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Chapter 1020
Chapter 1020: The Road to Survival (2)

The chase from the parliament didn’t turn out like how Sonia had imagined .

Walking on the rural trail and stepping on the dried leaves, Sonia lifted her head and gazed at the town surrounded by wooden fences . She and Lilian had changed their set of clothes . Sonia wore a swordsman’s armor, while Lilian was clad in a cleric’s robe . This type of duo wasn’t rarely seen on the continent as traveling clerics usually had a partner by their sides . This was also how Lize experienced it . Fortunately, Lilian was the Light Dragon and more or less knew some healing spells . Even though her power was sealed, she was ultimately one of the Creator Dragons with some capabilities .

Using this disguise, the duo had a smooth journey . Perhaps the parliament focused all their attention on Casabianca from the start, they didn’t consider the possibilities of a young lady born into a wealthy family and the Creator Dragon who rarely stepped out of the palace to be drifting about like beggars . Of course, this was inseparable from Sonia’s personal experiences . She understood how large organizations carried out their searches, which was why to prevent any trouble, she steered clear of populated areas as much as possible and only occasionally purchased food from the neighboring villages in the morning, while resting in the mountainous forest at night . Although this wasn’t entirely safe, considering the uncertainty of when the parliament’s soldiers would arrive, it was far safer staying in the forest than the villages . Perhaps due to the change in season from autumn to winter, most animals were busy preparing for hibernation . Despite that, no wild animals saw them as prey and Sonia suspected that it was Lilian’s dragon’s prestige that kept them away .

“Lily, shall we rest a while and continue our journey later? We’re nearing Highland City…”

Sonia was exhausted after rushing about for two whole days . She didn’t know whether the two archangels returned to Casabianca, but what could they do if they returned? This was a woman’s instinct . But Sonia felt like even if the two archangels returned, nothing good would come out from it . Besides, the current Casabianca gave her a really bad feeling . Instead of returning to Casabianca, she might as well continue down this path… This was their only choice left .

“Yes . ”

Lilian nodded before extending her arm and clutching Sonia’s sleeve .

As the duo arrived at the village entrance, the sturdy militias scanned them curiously . Fortunately, they didn’t stop them, so Sonia heaved a sigh of relief . She held Lilian’s hand and entered the village . Next, they needed to find a temporary place to rest, purchase some food and supplies, and continue with their journey . At this point in time, Sonia feared visiting large cities because she knew that rumors and intelligence spread the quickest there . In comparison, the small villages in the wild were much more enclosed, where news wouldn’t arrive as quickly even if there were any .

The only inn, which had the same name as the village, was located near the entrance . Unnourished horses were tied up by the manger . The inn’s hall was like a rural place filled with all sorts of stench and the smell of alcohol . When Sonia pushed the wooden door open and entered the inn, the awful reek assailed her nostrils . But she merely knitted her brows and didn’t comment a thing . In comparison to the revolting stench of the sewage, this smell was much better .

The inn owner was an overweight, middle-aged woman who waddled about like a fat, water bucket . The moment she realized that the visitors weren’t drunk, troublesome farmers, she hurriedly went up to them .

“Yo, I rarely receive customers this early . What would both of you like to have?”

Perhaps due to the owner’s loud, resonant voice like a dinosaur, Lilian instinctively shivered . However, Sonia responded calmly .

“We are travelers from the south and happen to pass by this village . Please prepare some less-oily food for us… It would be great if you have some drinks that can warm us up too . Also, we would like to have some bacon and bread . ”

Sonia said, reaching out for a few silver coins from her pocket, and placed them on the counter . The inn owner’s eyes lit up . She quickly put the coins away at a speed professional thieves couldn’t outdo and nodded firmly .

“Hahaha, leave it to me, Misses . Our apples are really well known . It is the harvesting season now and I guarantee that you will be full of praises for our specialty apple wine!”

