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Chapter 1061: 1061
Chapter 1061: Below the Deity Wardens

Ashvril was in an intense battle, but Balende wasn’t in the mood to care for her well being because at this moment, he couldn’t even ensure his safety . He wielded the heavy sword in his hand, the crimson radiance glowing from his eyes under the helmet flickering all of a sudden . If he weren’t an undead without the ability to sweat, he would be drenched in panicky sweat by now!

As one of the four legendary generals, Balende had witnessed all sorts of mysterious and strange happenings . But now, he swore by his name that he had never seen such an odd battle style . It was especially so for this young lady in front of him, as he sensed an indescribable, massive pressure from her . Although she didn’t say a word, she hovered before him, leaning back slightly while a tome floated in front of her . At a single glance, she wasn’t any different from the deliberately mystifying spell casters . But Balende remembered clearly the disturbing scene from a few moments ago .

“Who are you?”

Balende asked in a deep voice, gazing at the young lady . He wasn’t surprised that Mini Bubble Gum and Canary showed up as almost everyone had heard of their big names before . It could also be said that in the Void Territory, they were seen as the top fighters under Rhode . However, he didn’t know who this young lady in front of him was and had never heard of her before . She hovered leisurely before him, separating him from Ashvril . Facing Balende’s imposing presence, she didn’t even bat an eyelid and this behavior puzzled him . Besides, he still recalled what Erin said about the three powerful beings in Grandia who were stronger than her… Could this young lady be one of them?

“Alice . ”

Upon hearing Balende’s question, Alice responded plainly and didn’t go into details . Instead, she lifted her head without looking at him as though he were just a little, unworthy brat . This enraged Balende, but even so, he didn’t attack recklessly . He swept a glance to the surroundings . When this battle began, Angelina had already led away her subordinates who sought protection from her . Balende chose to be wise in his decisions as he knew that the Dark Dragon sent him and Ashvril over to give the Void Dragon a little warning . As the saying went, ‘a general in the field is not bound by the orders from his sovereign’ . No matter what, his purpose here was to besiege the traitors . Therefore, it would be enough as long as he captured the traitors and brought them back for punishment . Even if the Void Dragon was already aware and ready for their arrival, there was no meaning in dragging this battle any longer!

“Carry on with the mission; capture the traitors!”

At this thought, Balende gave a decisive order . He raised the huge sword in his hand, staring vigilantly at the young lady . Upon hearing his orders, the death knights surrounding him responded immediately, quickly dashing forward . Facing the intimidating death knights, Alice remained unfazed as she continued to float in midair, gazing down at the tome in her hands . But at this moment, something unprecedented happened before Balende .


The instant the death knights were about to enter the forest, they came to a halt abruptly and let out ear-deafening screams that surprised Balende . He turned around quickly, only to witness an unimaginable scene .

As death knights, they were naturally part of the dead . In fact, even though they wore thick, heavy armor, their bodies were skinny and shriveled like dried corpses . But now, in Balende’s eyes, the shriveled bodies were starting to come alive . No, it should be said that the lives that the undeads had lost once again returned to their bodies! The shriveled skin became smooth and ample and their skinny bodies grew muscular with strength . Also, the sharp howls of undead creatures turned into the screams of living humans . Balende gaped in confusion as he witnessed this shocking scene . Not even the church was capable of doing this!

But this wasn’t what surprised him the most as what happened next left him speechless . The tall, sturdy death knights quickly shrunk and in the blink of an eye, the pitiful screams turned into the wailing of infants, before vanishing entirely in the dark forest . What remained were the piles of armor that left their wearers . They lined up neatly in one straight line as though the remaining traces left behind by an insurmountable barrier .

Looking at this scene, Balende was flabbergasted . Of course, he knew exactly what happened . It was apparent that a mysterious and powerful force had reversed time for the death knights . Not only did it restore them into living humans, but it also forced them to go back in time until they vanished entirely!

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Can anyone do this?

In all fairness, even Balende didn’t believe that the Dark Dragon was capable of doing something so ridiculous . And yet, it happened right in front of him . His subordinates, the most elite troops, perished completely in seconds without leaving behind any trace to prove their existence . On the other hand, the young lady named Alice continued to float in midair nonchalantly without batting an eyelid . Her right hand rested on the drifting tome as though she did nothing . In fact, it did seem like she didn’t do anything .

But now, this was an extremely dangerous situation for Balende .

At this thought, Balende shook his head slightly and threw the absurd scene to the back of his head . He couldn’t turn back now . No matter what, he had to figure out the true strength of this young lady .


Balende couldn’t help but let out a laugh at this thought . Anyway, he couldn’t retreat even if he wanted to now .

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Balende had to admit that Rhode was a bold person . If Rhode were to lay hands on the legendary generals here, it would be the same as him declaring war with the Country of Darkness . And now, Rhode had done it . The Dark Dragon was tough, but Balende realized that the Void Dragon seemed to be even more unyielding . Until a few moments ago, Balende finally understood Rhode’s intention . Because to him, Rhode’s toughness was a kind of crazy ruthlessness, where even if he couldn’t defeat someone, he would do all he could to at least leave a bite as though it were no big deal that neither side won and the entire continent was doomed . The dense, fanatical aggression struck Balende in the face so strongly that it left him trembling in fear . He couldn’t imagine how the battle would end up if Ion and Rhode erupted in a battle . Ion was a determined and decisive person . At this current situation, Rhode was also the kind of person who was unwavering and would achieve his goal by fair or foul means .

But… even so, he was one of the four legendary generals of the Country of Darkness: the Spirit Chaser, Balende!

Balende lifted his head and gazed at Alice, his eyes glinting with determination and faith . No matter what, he couldn’t lose his life here . Her abilities were indeed mysterious, but he also had his very own ultimate move! At this thought, Balende clutched the hilt with both hands and slowly raised the sword .

This was the first time Alice lifted her head . Even though her stance seemed as bored and carefree as usual, she had widened her half-shut eyes and quietly stared at Balende in front of her, at the same time holding a page with her right hand . This was also the first time curiosity glinted in her peaceful eyes .

But at the next moment, curiosity turned into astonishment .

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The silent air waves quickly formed a circle that expanded all around . Balende raised the enormous sword and its gleaming blade turned pitch-black as though it had lost its physical presence and only an illusory presence remained! Everything around him became indistinct, be it the sky, land, trees, or mountains . They had as though turned into a certain thick, unrealistic dye dipped in water . Little bits of debris appeared on the blade, flying into the air . Along with his movements, the area by the edge of the blade started ripping apart and shattering . All of a sudden, hurricanes erupted with Balende in the center . The violent air flowed inward and the powerful force of attraction uprooted the surrounding huge trees .

“Power of space?”

Alice asked, slightly surprised . She knitted her brows and stood upright for the first time . At the same time, Balende snarled and flourished the sword!

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