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Chapter 1027
Chapter 1027: Sudden Change

“You’ve surely brought a huge trouble for us . ”

Gazing at the magic projection of Rhode, Siena showed a forced smile, before putting up a stern expression . Rhode let out a snort in response and spoke in displeased silence .

“I wonder who’s the one bringing trouble for who, Your Majesty Siena . ”

No wonder Rhode was annoyed . Unsure of whether it was intentional or not, the second day after Lilian pulled herself together, the Country of Darkness announced to the entire continent that due to the parliament being manipulated by Chaos worshipers who attacked the Light Dragon, the signed armistice agreement with the parliament was officially nulled . Before the continent came into terms with the imposing announcement, the Country of Darkness once again launched their attacks on the Country of Light . As the Country of Darkness had already occupied a part of the Country of Light’s territories, they didn’t need to travel across the Land of Atonement and Munn Kingdom anymore like in the past . As Rhode and Lydia were focused on caring for Lilian, they didn’t respond in time to the attack . On the other hand, the situation in the Country of Light was more tragic this time . Previously, they could only escape the relentless ambush by the Country of Darkness and now, their situation could be said to be one disaster on top of another . Even though Lilian could barely control her dragon soul power after Rhode persuaded her and improved the situation in the Munn Kingdom, the unscientific natural disasters in the Country of Light continued to wreak havoc as they became much more devastating . Volcanoes erupted while snow storms ravaged and whatnot . Of course, nothing was related to science .

Under such circumstances, the Country of Light was put in a difficult spot, while neighboring countries were affected . Not only that, but the internal departments of the Country of Light were in absolute dismay . Natural disasters went on a rampage and some regions suffered from large-scale plagues . Moreover, for some unknown reason, Casabianca also sealed up the entire city and isolated the regions . The situation was already terrible and now that the Country of Darkness launched their attacks, the Country of Light couldn’t resist at all . Furthermore, the archangels and Battle Angel Army were around to stop the undead army before . But now that the angels were nowhere to be found, the Country of Light was in dire straits .

The only fortunate thing was that the undead army couldn’t avoid the natural disasters caused by Lilian . While the natural disasters destroyed the Country of Light, they also stopped the undead army in its track . If not, the Country of Darkness would have reached the doorsteps of Casabianca already . But even so, the Country of Light’s internal departments weren’t doing great either . Ion’s announcement flustered and upset the people under the Light Dragon’s soul protection . If it were in the past, the people wouldn’t believe their words . But now, with a variety of natural disasters and the news of resurrection by the church, most people believed in Ion’s words . How ironic . Humans would only repent in the face of death . But it was a pity that there were no drugs for regrets in this world . Many people in the internal department of the Country of Light headed to the church and sought forgiveness, while the others refused to bow down even at this point in time . They would rather die a vigorous death than to live without purpose .

It was imaginable how Rhode was extremely pissed at the scoundrel, Ion, who looted a burning house . What made matters worse was that according to his younger sister’s and Gillian’s reports, the strength of Order had weakened even more due to Ion’s attack and the abrupt changes in the Country of Light, where it almost reached the critical level!

Surely that damn Dark Dragon wouldn’t be an undercover agent for Chaos!

“No, I miscalculated, Your Majesty Siena . I didn’t expect that scoundrel to tear up the armistice agreement signed under the vow of the church . Also, the Country of Law seems to be unconcerned about it . ”


Siena and Nalea revealed awkward expressions, while Rhode crossed his arms and gazed at them dubiously . Well, he couldn’t be blamed because back then, he trusted their words and didn’t consider the problems regarding the Country of Darkness . He initially thought that after Lilian pulled herself together, he could gather the five Creator Dragons to discuss the solution . In the end, Ion was much quicker than he thought . Not only that, but the undead creatures were hardly trustworthy and yet, Siena and Nalea didn’t stop them…

Do you really think that telling me it is too late will make up for it?

“Ugh… This was what happened, Your Majesty Rhode . ”

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The speechless Siena let out a cough under his death stare, before giving an answer awkwardly .

