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Chapter 1066
Chapter 1066: Temporary Silence

Siena gazed at Nalea helplessly . Even though her big sister was smiling, there was a noticeable worry in her eyes . Siena had a bad hunch when she realized the clash between both sides back then . But after speaking to Rhode, she noticed this emotion becoming much stronger . It was apparent that Rhode grasped the traits of the Creator Dragons—they were too powerful as high-end forces . It was especially so after one reached the caliber of the Creator Dragons, where not even millions of troops would be effective against them . In the end, it would still be a clash between the Creator Dragons . But this didn’t fit the mutual understanding and agreement between them . Although they once fought in the Creation War, that was more like a ‘game’ to fight over territories, while the soldiers were more like pieces occupying areas in a game of chess . That was a mutual understanding and also the rules of the game .

But Rhode was entirely different . He wasn’t interested in such games . All in all, as long as one attacked him, he would flip over the chessboard and punch one without hesitation . But this way, it would shake Order in the entire continent, which the twin dragons were worried about . Fortunately, the news from Nalea was considered relatively peaceful . The Dark Dragon wasn’t that furious to immediately send out armies into the Void Territory . If that happened, Rhode would welcome his troops with his magic warships when they reached his border and directly attack the capital of darkness . If that happened, the twin dragons could only helplessly see who would become the final victor . But losing one of the Creator Dragons wasn’t in their interest . But now…

“Big Sister, why didn’t you discuss it with me beforehand?”

“Huh? I remember talking to you about it, Siena?”

Nalea stuffed a cookie into her mouth while blinking in surprise at Siena .

“Ensure the stability of the continent at all costs; isn’t that what we agreed?”

“… So that is why you told His Majesty Ion that we may stand on the Void Territory’s side?”

Siena held her forehead and let out a helpless sigh . She was starting to wonder if it was a smart idea to let Nalea speak to the Dark Dragon . On the contrary, Nalea seemed satisfied with her work as she blinked her large eyes and lifted her head proudly .

“Huh? But isn’t that good? You see, Siena, Little Ion has no intention of sending out his armies now, isn’t it?”

Of course he isn’t…

Siena was speechless upon hearing her big sister’s reply . If Nalea told Ion that the Country of Law might support the Void Territory, the Country of Darkness would be facing four Creator Dragons at once, which was something that Ion dreaded . If he chose to risk such circumstances, it would simply be a foolish and crazy decision . But this didn’t assure Siena . Instead, it made her even more worried . Ion had an unyielding personality . In this case, perhaps he might stand back for now, but they knew he definitely wouldn’t be able to accept this humiliation . If this continued, no one knew what would happen exactly . After all, apart from the Void Dragon, the Light Dragon had also regained her strength . In this situation, even the Dark Dragon might have a hard time facing the combined attacks of the Void Dragon and Light Dragon . Based on Siena’s understanding of Rhode, she knew that he wasn’t one who swore by a fair fight .

As a matter of act, Siena’s worries weren’t unreasonable .


Ion slammed the table with an ashen complexion . He glared ahead grimly . Even though he didn’t express that he would be attacking the Void Territory in front of Nalea, this was the first time he felt so frustrated . He had never met such a situation before; Ashvril died in battle while Balende suffered grave injuries . This punishment and painful mistake was a first for him and even made him forget about cleaning up the mess with the vampires . As of now, he was most focused on the sense of failure growing deep inside him now .

He had a similar experience in the past when he was obstructed during his invasion to the Munn Kingdom . He had a vague feeling of anxiousness back then . But he didn’t take it to heart and had even thought that it was just an accident . However, this time, he was unable to restrain his anger to this setback . The continuous failures left a deep impression of the Void Dragon in his head . Not only was the Void Dragon powerful enough to go against him, but he was also courageous enough . But… Ion didn’t believe that the Void Dragon was capable of defeating him .

This happened because I underestimated him .

Ion calmed himself down, reflected on his shortcomings, and came to this conclusion . Erin did report to him about the existing forces of the Void Territory earlier on, but he didn’t take her words to heart . It seemed like he was indeed negligent .

