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Chapter 1018
Chapter 1018: Tremors of Chaos

“How’s the situation?”

Rhode asked, striding into the hall . Gillian was in the hall with the map of Dragon Soul Continent displaying in front of her, while Canary and Mini Bubble Gum stood beside her . Not only were the numbers on the map constantly dropping, but the colors were also changing .

“Master, Casabianca’s strength of Order is slowly decreasing . It will only be a matter of time before it breaks through the threshold . ”

“Casabianca… Tsk . Those worthless trash in the Country of Light are up to no good again . ”

Mini Bubble Gum let out a snort and grumbled . But Canary knitted her brows and gazed sternly at Casabianca that was changing from light green to amber . After the ‘system upgrade’, anyone related to Rhode’s system could see its interface and this included Canary and Mini Bubble Gum .

“This is strange, Rhode . Isn’t Lilian always in Casabianca? How did this happen? Where are the two archangels?”

“I don’t know . Logically speaking, this shouldn’t happen . ”

Rhode shook his head . The situation in the Country of Light was far from stable . He scanned the map, but failed to analyze the situation due to some electromagnetic interferences . There were also distortions in the images from time to time . Rhode got an explanation from the twin sisters and learned that Order was disrupted due to the strengthening of Chaos . This was why there was a certain degree of distortion to their senses . This also explained why the six Deity Wardens were almost invincible and yet, couldn’t resist the invasion of Chaos . Take Marlene, for instance . She could analyze and learn everything about all skills, spells, and talents . At the same time, she could alter them ineffective toward her . Yes, this sounded invincible . But in the face of Chaos, she had no choice but to flee from the disaster through the rebirth of her soul . Why? Because Chaos destroyed Order . No matter how capable Marlene was, she could only analyze things under Order . As for skills of Chaos, she wouldn’t be able to analyze them, not to mention being immune and invincible . The same went for the other Deity Wardens . Alice could hide in the void of history, but no past, present, and future existed in Chaos . Once Alice failed, she would be dragged into historical turmoil; the world that lost all causes and effects would shred her into bits like a meat grinder .

They were powerful, but the formidable strength attached to Order was also their limitation . This was as though humans were capable of flying in the air and entering the underground . But without oxygen, not even the strongest humans could survive . This was how Chaos snatched ‘oxygen’ away, which was their essential need for survival . Therefore, even if it were the Creator Dragons who faced Chaos, they could only resist the invasion and couldn’t completely eradicate them and unify Order…

“I received no reports from Sonia . I can’t contact her either . ”

Rhode knitted his brows . He knew that the situation wasn’t as simple as it seemed because just a few moments ago, Alice informed him that Sonia’s necklace was activated . Also, Sonia’s ‘history’ began to distort and failed to be recorded . This meant that Sonia was most likely enveloped in the threat of Chaos . Judging from the fact that Sonia didn’t contact Rhode about it, it showed just how unusual the situation was .

“I received news from the Mage Tower earlier . They lost contact with their branch in Casabianca . It seems like the communication spells were distorted and have lost their effects . ”

Marlene entered the hall and said with a grim look . After the Mage Tower’s members returned from the Deepest Labyrinth and reported the matter, their higher-ups blew their tops . They never expected their own people to be corroded by Chaos . This was why the Mage Tower immediately did a ‘cleanup’ thereafter . With Alice’s help, they wiped out nearly one-fifth of their members who were possessed or manipulated by devils . This dealt a huge blow to the organization . A few moments ago, after Rhode received the news, he got the Mage Tower and church to investigate the situation on his behalf . After all, they were strong, third-party organizations and should have their means in this aspect . But Rhode didn’t expect the situation to take a turn .

“I can’t link up with the church . We just used the communication spell, but failed to connect with any members of the church in Casabianca!”

At this moment, Lize scuttled into the room nervously with clenched fists . In an instant, the atmosphere in the hall tensed up .

