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Chapter 1012: When the Wind Rises

Rhode handed over all the resurrections spells to Siena and Nalea—all the ‘individual’, ‘group’, ‘great’, ‘absolute’, and ‘holy’ resurrection spells—and took no part in it anymore . But to the twin dragons, the spells that Bubble gave them were rare treasures . The individual and group resurrection spells were on the most basic level . According to players, it would be as though one who was resurrected would have half HP and might die if one didn’t replenish the health immediately . The great resurrection spell was correspondingly better . On the other hand, not only could the absolute resurrection spell revive the deceased to full health, but spiritual power would also be restored fully . The holy resurrection spell was the group version of the absolute resurrection spell . But no matter which spell was cast, the maximum number of players who could be resurrected at once was 100 .

 Because the maximum number of players who could raid dungeons at once was 100…

 But even so, it was enough to stun Siena and Nalea because logically speaking, this was totally against the rules . However, the spells that Mini Bubble Gum cast didn’t have any issues at all, which proved that they conformed to the rules . Not only the rules in the Country of Law, but also in the Country of Light and Void Territory . This also proved Rhode’s words . Of course, Siena also asked him with complicated emotions about the consequences if the Country of Darkness’s undead armies cast the group resurrection spell on themselves . Rhode responded with a chuckle and looked at her with a ‘you-know-it’ expression and Siena finally understood…

 The church took actions quickly because according to Rhode, Mini Bubble Gum had ‘came up’ with these spells as a cleric . This also meant that other clerics were also capable of doing it, just that they didn’t do it yet . But come to think of it, what if a cleric inadvertently lost a friend, carried hopes to resurrect her friend using a spell she had never cast before, and eventually her friend revived? How the people would respect her thereafter would be self-evident .

 In order for this to not happen, the church had to be prepared beforehand to prevent civilians from revering anyone as ‘holy saints’ . Besides, after doing the research, Rhode discovered that perhaps due to the difference between players and natives, the native clerics were unable to cast overly high-level resurrection spells . Clerics in the Outer Circle couldn’t cast the most basic resurrection spell . Only clerics who entered the Middle Circle could cast individual and group resurrection spells . On the other hand, only clerics in the Inner Circle could cast the great resurrection spell . As for the absolute and holy resurrection spells, only clerics in their peak could cast them . For instance, a half-angel like Lize could only use the great resurrection spell but couldn’t cast the absolute and holy resurrection spells . This was confirmed by Rhode and Mini Bubble Gum earlier on .

 But this wasn’t an issue for the church because Clerics were as though an endless natural resource for them . The twin dragons took actions swiftly . Shortly after, they announced the news to the entire continent . Of course, their statements were the same as what Rhode mentioned: the Void Dragon’s dragon soul protection had awakened and the five Creator Dragons merged once again . This led to the perfection of the continent, so on and so forth… Of course, the twin sisters didn’t forget to do Rhode a favor . Although they couldn’t give him any benefits directly, they gave Mini Bubble Gum the identity of a Holy Cleric, awarding her for unearthing and creating the resurrection spells . In a sense, Mini Bubble Gum’s position in the church was second only to the twin dragons and on an equal level as the archbishop .

 This news caused huge uproar in the continent . But responses were relatively calm from the Country of Law, Munn Kingdom, and Void Territory as most people believed that the dragon soul protections had blessed them from disasters . The dragon soul protection didn’t require them to burn incense and pray all day to provide energy . As long as they believed deeply in the dragon soul protection and dragon soul heirs, it was more than enough . There was no such issue for the Country of Law . As for the Munn Kingdom, even though their internal department was slightly destabilized after the infiltration by the Country of Light, it was their tradition to worship the dragon, after all . As for Rhode’s Void Territory, even though no such tradition existed, everyone witnessed how he opened up a land of Chaos and turned it into a new territory of Order . This was much more credible than the legends passed on by the elders as the people had personally witnessed the magnificent changes . Moreover, before Rhode awakened his power, he had once assisted the Munn Kingdom in resisting the invasion from the undead armies and provided shelters for the homeless and refugees . This was why the people were grateful and respectful to the Void Dragon . When the worshipers heard this news, they were as elated as those hardworking workers who heard the news of them receiving additional bonuses every month . As a result, the worshipers worked even harder and wouldn’t be up to any no good .

