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Chapter 1010: 1010

How would the people react when they witnessed a dragon in the sky?

 In fact, they wouldn’t have any reaction . It would be as though when one lifted one’s head to the sky and couldn’t spot a plane ten thousand meters high . This was the situation for Rhode’s group . Rhode glided through the air smoothly as winds blustered against his expanded wings . Two illusory spatial undulations circulated to the back between his wings . According to the scientific divisions on Earth, Rhode was currently in the stratosphere . But he didn’t feel uncomfortable . Mini Bubble Gum and Lize who sat on his head didn’t seem cold, nor did they lack oxygen, which once again proved that science didn’t exist in this world . In this case, let us talk about the world with magic instead .

 Earth rushed past below them . Rhode lowered his head, narrowing his eyes at the system map . Of course, he didn’t know everything in the heavens above and the earth underneath . But after obtaining the global GPS, none of this was a problem anymore . Shortly after, Rhode spotted his target from the map . He flapped his wings and dove quickly .

 Lize and Mini Bubble Gum weren’t mindful of why Rhode brought them along . In fact, they were indulging in the thrill of soaring in the sky . Although there were floating boats in the Munn Kingdom, the feeling of standing on a dragon was entirely different . They looked down at the scenery in excitement, twittering with each other . As the saying went, one woman equaled 500 quacking ducks . In this case, 1000 quacking ducks sure gave Rhode a hard time .

 The towering mountains thronged with green, lush forest stood mightily before their eyes . Rhode flapped his wings and his massive body slowly shrunk . Even though this was his first time as a dragon, his ability to control his movements was so comfortable as though he had transformed more than a thousand times after gaining his younger sister’s wisdom . His body shrunk, turned into an illusory shadow that enfolded Mini Bubble Gum and Lize within, and quickly landed on the surface . As soon as they touched down, Rhode had already returned to his usual self .

 “This is… the church?”

 Lize was startled as she gazed at the tall, white building surrounded by the green forest . Of course, she knew where this place was . Quite some time back, they had accompanied Rhode here for the Order Ceremony . This was the center of the Country of Law . But what were they doing here?

 “Come, put this on . ”

 Rhode said, handing out two white robes to the young ladies . Then, he also wore his own and pulled down the hood to cover his face . Judging from his appearance, he seemed like an ordinary believer . Although Mini Bubble Gum and Lize felt dubious, they also put on the robes . At this moment, a beautiful figure appeared in midair and went up to the trio .

 Siena was clad in her usual outfit with the thin sword hanging diagonally behind her . The Ruling Dragon gazed at the trio blankly, clutching the hilt and asking softly with knitted brows .

 “… Your Majesty Rhode?”

 “Yes, it’s me . Greetings, Siena . ”

 “… What are you doing here? If you wish to visit the Country of Law, please come through the main entrance . Frankly speaking, if it weren’t for the burst of dragon’s prestige that Big Sister and I felt, we would have believed that we were invaded . ” Siena loosened the grip on the hilt after hearing Rhode’s response . But judging from her confused expression, it was apparent that she didn’t understand why Rhode ‘trespassed private property’ and was dressed up as a sneaky thief . Although Siena had met many dragon soul heirs, this was the first time she met someone as reckless as Rhode .

 “My apologies . As I have a really important matter to attend to, I have to carry it out in secret or there will be trouble . ”

 Rhode gestured as he spoke, while Siena’s solemn expression twitched . Even though she couldn’t figure out what Rhode was up to, he was the Void Dragon, after all, and there was no way for her to hold him accountable for trespassing . If it were others, they would have been captured by the twin sisters already .

 “Alright then… Even though I don’t know what you intend to do, Your Majesty Rhode, please come with me . This is…”

 “No, no . We’re not here for a casual chit chat . We have an important matter about the Dragon Soul Continent that we need to discuss with you and your sister . Only you and Her Majesty Nalea have the rights to know . By the way, I suppose this is the holy church where corpses were stored . Are there any new corpses of worshipers who are especially religious?”

 “… Your Majesty Rhode, what exactly are you trying to do?”