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“It seems like the news spread by the church agitated the Chaos worshipers lurking in Casabianca . Perhaps this is why they took actions now . After all, if what the church announced was true, the Light Dragon’s soul protection will only become stronger . In this case, Chaos will have a harder time infiltrating . In order to prevent this from happening, they started making moves…”

Rhode knitted his brows . He couldn’t understand how exactly the Chaos worshipers did it . With Archangel Boulder and Serene around, Chaos shouldn’t have succeeded so effortlessly . It seemed like the situation was far from good . And now, the two archangels seemed to be indifferent to this situation? This wasn’t possible at all . In this case, the only possibility was that the Chaos worshipers suddenly made their move and caught everyone unprepared . If not, Sonia should have already contacted Rhode by now .

“Have you contacted Lydia’s end?”

“Yes, Mr . Rhode . I’ve contacted Big Sister and she has also expressed concerns . Right now, she is sending the Battle Angel Army to block off the borders, at the same time carrying out a large-scale investigation on the Munn Kingdom . She said she will check on the situation for now . If it worsens, she will immediately mobilize the magic fleet and Battle Angel Armies and break through into Casabianca . ”

“This is really a huge operation…”

Rhode couldn’t help but blow a whistle to Lize’s response . It seemed like Lydia valued Lilian highly . Rhode was sure that Lydia must have thought of what he was thinking about straightaway . But if Lydia were to send an entire fleet of magic warships into Casabianca, it would be no different from declaring war with the Country of Light . After all, the Munn Kingdom was an independent country . It was as though allied nations on Earth . Perhaps they might send assistance, but it was a totally different matter if it was simply due to the disappearance of the country’s ruler or if they were caught in a civil war .

“What about the Country of Law?”

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“They haven’t responded yet . ”

“As for the Country of Darkness…”

“I’m investigating . But I suppose it is only a matter of time before His Majesty Dark Dragon dispatches units for war . ”

Angelina swiftly answered and Lize puckered her brows .

“But… the armistice agreement was clearly signed…”

“Then was then, and now is now . I think His Majesty Dark Dragon will not let this good opportunity off . The instant he determines that the Country of Light is controlled by Chaos, he can invade the Country of Light in the name of eliminating Chaos . His Majesty already has such intention since a while back . This is part of the reason why he chose the Country of Light as the opponent in war . ” Angelina answered Lize quickly . As a royal vampire, Angelina had more or less received news and rumors . Unlike the Country of Light, the Country of Darkness was a hierarchical society . Therefore, the Country of Darkness was more concerned over ‘Order’ than anyone else . As the saying went, ‘nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards’, the Country of Darkness’s strict level of order also determined it . As such, they disregarded a nation with weak strength of Order like the Country of Light .

“Master, what should we do now?”

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Gillian asked, while Rhode knitted his brows, uncertain of a solution . Chaos took actions much quicker than he expected and most importantly, where were Serene and Boulder? Also… how exactly were Sonia and Lilian doing now?


Sonia lifted her head palely as she ran down the dark water tunnel . She gnashed her teeth, wielding the sword in one hand, while the other wrapping around Lilian . They were covered in murky filth, but couldn’t care less about them . Sonia was focused on carrying Lilian as she darted down the tunnel with the flow of sewage . Shortly after, an iron fence appeared before them .

This is it!

Sonia thrust the sword forward . In an instant, a string of sparks scattered and a round hole appeared in the solid iron fence . Sonia quickly passed through the fence and continued to dash down the tunnel when suddenly, she lost her balance and crumbled to the ground on her back .


Sonia’s heart sank the moment she witnessed the azure sky . The wind whistled against her ear along with the sound of flowing sewage . At this moment, all she could do was to lay on the ground powerlessly, embracing the unconscious Lilian .

At the next moment, the immense pain from the powerful impact as she fell on her back engulfed her entirety . At the same time, her vision turned black .

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