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Chapter 1060: 1060
Chapter 1060: Battle of Awakening

This attack from Angelina was the so-called key trick of the vampires’ handed-down teachings in battle: backstab—lethal, quick, and accurate . Her fair, slender palm was as though a razor-sharp blade penetrating into Ashvril’s body . In an instant, beads of blood sprayed up and Ashvril let out a mourning and blood-curdling screech . But before Angelina felt the joys of victory, she sensed an incomparably, massive force pushing against her palm . Then, she was struck back as though by an enormous hammer . She crashed to the ground, only coming to a halt after rolling continuously . Angelina’s expression wasn’t filled with astonishment . Instead, it was anger!

“Blood fusion!! You slut!! You sucked my mother’s blood!?”

Angelina lifted her head, her scarlet eyes burning in raging flames and she revealed the two, long canine teeth . Right in front of her, the shadowy figures inside the dense blood mist surrounding Ashvril trembled constantly, before eventually erupting an unprecedented, chilly burst of air, where the trees and leaves withered to the aura of death . Not only that, but the sturdy tree trunks also became incredibly fragile in the blink of an eye . Canary and Mini Bubble Gum had no choice but to temporarily back off . But even so, they turned slightly pale .

“How unlucky that she actually awakened . Big Sister, our luck is horrendous . In the game, Ashvril only gets to awaken once every ten raids!”

Looking at this scene, Mini Bubble Gum curled her lips . She extended her arm and shortly after, a dazzling, holy radiance erupted from her hand, aiming at the red mist . But in the blink of an eye, the powerful light beam vanished within the red mist . Not only that, but the red mist also doubled in size!

“Damn it, this is a big problem!”

Not only was Mini Bubble Gum staring sternly, but Canary also turned grim . But they couldn’t be blamed because in the game, there was a certain chance for Ashvril to be awakened during her boss raid . After her awakening, not only would she gain much more mysterious powers, but her attack and defense attributes would also increase drastically . It could also be said that right now, she was much harder to take down . However, the chances of her being awakened during her boss raid was really low, with a probability of once in 50 times . Mini Bubble Gum and Canary didn’t expect their luck to be so down to trigger her awakening now .

On the other hand, Angelina’s anger was for an entirely different reason . Of course, she wasn’t aware of the existence of players or the hidden mode of the boss’s three-stages transformations . But even so, she knew that at this very moment, the power that Ashvril released was the ‘Blood Strength’ that only members of the Babylonia Family had rights to!

Babylonia was the most ancient vampire family, and Angelina didn’t just use its name to scare others away . There was a mystical strength in her bloodline . As long as the Babylonians sucked the blood of other vampires, they would be able to gain their abilities! Of course, the acquisition of abilities was also proportionate to the growth of their individual strength . If they were to suck the blood of a vampire who was stronger than them, they might even be destroyed by that overly powerful strength . Although Ashvril had indeed overthrown the Babylonia Family and succeeded her position back then, Angelina never thought that she had the ability to acquire the Babylonia’s noble blood . After all, if she were to suck the Babylonia Family’s blood, there was a high chance for her to be controlled by it instead . After all, Ashvril was a lowly vampire who lacked the ability to resist the strength of a pure, powerful blood . But now, she actually succeeded!


As the strange burst of laughter sounded, the blood mist gradually faded away and Ashvril once again appeared before the trio . But this time, she looked entirely different . If it was said that Ashvril was an alluring witch in the past, right now, she was like a pure, noble maiden . Her scarlet and pitch-black long dress flowed naturally, blending into the shadows perfectly as one . In an instant, she was as though the supreme ruler of the dark world .

“The Babylonia Family’s bloodline is indeed impressive . Back then I sacrificed a lot in order to gain it…”

“Rubbish! It is impossible for you to handle our noble bloodline!”

Gazing at Ashvril who had changed in appearance, Angelina became increasingly furious . She bit her lip and clenched her fists . Upon detecting her gaze, Ashvril covered her mouth and gave a lady-like chuckle .