The inn owner introduced the food proudly . Then, she turned around and yelled at a skinny man who immediately jumped to his feet and scrambled into the kitchen at the back . Sonia shook her head slightly at this scene, before bringing Lilian to the corner of the inn . She had to admit that nothing beat escaping and going on adventures at making one turn mature . At this moment, Sonia felt as though she was an adventurer, where even boorish villagers like the inn owner seemed less annoying to her already…

It took only a short while before the piping hot bread, bacon, and sweet, warm apple wine were laid out in a spread before them . Not only that, but the inn owner had also prepared grilled fish . Of course, the food wasn’t as tasty as what Sonia and Lilian had back home . The bread was too dry, bacon was too hard, and grilled fish was burnt . Only the apple wine was worthy of a taste . Back then, Sonia and Lilian wouldn’t have eaten them . But now, they had learned to savor them . No matter what, now wasn’t the time for them to be choosy .


While they ate their meal, the inn’s door was pushed open by an elderly man . He took a glance at the place and quickly spotted Sonia and Lilian in the corner . He didn’t react to Sonia, but when he saw Lilian in a cleric’s robe, his eyes lit up . Then, he scuttled toward them hurriedly and gave a deep, respectful bow .

“I’m sorry to interrupt your meal, Misses… May I know if you’re a cleric?”


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Lilian looked at the elderly man blankly . Then, she gazed at him curiously and asked .

“Is… anything the matter?”

“Yes, this was what happened . ”

The elderly man said hastily .

“My grandson has fallen ill to the cold weather . We thought of seeking help from a cleric in town, but the journey is too far away . Since you’re a cleric, could you please save my grandson?”


Lilian looked at Sonia with a complicated expression . The latter knitted her brows subtly .

“My apologies, this young lady here is still an apprentice and doesn’t have the qualifications to treat a patient yet…”


At this moment, Sonia felt Lilian gently tugging her sleeve . She lowered her head and found Lilian gazing at her in uncertainty and clenched fists .

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“… Since he needs help, I think… we should… help him, isn’t it?”


Sonia hesitated as she didn’t want anything to do with the villagers, be it good or bad . If the parliament were to find out their location, it would mean disaster for them and the villagers . Sonia understood Lilian’s feelings, but…


Sonia looked at Lilian’s pleading gaze, before pondering in silence . Then, she nodded in agreement .

After finishing their meals, the duo packed their luggage and followed the elderly man to his home . Just like the elderly man said, his grandson who was younger than six years old was lying on the bed with a high fever . He looked pale, as though he was about to die . Lilian couldn’t remain indifferent about it . She quickly approached the boy and softly chanted with extended arms . Along with her actions, a spotless, white radiance emanated from between her palms, enfolding the young boy entirely . Shortly after, the young boy’s complexion turned better and he looked less painful . His hastened breathing also became calmer .

As a Creator Dragon, Lilian was still confident in her skills in healing .

At this moment, Sonia and Lilian heard the door open . They turned around and saw a farmer covered in dirt walking into the room . The farmer was surprised to see them . He stared blankly, before pulling a long face and striding forward .

“Who are you? What are you trying to do to my son!”

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“Shut up, Mike . I was the one who got them here to treat his illness . This young lady here is a cleric!”


The man came to a halt, sizing up Lilian who stood by the window . As they were in the room, Lilian didn’t conceal her face under the hood like she could outdoors . Shortly after, the man shifted his gaze and went up to his son . After ensuring that he was no longer feverish, he heaved a long sigh of relief . Then, he turned around and bowed respectfully to Lilian .

“Thank you so much for your help, Miss . I’m sorry for my rudeness… I have been too concerned about my son’s health . When I saw outsiders around, I got a little… agitated . Please forgive me . ”

“Ah, no . It’s nothing . I didn’t take it to heart, so please don’t apologize… This is my duty . ”

Lilian was apparently flustered as she waved her arms about hurriedly . The man stood up straight after looking at her actions . Then, he said .

“Judging from both of your appearances, I suppose you two are travelers, right? In this case, please rest here for the night . This is also a form of our appreciation…”

Sonia knitted her brows slightly .

“We thank you for your kindness, we…”

Before Sonia finished her sentence, she turned to Lilian . Even though Lilian didn’t say a word, it was apparent from her gaze that she was in favor of this suggestion . Indeed, this might just be an ordinary farmer’s house with nothing spectacular, but sleeping on a large, soft bed beat sleeping in the wild on the ice-cold grass . This was an incredible offer to a little girl .

“… Alright then, we will accept your kind gesture,” Sonia replied . She heaved a soft sigh and eventually shook her head slightly .

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