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“Big Brother?”

Upon hearing the familiar voice, Ion lifted his head, gazed at his younger sister, and gestured . Upon seeing his hand gesture, Erin bowed respectfully before taking a seat opposite him . Facing his younger sister, Ion remained in silence for a few moments, before eventually speaking .

“I’m sure you’re aware of the current situation . ”

“Yes, Big Brother . ” Erin responded, nodding in affirmation . But she couldn’t understand why Ion asked her this question . On the other hand, Ion also didn’t seem to have the intention to explain further . He simply looked at her and continued saying: “So then, what are your thoughts?”


Erin shrieked in surprise . She never thought that Ion would personally ask her this question . Although this question sounded really normal, Erin was aware that Ion would never ask for her opinion! That was because he didn’t want her to intervene with national affairs . But now, it seemed like Ion had broken the taboo?

Could it be that the ‘agitation therapy’ worked?

Erin couldn’t help but feel somewhat agitated at this thought . Even though she considered the possibilities of her big brother making more pragmatic decisions after receiving news of failure, she wasn’t too hopeful as this matter had huge implications, after all . Besides, Ion was unrepentant for past setbacks, which was why she wasn’t too confident of it working . But now, Ion actually asked for her opinion, which surprised her greatly . Fortunately, Erin returned to her senses quickly .

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Isn’t this a godsend of an opportunity?!

Erin pulled herself together at this thought . She let out a cough, at the same time thinking of a way to answer her big brother’s question . This was a great opportunity, but it might turn into a disaster if she messed it up . All she could do now was to grasp this chance and not agitate him while giving him advice . If Ion mistook her advice as her looking down upon him, he might take even more extreme measures against Rhode .

“Big Brother, I think the main priority now is to appease the internal strife in the Country of Darkness, especially the conflict among vampires . I heard the struggles between vampires have grown and have also implicated the liches and undeads . If this continues, the consequences will be unimaginable . ”

Even though everyone fought for the Dark Dragon, fighting and scheming against each other was always a huge problem between the undead creatures . Now that Ashvril was no longer around, the balance collapsed . The clashes between the vampire forces dragged several undead creatures in as well, where even great liches and death knights were also involved . If this continued, only God knew what would happen .

“As for the Void Territory…”

Erin spoke with extreme caution and consideration .

“Big Brother, if you agree, I can explain to His Majesty Rhode that this is only a small ‘accident’ . As long as we reach a mutual agreement, there shouldn’t be any more problems arising from His Majesty Rhode’s side because the Void Territory is currently still in the developmental stages . If it is possible, I’m sure His Majesty Rhode also doesn’t wish to go up against the Country of Darkness . ”

That was how diplomatic affairs worked . No matter the truth, the skill to flout reality must be maxed out . Although both sides clearly knew that this wasn’t an accident, it would be sufficient if they could reach an agreement that the incident was only a random ‘accident’ . As for the truth in private, it was an entirely different matter .

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“Of course, it may require some giving-in to reach the agreement . But I think that if we seem sincere enough, His Majesty Rhode will also respond back to us with sincerity . ”

Erin processed every word in her head cautiously before speaking to her Big Brother, in order to avoid agitating him . She understood Rhode well enough to know that he wouldn’t make things difficult for the Country of Darkness based on this incident . Moreover, he was considered to be the benefiting side now . Even though the Country of Darkness had indeed offended the Void Territory, the Country of Darkness had also lost Ashvril while Rhode didn’t lose a single strand of hair . This proved that there was space for negotiation . If there were fatal injuries or deaths to the Country of Darkness and Void Territory, there would be no room for negotiations . And now… there was more or less some room for it .

“Got it . ”

After hearing Erin’s words, Ion pondered in silence for a few moments and said . Then, he stood up and gazed at Erin .

“Alright then, I’ll leave this matter to you . Don’t disappoint me . ”

“Yes, Big Brother . ”

Erin stood up and accepted the order quickly . At the same time, she let out a long sigh of relief in her mind…

It seems like things have finally turned around .

I will need to rely on myself next .

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