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Chapter 1008
Chapter 1008: Hibernating Fragments

After setting the target, everyone started working immediately . Shortly after, missions were issued one after another and every aspect was worked on methodically . Of course, most of them didn’t understand the reason behind it as Rhode didn’t provide an explanation . Although the threat of Chaos existed, most people hadn’t personally experienced the dangers and crises it brought . Rhode handed Celestina the task of analyzing Grazite’s memories . It wasn’t simple to read the memories of a devil’s chaotic mind . Their chaotic nature turned the simplest of thoughts upside down and confused the causes and effects . If it weren’t for a demon like Celestina who was familiar with devils, perhaps it would be harder than climbing to heaven to arrange Grazite’s thoughts and intentions . This was even based on Grazite as the ‘devil who most resembled demons’ . If it were any other devil, perhaps Celestina couldn’t read their minds at all .

On the other hand, after Rhode issued the missions, he locked himself up in the room as he had more important matters to attend to .

One of the important matters was about Christie . Rhode didn’t confess Christie’s identity to everyone . He intended to speak to the other ‘Christie’ about it . He believed that the other ‘Christie’ was surely aware of it and didn’t have the intention of telling him the truth . If not, she wouldn’t have kept it a secret until now . Rhode also didn’t know what Christie would think about herself after knowing the truth . This made things really difficult for Rhode .

The other problem was about himself .

After returning to the Void Territory, Rhode scanned through his attributes and discovered something really strange . He still couldn’t transform into the dragon form .

Based on the concept of the Void Dragon, Rhode should be able to transform into an enormous, mighty dragon . There was no doubt about it . In the game, the three final BOSS forms of the Dark Dragon were in the form of a large dragon . Moreover, Rhode had also personally witnessed Erin in her dragon form, as well as the twin dragons in the Country of Law whom they, as the dragon soul heirs, could transform into dragons effortlessly . Therefore, it was impossible that Rhode couldn’t take up the dragon form as one of the Creator Dragons . What astonished him was that he totally lacked this ability .

There wasn’t a talent within the talent trees that could transform him into a dragon . There were no changes in race techniques either . Rhode checked the system interface from top to bottom, but failed to find anything related to it . He was incomparably depressed . Thereafter, he tried meditating like the protagonists of online novels, but it was useless too . Of course, he asked Alice about it and got a confirmation from her that the first generation of Void Dragon could indeed turn into the dragon form .

Rhode was at his wits’ end .

Where exactly went wrong…?

Rhode couldn’t understand . It wasn’t that he had some obsession in being a dragon . Instead, it was much more convenient for him to engage in battle as a dragon, especially when facing large armies . A single breath of flame could easily wipe out the enemies as compared to him slashing his way through . Besides, the visual effects were much more outstanding too, wasn’t it? A strong image was essential to make others fear him .

Am I not strong enough? That’s impossible .

At this moment, apart from his strength as the Void Dragon, he also possessed the essence and power of the other four Creator Dragons, so it was impossible that strength was the issue .

Is there a bug in the system?

Gillian had already run an analysis on the system and found no issues . However, she prompted him that from a game perspective, since a thing that should have appeared didn’t show up, it was highly likely that some conditions weren’t met .

Rhode was extremely familiar with it, such as upgrading to a higher class or holding concurrent jobs . Some things needed players to uncover and trigger in order for them to appear . But these conditions were odd . The sequences for ordinary ones could be found in the forums . But it was harder to determine for rarer ones .

“Where exactly went wrong?”

Rhode murmured, gazing at the open field before him . He tried basically everything but to no avail . He had even attempted the most ancient method: shutting his eyes and imagining himself as a dragon . Of course, this method didn’t work . Or perhaps, this made him heave a sigh of relief . If this method worked, his confidence about the future would definitely be crushed . Rhode recalled a familiar, beautiful face at this thought . If she could be by his side, perhaps there wouldn’t be any issues… But she was already dead and her last spirit fragment had fused into his body as one .

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Suddenly, Rhode’s heart skipped a beat and a thought emerged in his head . Even though he felt ridiculous, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that there was a possibility . He was the Spirit Swordsman and what was the Spirit Swordsman’s job? Wasn’t it…

He extended his arm when suddenly, a summoning ritual appeared in midair and enfolded his body and the floor . Then, he shut his eyes . Bright spiritual energy shone from the summoning ritual and whirled in his movements . Rhode opened his eyes .

[Activate Spirit Language . Please choose target]


[Target selected . Spirit Language activated]

As the system prompt appeared, Rhode felt the spiritual energy flowing into his body . Then, he suddenly felt a certain weak area in his body twitch as though it was another heart inside of him that was shocked by an electric current . However, it felt so indistinct as it faded away almost simultaneously and he thought that it was just an illusion . But shortly after, he witnessed a new line of system prompt before his eyes .

[Activation Failed]

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There’s hope!

Rhode felt agitated instantly because the system prompt showed [Activation Failed] and not [Activation Invalid] . This meant that this skill was effective on him, just that it wasn’t able to succeed . But this definitely wasn’t a big issue for him . This proved that his expectations were right . As long as he had unlimited spiritual power, he could continuously attempt it for ten, hundred, or thousand of times . He refused to believe that there wasn’t a chance to succeed!

[Activate Spirit Language——Activation Failed]

[Activate Spirit Language——Activation Failed]

[Activate Spirit Language——Activation Failed]

But the situation was far more challenging than he imagined . He tried out for half a day already but failure persisted . The success rate was as depressing, like as an adventurer with low-level unlocking skill attempting to open a high-level treasure chest in the game . There was an option to give up in the game, but he didn’t have this choice here . He had to succeed . No matter how many times he had to try, he must succeed!

Rhode’s nerves were almost numb to the system prompts by now . No matter what, one would feel powerless after repeating the same action without gaining any results . But even so, he fought on as he sharply sensed the persisting, weak trembles despite the spiritual energy rushing into his body continuously . On the contrary, the trembles turned from almost nothing to strong, hard beatings . Rhode knew that his efforts weren’t wasted!

[Activate Spirit Language——Activation Failed]

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[Activate Spirit Language——Activation Failed]

[Activate Spirit Language——Activation Successful . Spirit Summoning Program Activated]

Finally, after yet another ‘ding’ from the system, the system prompt that he was yearning for finally appeared before his eyes! At the same time, the summoning ritual beneath his feet shifted to the side and its white radiance instantly changed into a dazzling hue of gold . Golden light spots erupted above it, enveloping the surroundings like rain drops falling one after another . Rhode felt a warm, powerful burst of energy in his body gradually swelling and turning into a light column that burst into the sky .

The pitch-black, starry sky shook, while bright, dazzling halos diffused across the surroundings . The invisible and massive force enveloped the entire sky . After a few moments, the light faded away and returned to nothingness . At the same moment, a card emanating golden radiance appeared before Rhode . It hovered in midair, waiting quietly for its holder . Rhode took in a deep breath, gazing at the card meaningfully . He had summoned many card spirits in the past, but none of them made him this nervous . He stared blankly at the card and after a few moments, he reached his hand out and held the card determinedly . The instant he touched the card, a feeling of flesh and blood instantly appeared in his mind . The numbness at his fingertips like the shock of electric current felt so familiar…

Rhode dwindled the thought and scanned the card in his hand . In the middle of this golden card was a large, beautiful, and elegant dragon with expanded wings . Between its wings were countless stars and a combination of the sun and moon . It looked as though the God who created this world . A few mysterious runes hung above it .

[Void Dragon]

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