 As for the Country of Darkness, they weren’t mindful as they had their own ‘undead’ means . They weren’t concerned about resurrections and besides, the undeads in the Country of Darkness could also prolong longevity . However, ‘resurrections’ could only revive those who died of unnatural death . In other words, it wouldn’t work for one who lived to 90 years old and passed away from natural death . Therefore, the Country of Darkness simply disregarded the news . Of course, perhaps they were more concerned about the future problems in battles . After all, the biggest reason why the undead armies swept away their enemies was that they weren’t afraid of death . But now, after their enemies gained the ability to be resurrected, it might be a huge threat for them .

 Rhode wasn’t mindful at all, since he knew better than anyone else how much players used resurrection spells during war against the Country of Darkness . And now, he was more concerned about the problems with the Country of Light . Indeed, just as he predicted, the Country of Light had the biggest reaction .

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 Actually, the Country of Light and Country of Law had an intricate relationship . The merchants of the Country of Light often sneaked through the Enchanted Forest to capture elves and the Country of Law was aware of it . For instance, back then when Rhode’s group arrived at the Enchanted Forest and coincidentally rescued the elves, the Country of Law wasn’t willing to let this matter off after the elves returned safely . After expressing their gratitude to Void Territory, they pointed the spearhead at the Country of Light . However, the Country of Light put up an ambiguous attitude, as always . They addressed the severity of the situation and that they would definitely investigate the situation and guaranteed to strengthen border patrols to prevent similar incidents . The Country of Law was immune to such responses already because the Country of Light had been saying the same thing since 500 years ago, where not even a punctuation in their statements had changed . It was due to this that the Country of Light and Country of Law had a terrible relationship . Moreover, the doctrines disseminated by the church contradicted with the Light Parliament . The church’s propaganda was to spread fairness, justice, and faith, requesting worshipers to express gratitude to the dragon soul protection and revere the dragon soul heirs . This was in total conflict with the propaganda of the Light Parliament that they had spared no efforts to discredit and smear the reputation of the Light Dragon .

 It would be fine if this was just a dispute over faith, but the problem was that the Light Parliament and church also had a dispute over interest . Everyone knew that the Light Parliament had the five largest financial groups as their backing and the five largest financial groups’ ultimate goal was to establish a nation of commerce . Unfortunately for them, the church controlled the entire financial system of the continent and the merchants couldn’t even start from scratch . Of course, they could also establish institutions like banks . But the biggest problem was their reputation . The reason why people would trust the church over them, was willing to store their assets with them, and sign a contract with them was based on their trust in the church for hundred and thousand of years and because the church upheld the content of the contract . But if the people signed a contract with the merchants instead, they would be wary of them gobbling their assets . Actually, merchants in the past had tried establishing similar organizations . But due to the church’s exclusion, the merchants couldn’t maintain the business . Besides, they had endless internal disputes which led to their separation and even the assets were confiscated by the financial groups to ‘recoup their losses’ . This almost bankrupted many people and they stayed away from these organizations . In response to this, many powerful merchants in the Country of Light were extremely dissatisfied . They didn’t think that they were at fault . If the church didn’t beat them down, perhaps they wouldn’t have failed so miserably .

 It was due to this that the Country of Light and the church weren’t in a great relationship . But the church had laid out a strong foundation among the people . Even though the people of the Country of Light treated the church as a reputable bank, they had to admit that they trusted the church from the bottom of their hearts .

 In this case, after the church announced this news, the entire Country of Light broke out in an uproar .

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 In response, the parliament members gnashed their teeth because in the past, they were capable of questioning the church’s claims . For instance, about the dragon soul protection that protected the continent .

Who knows if you (the church) are referring to the dragon soul protection? Or is it only for the convenience of your own beliefs, which is why you gave a name to an existing object and treated it as something that you created to cheat the public? We have to urge the people to see clearly, have their own thoughts, and not be blinded by the lies of the majority…

In the past, people would still trust the Light Parliament because their words provoked the people’s emotions and mentality . Besides, the church also couldn’t provide any evidence . This was as though one was claiming that one created oxygen .

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 Fine . In this case, how about you stop the flow of oxygen and let us die and we shall see if you’re speaking the truth…

 But was there any purpose to it? Even if the church destroyed the dragon soul protection in order to prove it, the Light Parliament would still argue: “You see, they can’t create the dragon soul protection at all . If not, why would they destroy the thing that they created?”

 Words . They always depended on who spoke them .

 But now, no one believed the Light Parliament anymore . Apart from the shocking news of ‘resurrection’ thrown out by the church, there was another matter that shook the Light Parliament’s authority .

The emergence of the ‘Royalist Party’ .

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