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Chapter 1015
Chapter 1015: Lost (2)

“What are you trying to do?”

Sonia couldn’t help but take a step back, staring at Nakvard . Even though she knew that she could no longer leave this place, she was still terrified . On the contrary, Nakvard didn’t seem mindful of her reaction as he revealed a smile .

“It’s simple, Miss Sonia . We need your help to bring Her Majesty Lilian here . ”

“… Her Majesty Lilian?”

Sonia’s heart sank . She finally understood why Nakvard said she was the most important step to this ritual . The reason was simple . Lilian usually didn’t head out and wasn’t interested in politics at all . This was why even if the parliament called for her, she wouldn’t obey . Lilian trusted Sonia the most now, so there wouldn’t be any difficulty if Sonia was the one who brought Lilian out .

“… What exactly will you do to Her Majesty Lilian? I may not be able to bring Her Majesty Lilian here safely, not to mention the archangels and Battle Angel Army are…

“His Highness Boulder is out on patrol and Her Highness Serene has to attend to her own matters . As for the Battle Angel Army, they have already left Casabianca and the remaining Battle Angels aren’t enough to take us down . We need you to head back and bring Her Majesty Lilian here . I suppose this shouldn’t be too challenging for you . ”

Sonia was speechless . After spending a long time with Lilian, Sonia knew clearly that the two archangels couldn’t care less about Lilian . During the Order Ceremony, Sonia mentioned this to Rhode and thereafter, unsure if Rhode had done something, the two archangels suddenly changed their attitude toward Lilian . It was especially so for Archangel Boulder . Whenever Sonia met him, she felt as though he harbored hostilities toward Lilian . If it was said that Archangel Boulder was rather cold toward Lilian in the past, right now his gaze toward Lilian was hostile . For the most part, during the night of the retired soldiers’ suppression, perhaps no one but Sonia knew that when Lilian sought help from Archangel Boulder to assist the soldiers, it was the first time that Archangel Boulder doubted Lilian’s words!

Even though Archangel Boulder eventually executed Lilian’s orders, he didn’t show up thereafter . Lilian also seemed to dislike Boulder, so even if he wasn’t present, Lilian didn’t raise any questions . On the other hand, Archangel Serene’s attitude toward Lilian seemed to have taken a slightly better turn . There were a few times when she privately inquired about Lilian’s conditions from Sonia, at the same time urging Sonia to take good care of Lilian .

In fact, Sonia couldn’t understand what exactly was going on with the three archangels . Lydia was obviously Lilian’s favorite because whenever the topic revolved around Lydia and Rhode, Lilian displayed a wide grin . As for the two archangels whom Lilian met regularly, Lilian didn’t seem to care about them as much… Sonia just couldn’t figure out why . It was apparent to Sonia that there was a barrier between the two archangels and Lilian . But…

No, now wasn’t the time to consider the ‘family disputes’ of the Creator Dragons . The most important issue now for Sonia was if she should bring Lilian to this strange place . In fact, even until this point, Sonia still wasn’t sure of Nakvard’s intention . According to Nakvard, he wanted to transfer the Creator Dragon, Lilian, to this golden crystal . But when that happened, wouldn’t the Creator Dragon be someone else’s plaything? In addition to the announcement by the church… Could it be that the parliament had the intention to turn into the Creator God themselves?

What should I do?

This time, Sonia bit her lip . She wasn’t interested in the so-called ideals of Nakvard . The most important thing to her right now was Rhode’s mission for her . And now, bringing Lilian here didn’t fit the purpose of the mission .

“… Have you confirmed that, Sir Nakvard? What about the other parliament members…”

“They are nothing more than clowns . ”

Nakvard snorted, raising his hand to interrupt Sonia . Suddenly, an unprecedented, imposing energy erupted from his body, and Sonia couldn’t help but tremble in fear as though it wasn’t a human standing before her, but a monster with the appearance of a human .

“We’re at the forefront of changing history, Sonia . Are you willing to join us and fulfill the parliament’s long-cherished wish from over the centuries?”

Although Nakvard raised the question, Sonia was clearly aware that she didn’t have a choice . First, she lacked the strength . Even if she possessed the strength to resist, she wasn’t confident that she could eliminate them and leave this place safely . Second, they had revealed to her the core of the secret, so it was impossible for her to refuse and escape unscathed . She wasn’t that foolish!

