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Chapter 1011: Joint Collaboration
Chapter 1011: Joint Collaboration

“What exactly is going on, Your Majesty Rhode?”

After entering the room and closing the door behind them, Siena asked, gazing sternly at Rhode . When the twin sisters witnessed the knight resurrected from his death, they were absolutely bewildered . Not only did Siena widened her eyes in astonishment, but Nalea also restrained her smile as though she had just witnessed something unbelievable . Rhode had to admit that the twin sisters had their unique means to rule a nation . After the knight awoke, the twin sisters quickly led Rhode’s group into the sacred inner chamber . In fact, only the twin sisters could enter the chamber . But now, they weren’t in the mood to mind these formalities .

“Just as you’ve seen . ”

Facing Siena’s interrogation, Rhode was seemingly calm . He spread his arms apart innocently and said .

“I just made Bubble revive him . ”


It was apparent that Siena couldn’t accept the truth . She knew what sort of a taboo resurrection was . In this continent, no one was truly capable of resurrection, not even the dragon soul heirs . Although the dead in the Country of Darkness could be resurrected, that wasn’t true resurrection at all . Instead, they forcefully imprisoned the departed spirit to its rotten corpse . Of course, as the twin dragons, they disliked this method by the Country of Darkness . But, since it was in accordance with the order of the Country of Darkness, they couldn’t intervene . But this was only on the basis of maintaining order itself and didn’t mean that they accepted this truth, which was why the Country of Darkness and Country of Law didn’t have a favorable relationship . However, what Rhode did just now was entirely different from the Country of Darkness’s method in manipulating spirits and controlling corpses . It wasn’t as simple as awakening the hibernating spirit . Siena and Nalea scanned the knight earlier on and found that his spirit and corpse were truly resurrected .

But… that was impossible .

The Country of Law—just as the name suggested, the country was known for its law . Every country under the dragon soul protection had their unique rules . For instance, resurrecting the departed was as simple as eating and drinking in the Country of Darkness . This was why the undead couldn’t care less about the life and death of slaves . To them, dead slaves were more obedient than when they were alive . On the other hand, it would take a lot of effort to awaken the departed in the Country of Light . Besides, the awakened spirit would be relatively fragile under the bright sun and might even fail and return to its original state . The Country of Law had its own unique order which was in the ‘rules’ itself . In the Country of Law, rules of life and death were ‘absolute’ all year round . It could also be said that within the territories of the Country of Law, any actions that went against the rules were prohibited . Even if a Necromancer sneaked his way into the Country of Law and awakened a corpse, the spell might turn out invalid because such rules were absolutely forbidden in the Country of Law .

It was due to this reason that the twin sisters expressed unprecedented shock to the resurrection spell by Bubble! Because this meant that what Bubble did was completely within the rules . There wasn’t any issue at all!

This was why they needed an explanation .

Nalea wasn’t as agitated as Siena . Instead, she gnawed on a piece of biscuit in her hands while her big, round eyes glinting with curiosity expressed her true emotions . Rhode chuckled in his head at her behavior . Then, he said .

“I suppose you still remember the incident that happened during the Order Ceremony?”

“… Yes… We do remember . ”

“Thereafter I made an investigation and discovered that the rules in this world have changed . Then, I researched deeper and found out that perhaps due to the five Creator Dragons being awakened and activating a certain hidden rule, it allowed us to achieve…” Rhode gestured . “… something similar . ”

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Siena didn’t respond . But as the ruler of Country of Law, she knew what this meant .

“Are there any restrictions? Also, why are you telling us about this?”

“Yes, there are . Just as I’ve said: the ones who died a natural death aren’t subjected to this treatment and it won’t work for those… who are too old either . Only ones who died in accidents can be resurrected . Besides, they need to have determined faith toward the dragon soul protection or it won’t work for them . As for why I’m telling both of you about this, the reason is really simple . Because only clerics can do it . ”

Rhode’s answer was true . In the Country of Law, it wasn’t easy to lie through his teeth in the face of the twin dragons . But it was a pity that they didn’t detect the hidden meaning behind his words . The fact about the so-called rule being activated after the Order Ceremony was true, just that Rhode didn’t go into details of the timing . The reason why he came clean with the twin sisters was that he needed their strength .

Rhode wasn’t worried that the Country of Law would immediately set out and dominate the world after hearing this news because to the twin dragons, nothing was easier for them to achieve it . They were two in one and as of now, the Dark Dragon couldn’t defeat them, not to mention the Country of Light with a bunch of weaklings who weren’t worthy of a mention . Moreover, the Country of Law was already controlling the financial distribution of the entire continent . Rhode had criticized them several times for not dominating the world because they were already technically dominating it…

In this case, it wouldn’t matter too much to the Country of Law with an additional resurrection spell . Besides, this would bring great benefit to them . Everyone knew that the Country of Law had the densest elf population . But the elves with longevity always had a hard time reproducing and dying in battle would be a catastrophe to them . The main reason why the White Elves went extinct was also due to this . But now, with the resurrection spell, the mortality rate of the elves would be greatly reduced .

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Not only that, but also the reason why Rhode chose the Country of Law was just as he mentioned: only clerics could cast resurrection spells .

And the Country of Law had all the clerics .

Of course, Rhode could also start from scratch . But he felt that it wasn’t necessary . First, the Country of Law was more experienced in the field of religion . Besides, it would also raise suspicions if his new emerging force were to have a new resurrection spell all of a sudden . On the other hand, with the reputation of the Country of Law’s church, the news would be much more credible . Of course, Rhode predicted that after this news spread, clerics would be highly sought after . After all, not everyone was willing to get involved with death . It was unavoidable for those who died of sickness and old age . But for the mercenaries and soldiers on the battlefield, who would be willing to die? Of course, it wouldn’t be easy explaining to the whole world how the church suddenly obtained a resurrection spell . But Rhode wouldn’t need to worry about this because the twin sisters weren’t good for nothings . The Country of Law had been able to prosper for so many years under their rule . Besides, the reason why Rhode told them about it was so he could let them resolve the troublesome issue on his behalf and he didn’t need to wrack his brains over it .

Not only that, but Nalea and Siena also read more into it . The Country of Law existed as a presence to maintain the dragon soul protection . But the twin sisters were also caught in a headache . Even though dragon soul protection needed faith as a source of energy, many humans didn’t believe in it as they preferred seeing substantial benefits with their own eyes . Ironically, humans lived under the protection of Order and yet, they knew nothing about it .

It was as though no one knew the importance of peace . They complained about distasteful, boring life, the dishonest seller in the market cheating them of a few silver coins, the group of bastards next door who thought that they were the best after owning some wealth, and the stuck-up city guards who feigned weakness before the rich nobles and treated the civilians arrogantly . The people yearned for changes to such a life . But when war came and burned everything down, they would realize how fortunate they were to be lying under the shade, arguing with people, and making themselves drunk, instead of weeping and rolling in a pool of blood . But it was a pity that they couldn’t return to the past . Perhaps life would continue, but after experiencing war, everything would change .

But now, they finally received the benefit . Even though it wasn’t as exaggerated as receiving immortality, at least it would change the thoughts of those who were indifferent about it, right? And this way, the dragon soul protection would be strengthened and could also resist the invasion of Chaos . Not only that, but when they faced Chaos in the future, their strength would also be stronger . No matter judging from which angle, this was definitely a great thing .

“Both of you should understand what I meant now, I suppose . ”

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The corners of Rhode’s lips lifted as he saw a change in Siena’s and Nalea’s expressions .

“Alright then, I will leave this matter to you . This isn’t only for us, but for the entire continent . ”

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