully me’ written on her face .

Back then when you created her for her adorableness, were you sure everything would be fine?

“… Are you Cassidy?”

Rhode pondered in silence, before letting out a cough and asked . Upon hearing his words, Cassidy trembled, taking two steps back quickly like a little girl who wandered into an alley at midnight and a gangster with a villainous smile blocked her exit… Rhode didn’t like this metaphor a single bit .

“W-Who are you? How do you know me? I don’t know you… stay away!”

“I’m Rhode, the current Void Dragon . ”

Even though Rhode felt downhearted, he was fortunate that his emotionless face became his best disguise for this moment as Cassidy didn’t see his emotions through his face . But to Rhode, this wasn’t the important thing . He adjusted his mood before responding to her .

“… And you should know why I came here, right, Miss Cassidy?”

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“Big Sister?”

Cassidy heard his words and peered out curiously, gazing cautiously at him . Then, she jumped back abruptly like a frightened rabbit, pulling a distance away from the young man . Upon seeing her reaction, Rhode let out a helpless sigh . But before he continued to speak, Cassidy interrupted .

“You’re not Big Sister! Yes… even though I feel Big Sister’s presence… and you indeed look like her… you’re still not her! Don’t try to fool my eyes! You’re trying to trick me! I won’t be that stupid to be tricked by you! You baddie! What are you trying to do? Let me tell you, I’m very powerful! Anger me and I will kill you!”

Cassidy yelled and as though proving her words, she clenched and flourished her tiny fists to threaten Rhode . However, in Rhode’s eyes, this seemed just like a hopeless retaliation from a hamster against its sworn enemy . Judging from her reaction, Rhode let out a helpless sigh and shook his head . At this moment in his mind, the image of at least one of the six, mighty Deity Wardens was tarnished .

The battle strength of this mascot is actually ranked second? It seems like the future of the six Deity Wardens is bleak . Come to think of it, don’t Alice and the rest feel stressed having her as one of their companions?

“I’m indeed the current Void Dragon, Cassidy . If you don’t believe me, you can confirm it yourself . Besides, currently Christie, Marlene, and Alice are also around . If you’re willing…”

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Cassidy muttered under her breath and pondered for a few moments . Then, she lifted her head and gazed attentively at him . “No, I don’t believe you! Where’s Big Sister? Where did Her Majesty go? Why is it you? I can sense the power of the Void Dragon, but it doesn’t belong to you . That is Big Sister’s power! You’re a baddie . You stole Big Sister’s power and are trying to capture me now?… I will not let you have your way! Yes, you’re not Big Sister . You’re not Big Sister . You’re an enemy . You must be an enemy . You must be… Enemies must be removed . Enemies must be defeated . Protect Big Sister . Protect the Void Dragon…” Cassidy said .

Her expression gradually changed . On the other hand, Rhode narrowed his eyes and observed her because at this moment, he felt a sudden burst of imposing presence exuding from her that was entirely different from before . If Cassidy was a hamster before, she was now a cheetah baring fangs and brandishing claws . Her fearful expression vanished in the blink of an eye, turning into a solemn, furious, and indifferent look . She extended her arm and the iron sword on her back flew into her hand by itself . Then, she raised the iron sword and stared at Rhode .

Her eyes were stern and ice-cold, exuding a pressurizing aggression . At the same time, her gaze became chaotic, indistinct, and shattered, filled with indescribable tyranny . The sudden changes in her left Rhode in incomparable astonishment because this Cassidy who stood before him was totally different from the harmless rabbit a few moments ago . Right now, she had taken off the rabbit’s coat and put on the ferocious qualities of a wild beast . The fearsome aggression was so cold and powerful that Rhode felt it blowing against him in the wind . But this wasn’t all; along with her movements and words, the space around her transformed once again . But this time, the transformations were more frequent with various contrasting sceneries appearing and disappearing at the same time . Rhode felt a massive energy erupting from her .

Looking at this scene, Rhode felt like the situation was getting more troublesome . He took two steps back slightly and pressed his hand against the hilt on his waist . Then, he tilted his head slightly to communicate with the person in his head .

“I can’t get through to her . How about you come up with a way to make her calm down? From our conversation, she seems to like you a lot, so is it possible for you to do the talking and convince her? If this goes on, the situation will be terrible . ”

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Rhode asked . But his younger sister let out a helpless sigh and denied .

“I’m sorry, Big Brother . Right now, Cassidy is behaving solely out of instinct and words can’t get through to her . Even if I were to do it, I can’t possibly convince her . There is only one solution; you must defeat her and seal her up as your card spirit . Only through this way can her consciousness be restored . Convincing her now is completely impossible and it will even confuse her more . Although she follows the nature of Order as a Deity Warden, if we don’t end this quickly, it will possibly end up as you imagined—Chaos and Order contrasted . When that happens, the situation would be much more dangerous . ”

“You’re an enemy… You’re an enemy… You’re an enemy…”

If it was said that Cassidy was just an ordinary human earlier on, she now became a certain, terrifying presence . Her eyes flickered in golden brilliance and a powerful airflow dispersed from her body in all directions . Rhode unsheathed his sword with a stern expression, gazing attentively at her . It was apparent that in Cassidy’s eyes, he had become an enemy that she needed to eradicate .

It seems like she is still confused (even though based on the results of their conversation, Rhode didn’t think that he would be able to convince her, that was) .

In this case, Rhode didn’t need to hold back anymore . He could only execute his original plan A now!


At this moment, Cassidy also flourished her weapon, launching an attack at Rhode!

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