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Chapter 1062: 1062
Chapter 1062: Space Shatter

A single slash of the sword and the sky turned dark .

The illusory, pitch-black sword in Balende’s hand started changing shape as he flourished it . Looking from a distance, he was as though swinging the sword in the water, causing ripples and splashes . The invisible space vibrated into a line of boundary; a dark trail extended from top to bottom before pushing forward determinedly and the areas it touched fell apart completely . The land lost its vibrancy and the sky was no longer bright . The violent trembles from the ground let out ear-deafening rumbles as though the destruction of landslides and tsunamis . The land divided, sky wailed, and the pitch-black space expanded and whirled toward Alice like an enormous black hole .

And this time, Alice turned serious . She raised her arm and the shattered objects being drawn into the hurricane restored their original state as though two perspectives of a drama . From Balende’s perspective, everything was being destroyed and shattered . On the other hand, everything that was destroyed and shattered were restored to their original state . These two entirely different forces went all the way, clashing in the middle .


As the ear-deafening explosions sounded, the strong, massive airwaves erupted with Alice and Balende in the middle . The entire surface was as though smashed by an enormous and invisible hammer, sinking into a basin that was a few hundred meters wide . Dust fluttered in an instant, but this was only the start . A rough, sharp sound filled the air as the land fissured and bottomless cracks extended in all directions . Countless dust and sand rose from the ground, enveloping the entire region completely .

But this was only the start .

Alice looked on calmly . She extended her right hand and the heavy tome before her moved on its own as the pages flipped quickly . The entire world around her was reshaping at a crazy pace .

That’s right, reshaping .

The strength of the torn space was as though raging waves that couldn’t be resisted, shattering everything into bits . But everything that was shattered once again restored to their original state . Not only that, but everything also started transforming strangely . The crumbled ground reshaped with green, tender grass and vibrant flowers appearing on the surface like a scene of spring . The snapped tree trunks spinning in the hurricane were also rerooted and the lush shade once again showed vitality . This scene was too weird, especially the tear in space that was like a beast trying to break free from the restraints .

On the other side, Balende clutched the large, pitch-black illusory sword that had lost its physical presence and was distorting and extending forward . He stared at the young lady attentively . His body exuded a gloomy aura that quickly swelled outward .

At the next moment, Balende disappeared all of a sudden .

It was a misconception from the extreme speed that surpassed everything . The storm roared forward, but no one was seen within . But despite that, Alice didn’t lose her head out of fear . Her right hand held onto the tome as its pages flipped constantly . Along with her movements, mysterious golden runes appeared around her like loyal guards protecting their master . Then, Alice extended her right index finger, pointing forward .

Even though Alice was one of the six Deity Wardens, Balende also wasn’t easy to deal with as one of the four legendary generals . When one reached their caliber, one would have unique rules to protect one from harm . To Alice, if she could effortlessly defeat Balende like the death knights, this battle couldn’t get easier for her . But it was a pity that Balende’s strength stopped Alice from further penetrating and attacking . He could shatter some parts of space completely, which meant that no matter what Alice tried to do in the broken space, everything would be meaningless . Their battle had quickly upgraded and it would determine who could control the entire battle and be the final winner .

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The pitch-black space blades appeared abruptly . Balende passed through the fulcrum of both sides and arrived before Alice . The large sword in his hands slashed at her accurately . However, the golden runes around Alice suddenly expanded and blocked his attack . Balende retreated quickly before flourishing the sword again . Along with this move, the cracks in space started taking shape beside Alice! Looking at this scene, Alice’s expression finally changed . Of course, she knew what Balende was trying to do . He had the ability to shatter space and was trying to drag her away from this place, sealing her into another plane of existence!

However, Alice wasn’t such an easy target . Facing his ferocious attack, she remained calm, holding the heavy tome in front of her and closing it with force!

The radiance flashed dazzlingly in an instant, forcing Balende to squint . When he opened his eyes again, he realized that everything around them had restored to their original state, while he and Alice returned to the initial confrontational moment . The destroyed surroundings, including the trees, grass, land, and sky had restored to their original state; nothing was different . Balende was standing in his original position . The only difference was that Alice was standing on the ground now instead of hovering in midair, quietly gazing at him .

I don’t stand a chance against her at all .

This was Balende’s only thought . His strength was considered the strongest among the four legendary generals . The shattering of space was a vulnerable weakness to the other three legendary generals . However, it was totally useless against this young lady named Alice . No matter how he divided and destroyed the space before him, she could restore its state effortlessly . And now, the only good news for Balende was that perhaps Alice had also expended a relatively huge amount of energy . If not, he wouldn’t stand a chance if she could nullify his every attack this easily . But now, he realized that she also wasn’t completely perfect…

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Balende let out a long sigh at this thought, clutching the hilt tightly and gazing ahead . At this moment, the illusory darkness attached to his blade had faded out and resembled spiritual flames wrapping the iron blade . In an instant, the chaotic battle seemed to have restored to peace . But this was the most obvious sign before the tsunami crashed .

Because at the next moment, Balende unleashed his strength . At the same time, Alice put away the tome in her hands and clenched her right fist before her . Then, the battle continued .

The enormous blade slashed from above and broke the sound barrier in a sharp whistle, clashing heavily with the invisible force . The land of darkness once again exploded in a series of glaring brilliant lights and vibrant colors . Countless sword blades danced like the blades of a blender, penetrating the entire space and were about to crush the young lady in front of him entirely . Balende was enveloped in the bright sword rays, dashing forward with his sword and tearing through the space again . But even so, Alice didn’t counteract at all . Instead, she raised her right arm and swiped her right index and middle fingers together to the side . In an instant, the air around her vibrated and countless air blades flew out like the reflection of a mirror, piercing back at Balende . The collision happened only for an instant when suddenly, the flow of dark energy and strength of hurricane once again dominated the battlefield .

But this was the end!

Balende gnashed his teeth . He felt as though his blade was ridiculously being struck by his own attack . Despite that, he clearly sensed the force, strength, and angle against his blade . It all felt so familiar, as though he was battling himself . It was totally unbearable!

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Balende snarled . When one reached his caliber, the level of swordsmanship was no longer important . The source of his strength, essence, and rules he possessed were the foundation of battle . Facing the endless blade rays before him, Balende flourished his sword and everything in sight split into ashes, the dazzling flashes disappearing as though they were being devoured by darkness . Shortly after, Balende’s sturdy build trembled abruptly . Then, the darkness before him increased in mass . Looking at this scene, Alice raised her brow for the first time . She let out a grunt, clenching the air with her right hand in front of her . Along with her movement, Balende suddenly stopped moving as though Alice was in control of everything . But this time, he seemed to have no hesitation at all . He held the hilt tightly and slashed down from above!

Another series of thunderous explosions boomed . Alice narrowed her eyes, extending her arm before her . Bursts of smoke and dust scattered, enfolding everything within . Shortly after, the billows of smoke concealing all vision dispersed . At this moment, Balende was no longer in front of Alice . The only thing remaining on the devastated ground was a muscular arm . Looking at the severed arm, Alice pondered in silence for a few moments, before turning around and returning to the forest .

On the other side, the battle continued .

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