“Of course, Big Sister and I would have stopped him in the past . But now… you’re also aware of the situation in the Country of Light . The Light Dragon’s soul protection is slowly crumbling, while Her Majesty Lilian… Please pardon my rudeness . She shouldn’t be able to restore her dragon soul protection, right?”

“Tsk . ”

Rhode spat without any intention of concealing his discontentment . Even though Siena had put it subtly, he understood what she meant . In the past, when Lilian could still restore her dragon soul power, Siena and Nalea would be confident in stopping Ion . But the situation was different now . Although Lilian had awakened her dragon soul power, she lost control over it due to the trauma from witnessing Sonia’s death and desire for revenge . Using a description from common wuxia novels that Rhode read, it was as though Lilian became obsessed and ordinary medicine couldn’t cure her . Even though Lilian could still control her strength now, she was like a little girl barely able to pull a strong horse along . If the horse was obedient, she wouldn’t need to assert too much strength . But if the horse was irascible… it would be an entirely different matter .

And the situation in the Country of Light now… Yes, it didn’t seem to be the docile type .

This was also why Siena and Nalea didn’t take actions ‘for now’ . Perhaps like Ion, they also learned about the changes in the parliament immediately and Rhode wasn’t too surprised . Since Rhode was able to plant Sonia into the parliament, the other dragon soul heirs surely had their own methods . The church and the Country of Darkness had their own vast, powerful intelligence web . They would have lived in vain if they failed to even gather such information . The reason why the twin sisters didn’t take actions in the past was perhaps out of respect for Lilian as the Light Dragon . But now, since Lilian had ended up in this state, the twin sisters didn’t mind letting a new dragon soul protection take over the region . To Siena and Nalea, Ion’s actions might be considered ‘invading’ Lilian’s land, but his dragon soul protection was ultimately part of Order . As long as it could replenish the broken and shattered holes in the Light Dragon’s soul protection, they didn’t mind that the Country of Darkness attacked . Perhaps Ion had also considered this factor, which was why he took it this far .

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“Alright, I suppose I understand your point of view now . In this case, pardon my rudeness . Since the Country of Darkness has decided to set up a gambling table, it shouldn’t be an issue for us to place our bets… Okay then, this will be all . Apologies to both of you, my mom is yelling at me to get back home for dinner . ”

Rhode said, waving his hand and cutting off the magic transmission with the Country of Law .

“That damn bastard . I hated that shameless scoundrel in the game and now it seems like he is as shameless as ever…”

Rhode gnashed his teeth and cursed, gazing coldly at the empty space before him . In fact, there were ways to stop the Light Dragon from collapsing . Rhode learned from his younger sister that him, as the Void Dragon, could assist Lilian in recovering the crashed Light Dragon . The Void Dragon was the basis of all dragon soul protections . In other words, all dragon soul protections were built and completed on the basis of the Void Dragon . The Void Dragon was like a sheet of white paper for the dragon soul protections to smear their own colors on it . Currently, the Light Dragon’s soul protection was as though the paper that was smeared by colors and shredded into bits . What Rhode needed to do now was to grab another sheet of paper, plug the gaps, and make Lilian repaint the colors of the Light Dragon .

But this needed time . If Ion didn’t make this move, Rhode would have time to accomplish it . But now… as an alliance, Rhode had to stabilize the Light Dragon’s soul protection over the Munn Kingdom, before resolving the issue in other areas . His method was similar to Ion’s, but what was different was that he had many more areas to worry about than Ion .

Well, this wasn’t too surprising . Who asked him to have so many women sleeping in his bed?

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“Forget it, it’s pointless thinking about it now . Marlene, what’s the situation with Karin?”

“Progress is fast; almost 80 percent complete . According to your requirements, the first batch of equipment should be ready within three days . But Rhode, our manpower…”

“It’s fine, get them to work faster . As for manpower…”

Rhode narrowed his eyes . Then, he flipped his wrist around and held a card in his hand .

“I suppose I can find a group of companions who are very willing to stir trouble . ”

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