“Indeed . It wasn’t easy for me to contain the ‘noble’ bloodline, but all I have is time and patience . Angelina, one century; I spent one century to weaken Majors’ strength to a level I could accept . But it was a pity that you weren’t able to witness it; the painful look on Majors’ face when I sucked her blood . She seemed so pitiful, frightened, and furious . Hahahaha, even the noble royal vampire is nothing more than a mangy dog…”

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“Shut up!”

Angelina couldn’t tolerate it any longer . She snarled, interrupting Ashvril . Then, a scarlet radiance flashed as Angelina dashed forward and arrived before Ashvril, her hands clutching a scarlet sickle that appeared out of nowhere . Then, she flourished the sickle down .

The powerful aggression brought upon a massive pressure toward Ashvril, so strong that the ground beneath her feet erupted and fissured . But facing this powerful attack, Ashvril continued to smile in disdain, placing her arm in front of Angelina and held the sickle blade with her fingers .

Angelina instantly realized that the situation was far from good . She didn’t expect Ashvril to face her attack head-on instead of dodging . It was too late when Angelina tried to back off as in the blink of an eye, the scarlet sickle in her hand was caught by Ashvril . Then, she felt a massive, powerful force in front of her as Ashvril extended her left hand forward and grabbed her by the throat . Ashvril was so quick that Angelina couldn’t react in time . But…


All of a sudden, a white light column descended from above, crashing on Ashvril heavily . Even though Ashvril had awakened the noble bloodline, she was still an undead creature by nature and was weak against the holy power . Ashvril shrieked in pain, before gnashing her teeth, giving up her attack on Angelina, and turned around to retreat . But at the same time, the surrounding land shook and scorching magma burst out from the fissures and pounced on the Blood Countess . In the blink of an eye, along with Mini Bubble Gum’s attack, Canary launched an ambush on Ashvril once again!

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However, the awakened Ashvril was no longer like before . Facing the pincer attack from the two enemies this time, she wasn’t as flustered . She swung her arms and the shadows surrounding her surged up like waves that extinguished the ferocious, blazing magma . But Canary had no intention of giving up yet .

“Fir Nalyt!”

Canary yelled . In an instant, a magic ritual enveloped her completely . Her body was covered by the tracks of a circuit board from head to toe and emanated a bright, hot brilliance . Then, a pair of fire wings expanded on her back . In an instant, the sky before Ashvril was completely surrounded by scorching flames . The incomparable flame barrage rained down and enfolded her entirely .

However, this wasn’t enough .

“Hafe DanMonde!”

Even though Mini Bubble Gum never liked coordinating with others in battles, as the dedicated cleric in Rhode’s group, she wasn’t one to be trifled with . The instant Canary launched the flame barrage at Ashvril, Mini Bubble Gum chanted softly under her breath and pointed her left index finger at Ashvril . Then, she raised her right arm and clenched her fist .

The omnipresent dark aura suddenly disappeared, only to reappear quickly . However, it was apparent from the miserable-looking Ashvril that Mini Bubble Gum’s move wasn’t ineffective .

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Ashvril was fuming . Although she learned that the two young ladies were powerful during their exchange in attacks in the Order Ceremony, she didn’t expect them to be this powerful to go up against her awakened form . Moreover, Angelina was also around to cause trouble for her now . Things wouldn’t end well if Ashvril continued dragging this battle on . Even though she had awakened the bloodline, she couldn’t hang on for too long with her current body . No matter what, her plan had failed and there was no point in staying here anymore!

At this thought, Ashvril’s body distorted slightly and her expression turned grim .

“How is this possible…!”

Upon hearing Ashvril’s high-pitched scream, a golden, translucent barrier suddenly appeared in the empty night sky . It was like a round bowl trapping and imprisoning everyone inside entirely . Mini Bubble Gum witnessed Ashvril’s flustered expression and chuckled cheekily .

“How’s it, old woman? Feel like leaving already? Do you think we will let you?!”


Ashvril grimaced upon hearing Mini Bubble Gum’s words . Shortly after, along with her movements, the shadows started squirming into a whole new form .

The battle continued .

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