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Published at 11th of September 2020 02:50:15 AM
Chapter 1059
Chapter 1059: Block the Enemy’s Retreat & Mop Them up

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of deep, thunderous explosions boomed in the forest . The dazzling white radiance flashed, linking up instantly . The ground shook in fear, while trees flew up before crashing back down to the ground . Then, hurricanes came one after another, rising from the ground recklessly and ripping through the mountain ranges in the distance . The land groaned as it fissured in blazes .

Rhode stood above a hill in the distance, gazing at the battle happening below . The corners of his lips perked up into an ice-cold smile . Marlene stood beside him, sternly observing the battle .

“Ion, that scoundrel, sure is sly; he sends out only a few of them, but they are all elites . Hmph . Fair enough, this time I will make him suffer . I shall see whether this damn b*stard dares to mess with me again!”

Even though Rhode said with a relaxed smile, his words were filled with deep murderous intent . He learned from Alice that this time, Ashvril brought along 50 dark knights, while Balende was more cautious to bring along 200 high-level death knights . However, they weren’t here for a frontal confrontation with Rhode as Ashvril and Balende didn’t expect Rhode to be waiting for their arrival, with a trap set up for them!

In fact, with Rhode’s current strength, he wouldn’t break a sweat eradicating both of them . However, he couldn’t do that because he was neither a guild leader nor overlord now; he was a Creator Dragon . Back then, he was personally needed in battle to fight for the world . But it was different now . The battle against the Country of Darkness wasn’t as simple as a mafia boss leading his men into the battlefield because Rhode wanted to display the might of his subordinates to the Country of Darkness and warn Ion to not act recklessly . If he were to join the battle, wouldn’t it be the same as him telling Ion that he had useless troops who needed his help to clear up the mess?

It was due to this reason that Rhode didn’t summon his card spirits . On the contrary, he sent out his three strongest subordinates to shamelessly besiege the legendary generals . Not only that, but also just in case, he readied Marlene by the side . Due to the rich experience the four legendary generals possessed, Rhode was also considering sending Christie into battle . Once three of the six Deity Wardens gathered, he would see how the legendary generals retaliated .

But for now, it was enough .

Alice was in charge of taking down Balende, while Mini Bubble Gum and Canary dealt with Ashvril . Balende was as though rock-hard, stiff bones who couldn’t be gnawed at . Rhode used this opportunity to check out the differences in strength between the Deity Wardens and legendary generals . Ashvril was different as her strength was greatly weakened . It was mentioned earlier that Ashvril didn’t rely on her strength to ascend the throne . Instead, she mostly focused on conspiracies and group attacks to overthrow the predecessor and wasn’t adept at frontal battles . On the other hand, Mini Bubble Gum and Canary were the aggressive type of attackers, which totally restrained Ashvril’s moves . In the game, a 10-man party was required to take down Ashvril, but that was in the game, after all . In reality, Rhode refused to believe that this Blood Countess had 1 million health points as it just wouldn’t make sense .

If Mini Bubble Gum and Canary couldn’t take Ashvril down, Marlene could jump into battle as reinforcement at any time . With two of the six Deity Wardens here, even Ion would have to tuck tail and run back to where he came from . Rhode made up his mind determinedly this time; he would cripple and frighten the Country of Darkness . The best-case scenario would be to leave Ion flustered and let him have a heart attack! Ashvril must die . It would be better if Balende could be killed too as the Country of Darkness’s army relied mostly on him . If Rhode could eradicate him, he guaranteed that he would be in the mood for a novel, milk tea, and desserts first before deciding whether he should attack or defend against millions of undead creatures…

In fact, Rhode was surprised when he first saw Balende here as he only expected Ashvril . Rhode had never considered this calm, steady man to be here . He never thought of the possibilities of other legendary generals partnering up with Ashvril . The reason was simple . Garcia was a cautious and meticulous human like a maiden who had little contact with the outside world . On the other hand, Charlie had no interest in anything other than war, so not even Ashvril begging him for help would work . Also, Balende was the commander of three armies, so how could he possibly show up so effortlessly? However, Rhode wasn’t worried as he had initially sent out Alice as an insurance . And now, since he had such great targets for battle, he would regret it if he didn’t show them his power!