“But I’m not confident of my chances…”

“Don’t worry, Miss Sonia . We have already come up with a plan . ”

Nakvard seemed to be mentally prepared for this response from her . He gestured for the two soldiers who quickly approached and held Sonia down by her shoulders . This instantly startled Sonia as she knitted her brows and stared in displeased at Nakvard .

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“Sir Nakvard, what exactly are you trying to do?”

“Nothing, Miss Sonia . I’m just giving you the strength . With your current strength, you may not be able to subdue the majesty . But fortunately, our parliament has sealed her strength a long time ago . At this moment, Lilian is only a little girl who is slightly stronger than humans . With this power, you will join us and attain eternal honor!”

Nakvard raised his right arm and Sonia quickly discovered a mass of strange, turbid matter resembling sewage on his palm . The matter was thronged with crimson eyes as countless tentacles fluttered from within . It was truly a revolting sight! Nakvard extended his right arm and placed his hand before Sonia’s chest .

“Accept this power and honor, Miss Sonia! You shall be one of us!”

Are you kidding me? I will never accept it!

Sonia turned ashen . If it was possible, she wished that she could draw her sword and slash the man before her . However, the two strong soldiers held down her shoulders and she couldn’t budge at all . All she could do was to widen her eyes helplessly, witnessing the mysterious sphere of matter releasing its tentacles and ripping into her skin . Shortly after, the tentacles punctured her body one by one like needles .


Sonia screamed at the immense pain . It wasn’t due to the pain from the needle-like tentacles piercing her, but was more from the unknown presence being pumped into her body through the tentacles . It was turbid and cold like the icebergs of a thousand years, causing violent agony as it entered her body . All of a sudden, Sonia felt a scorching energy like the burning sun exploding inside her . Then, she heard yells, bellows, and everything before her spun, twisted, and blackened .

But everything happened in a split second and she regained her consciousness . She didn’t return to her senses on her own, instead it felt as though someone had splashed a bucket of cold water on her before she fainted . She opened her eyes, the blurry and chaotic vision restored its clarity . At this moment, she realized she was sitting in a carriage that was driving quickly .

“Could it be just a dream?”

Sonia gazed at the surroundings with lingering fear . But shortly after, she discovered that this wasn’t a dream . The ripped open wound on her chest was present and along with her movements, the necklace around her neck broke and fell to the ground .

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Sonia turned pale, gazing at the necklace by her feet . When Rhode handed this necklace to her, he told her what the necklace was used for . Whenever she was in life-threatening danger, the necklace would activate and send her back 10 minutes ago .

That’s right! I was still in the carriage 10 minutes ago and heading toward the southern tomb!

Sonia’s heart sank at this thought .

What should I do next?

It is too late to report this matter to Master now . If my memory serves me right, the two archangels and Battle Angel Army are currently not in Casabianca . How should I protect Her Majesty Lilian? N-No, this can’t go on . I have to make a decision!

“Stop the carriage!”

Sonia stopped all hesitation and yelled immediately . The carriage slowed down, but didn’t come to a full halt .

“Is anything the matter, Miss Sonia?”

“I suddenly recall that I have something to attend to . Can you send me back to the palace? It is a really urgent matter . ” Sonia forced down her nervousness and said . However, the carriage driver didn’t seem willing to abide by her order .

“My apologies, Miss Sonia, the parliament also has something urgent for you to manage . This is the chairman’s order…”

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“My matter is equally important . I request that you stop the carriage immediately!”

“I’m sorry, I can’t do it . ”


Sonia sulked at his rejection . Then, she quickly unsheathed the sword and struck it forward . The thin, sleek sword erupted a magical radiance, impaling the wall of the carriage, almost piercing the driver . The driver shrieked and this time, he seemed much more frightened .

“M-Miss Sonia?”

“Stop the carriage right now and head back by the route we came from! Do you understand me?!”

“Yes… Yes!”

Perhaps the ice-cold blade pressing against his neck made him finally understand her words . Shortly after, the carriage stopped, turned to its opposite direction, and sped toward the palace .

Sonia heaved a sigh of relief . But soon, she grimaced .

Because she knew that the situation wasn’t as simple as she had imagined .

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