 Siena felt even more dubious and her curiosity piqued . Well, she couldn’t be blamed since Rhode sneaked to this place and mentioned that he had something important to discuss with the twin sisters . And now, he asked about the corpses of their believers? The Country of Law was the core of the church . Many reputable believers were buried here after their death, so their spirits could find peace . Some of them were bishops at the end of their lives, while some were holy knights who died in battles . This was why it wasn’t hard to find their corpses here . But what made Siena dubious was that… what had it got to do with Rhode?

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 “Something interesting . You’ll know later . ”

 Although Siena didn’t know what Rhode was up to, she nodded in agreement, turned around, and left for a while . After a few moments, two figures returned, flitting across the air and landing before Rhode’s group . But unlike Siena’s stern expression, Nalea seemed more excited and curious as she blinked her large eyes at Rhode .

 “Something interesting, huh? Your Majesty Rhode, I heard you are going to show us something fun?”

 “Yes it is . You’ll see it soon . ”

 Rhode maintained his secrecy, leaving the twin dragons curious and suspicious . Even though they didn’t know what Rhode was going to do, they led his group to the graveyard at the back of the mountain . Unlike the blackened, creepy graveyard that Rhode imagined, it was spotless from filths and vestiges . On the contrary, it was clean and quiet . The luxuriant green grass, white tombstones, and crisp, melodious singing of the birds from around the forest gave a feeling of serenity . The knights guarding the entrance witnessed the arrival of the two dragon soul heirs and quickly bowed respectfully, before turning around and making way for them . Under Nalea’s and Siena’s lead, Rhode’s group entered the perfectly clean, white hall . Radiance from the sun spilled through the windows, gently splashing the hall before them . Dozens of beds carved from white jade were laid with several people . Some were clad in knight armor, while some wore bishop robes and were all seemingly in deep sleep . Logically speaking, without any preservative measures, their corpses should have turned rotten by now . But… science didn’t exist in this world, anyway .

 “This is the Cardinal . ”

 Siena walked up to one of the elders and said softly .

 “He contracted a terrible disease while saving the villagers . As he wasn’t treated in time, he…”

 “Ugh… This won’t do . ”

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 Rhode gazed at the elder, shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head .

 “Do you have one who has just died? Someone younger and fresher?”

 Siena glared at Rhode fiercely . She was apparently dissatisfied with his lack of respect for the deceased . However, she went up to another bed where a knight was lying on . He seemed to be around 30 years old . He had a determined face, crossing his arms on his chest and tightly clutching a sword in his embrace .

 “He was a brave knight . Unfortunately, he was struck by a bandit’s poisoned arrow while protecting the villagers…”

 “Hmm… this is the one . ”

 Rhode nodded as he gazed at the knight . Then, he turned around to face the twin sisters . At this moment, Siena and Nalea were looking at him curiously and dubiously . No matter what, this was all too strange to them . It was baffling that Rhode came all the way here and even requested to see the corpses . What exactly was he up to? Rhode gazed at their expressions, but apparently had no intention of explaining his thoughts . Instead, he turned around and gestured to Bubble .

 “Bubble, it’s time for some action . ”

 “Leave it to me, Leader!”

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 After hearing Rhode’s command, Mini Bubble Gum instantly understood his purpose in coming here . Mini Bubble Gum couldn’t be more willing to be in the limelight . She raised her arms and suddenly, a dazzling light column descended from above, striking the knight directly . Siena puckered her brows, instinctively holding onto the hilt, but eventually didn’t make a move . On the other hand, Nalea widened her eyes curiously at this scene . Shortly after, the radiance faded away . Mini Bubble Gum waved her hand, signaling that she had done her job .

 Everyone shifted their gaze to the knight, but his eyes remained shut as he continued lying lifelessly like nothing had changed . Rhode felt rather surprised . He looked at Mini Bubble Gum, while the latter spread her arms apart and shrugged as though this had nothing to do with her . As a cleric, the instant the rules returned to this world, the individual and group resurrection spell of clerics that Mini Bubble Gum possessed in the past had returned to her . Just a few moments ago, she cast an individual resurrection spell on the knight . But it seemed like… it wasn’t effective?

 Hold up . Players in the game have to confirm their decision to revive the target . Could it be that this is the same in reality?

 “Your Majesty Rhode, what exactly are you…”

 After a few moments, Siena couldn’t tolerate it any longer . She asked when suddenly, a weak groan interrupted her .

Everyone looked at the knight and found him slowly opening his eyes .

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