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Give them hell!


Mini Bubble Gum snarled as she burst out in a dazzling flash . She swung her right hand and along with her movement, a large light blade that was tens of meters long appeared in her hand and swept across the sky . The surrounding trees were uprooted and in the blink of an eye, the dense forest was shaved into a flat land . Ashvril turned pale instantly, her body constantly twisted like a ghost in the face of the white, holy blade . Before she returned to her senses, Canary seized the opportunity and charged in from the other side . The scarlet flames in the hurricane blazed . Then, she brandished the sword coalesced from flames at Ashvril in the aggressive momentum of the hurricane .

If it were someone else, this attack would have taken one’s life . However, Ashvril was one of the four legendary generals, after all . Even though her actual health points weren’t as high as a million, she wasn’t one that Mini Bubble Gum and Canary could take down easily . Facing this pincer attack, the Blood Countess raised her right hand, folded the fan in her hand, and swung it forward .

This movement seemed quick and slow at the same time . When Ashvril unfolded the fan in her hand, she seemed as though in slow motion . But the instant the fan folded again, her movements suddenly became as quick as lightning . In an instant, she burst forward with her right hand in a trail of afterimages, colliding with Canary’s flame sword . The instant they clashed, the contrast of light and darkness, and flame and wind swelled and exploded completely . In an instant, the surroundings became dark and ice-cold as a hurricane of negative energy left one shivering like a monster devouring the flames . The glaring, scarlet flames at this moment seemed like a tiny flame swaying in the storm, trembling non-stop, and eventually vanishing to nothing . But Canary had already retreated and dodged Ashvril’s next attack .

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Looking at this scene, Ashvril let out a grim snort . If it weren’t for Mini Bubble Gum who caught her off guard and purified the spirits inside her weapon, Ashvril would be confident in dealing a heavy blow to these enemies . However, after the spirits were purified, her strength plummeted . In this case, she didn’t have any other solution . But she wasn’t in the mood to ponder anymore as Mini Bubble Gum dashed toward her from the other side . The holy radiance in her clenched fists was so blinding that the darkness surrounding Ashvril was like snow melting under the hot, intense sun . Facing the continuous attacks, Ashvril gnashed her teeth, turned around, and quickly dodged the attacks . She streaked a strange arc in the darkness with her fan . Along with her movements, the surrounding darkness started trembling and almost immediately, thousands of dark, razor-sharp swords appeared from the ground and flew skyward, piercing at Mini Bubble Gum .

Mini Bubble Gum didn’t feel nervous at all when she saw this ambush . She flourished her left hand and a translucent, hexagonal crystal barrier enfolded her entirely, stopping the lethal, menacing dark swords . Mini Bubble Gum sneered, her hands streaking across strokes of runes in midair . Then, between her spread arms, a miniature sphere of light as blinding as the sun exploded . The radiance was so glaring that even the pitch-black night sky lit up instantly like daytime . Ashvril, as a vampire, had to avoid powerful rays of light . With the sudden burst of dazzling light, she had no choice but to narrow her eyes . Of course, she had her ways to protect her weaknesses . After a few moments, the white brilliance vanished completely, but at the same time, Ashvril witnessed a person hidden in the light curtain, bursting toward her!


Even though it was only an instant, Ashvril’s heart sank as soon as she witnessed this scene . But as one of the four legendary generals, she wasn’t someone to be trifled with . She gnashed her teeth hard and a mist of blood erupted from her mouth like a fired artillery shell . Then, she retreated swiftly, raising her arms and gathering crimson energy in her palms . Just a little while more and she could recover from her slump and show everyone her powerful strength as the Blood Countess!

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But… at this moment, she suddenly felt her feet sinking . She lowered her gaze in bafflement, only to discover hundreds of circular rituals had appeared under her! She remembered that only one person possessed the ability to cast this skill!


As Ashvril yelled in exasperation, Angelina’s petite figure appeared behind her . Her slender hand had turned into razor-sharp claws striking straight for Ashvril’s heart!

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