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Chapter 1007
Chapter 1007: Directions to The Future

After activating the signal and upgrading the system interface, Rhode’s group sealed up the Deepest Labyrinth once again and returned to the Void Territory . This was an extremely important matter to everyone . Rhode gathered his trusted aides, which included Marlene, Lize, Anne, Lapis, Canary, Mini Bubble Gum, Orchid Heart, Alice, Gillian, the five holy sword spirits, and anyone who were qualified to know his secrets, for a meeting as soon as he returned to the Void Territory . This time, Rhode confessed everything, including the final whereabouts of the Creator Dragons, his relations with the Void Dragon, situations that would occur in the future, and his proposal to ‘transmigrate’ the entire continent to another world .

After hearing the news, no matter the natives or players like Marlene and Canary, they were all equally stumped . In an instant the meeting room was in an odd silence . After a few moments, Mini Bubble Gum widened her eyes and asked in disbelief .

“Are you for real? The game that we played was made by the Creator Dragons?”

“After I awakened my powers, I learned from my past memories that the five Creator Dragons left this plane of existence for another world . But I didn’t expect… you to be from that world, Rhode…” Marlene returned to her senses and stuttered . This news had baffled her . Or perhaps, everyone was stunned by this news . Except for one person .

“Gillian . ”

Rhode narrowed his eyes and swept a glance at the fox-eared young lady who was smiling cheekily .

“Do you have anything to say?”

“Aiyah-yah, Master . Since you’re already aware of everything, I have no choice but to admit it now…”

Gillian chuckled, stood up straight, and gave a bow .

“Alright then, allow me to introduce myself once more . I am the primary server’s core unit program for B&M Company—’7th Generalized Intelligence Collection And Integration AI’ . You can call me ‘No . 7’ or simply ‘Gillian’ . Of course, I personally prefer the latter . After all, it just feels strange for you to call me a so-called AI, isn’t it?”

“I wasn’t aware that artificial intelligence had evolved to this level…”

Mini Bubble Gum pouted, gazing at the giggling Gillian .

“Could it be that Big Sister and I are also artificial intelligence like you?”

“That’s not the case, Bubble . Well, I don’t see the need to hide any secrets now . In fact, anyone who enters the game will have some of their spirits extracted in secret and they will turn into spiritual power that I can use to maintain and support my intelligence gathering . It is essential to have spirits to create a world . As a result, you can consider yourselves as your own clones, while Master has the strength to materialize your clones into reality through thoughts . ”

Gillian stuck out and shook her finger proudly .

“Oh . By the way, I’m not a so-called artificial intelligence . I’m a subject fully created by the four Creator Dragons . But I figured, wouldn’t it be strange to exist in that world if I didn’t have a high-tech name?”

“I don’t understand… but it seems like… Sister Bubble, Sister Canary, and Mr . Rhode came from another world?” Lize raised her hand timidly and asked . “So then… will all of you return to your world?”

“Just like I said, we can’t return even if we want to because there isn’t only one world between ours . If it weren’t for the almighty four Creator Dragons, perhaps it would be impossible for me to communicate with them through my projection . To us, this place is like our second home now . ”

“Ah… That’s great… Ah, no! I didn’t mean that…”

Lize heaved a sigh of relief hearing Rhode’s response, before muttering under her breath . Shortly after, she realized that her words didn’t sound good, which she quickly waved her hands about in embarrassment . Fortunately, no one was offended and Mini Bubble Gum even patted Lize’s shoulder .

“It’s no big deal, Lize . So what if we can’t return? Besides, even if we do return, we will just bring you along with us . Listen, even though our world is boring, there are lots of fun things to do . I guarantee there are many things that you’ve never seen before! Hahaha . The thought of your flustered face is gonna make it so much fun!”


Lize lowered her head with red painted across her face . But this was just an episode, after all . Rhode swept a look at Lize simply, before turning around for something more important .

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“So Master has already found a solution to solidify the strength of Order…” Unlike Lize, Alice was more concerned about the substantive problem . Or perhaps she just wasn’t interested if Rhode’s bed had additional space for her . “I don’t really understand the specifics of that world . But some things… like the reputation level that you mentioned, Your Majesty, are they reliable?”

“I don’t think it poses a huge problem . ”

Canary, who was pondering in silence, said .

“These things are closely related to reality . However, this world lacks the concept, that’s all . In our world, it is really common to have this concept . You learn and gain knowledge and power—these are the experience points . After you reach a certain level with your studies, you can break through the bottleneck and reach a new stage—this is level up . Even though I don’t really understand how rules work in this world, I suppose they add a standard to original behaviors, that’s all . ”

That makes sense… considering the years we spent playing ‘earth simulation’ games . This isn’t too surprising .

“Alright then . Let’s discuss the next and most important problem . ”

Rhode turned to Lapis .

“Lapis, as I have explained, if we were to transmigrate the entire Dragon Soul Continent to another world through the Dimension Gate, how do you judge the risk levels and feasibility based on our current technological level? How long do we need?”

“Ah, yes… Sir, please give me a moment to think about it…” Lapis knitted her brows and pondered deeply . Then, she turned to Marlene and they whispered into each other’s ear . Lapis shook and nodded her head, before looking up and spoke to Rhode . “I’m sorry, Sir . We have limited information on our hands, especially about the Dragon Soul Continent and the node installations…”

“I can resolve them . ”

Rhode shook his head and interrupted Lapis . Then, he reached out for a gemstone in his pocket—the item that the Creator Dragons had given him . After returning to this world, Rhode checked its contents, but eventually couldn’t figure them out . He was better off leaving it to the experts .

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“All information regarding the Dimension Gate and other areas are inside this gemstone that the Creator Dragons have given me . I need you and Marlene to research and confirm the amount of materials, time, and manpower needed for us to execute this plan as soon as possible . Also, find out the location we should set the items, as well as the various dangers and situations that will happen . If your current tasks aren’t that important, delegate them to your assistants . This new task will be your main priority . Oh, by the way, I’ve made my decision regarding the production issue of the magic furnaces . The civilians are allowed to purchase them in limited quantities . As for the other aspects, we will make them on our own . ”

“Got it, Rhode . ”

Marlene nodded slightly . Then, she gazed worriedly at the man before her .

“You intend to convince the other dragon soul heirs?”

“There is no harm in trying . If worst comes to worst, we will just have to do it ourselves . I know it is cruel, but it is up to them to seize the opportunity as it presents itself . If they put their heads in the noose, then it is their freedom to wait for death to fall upon them…” Rhode spread his arms apart and shrugged . “I will try, but don’t pin too much hope on me . After all, who can ever read their minds?”

“Yes… You have to threaten, blackmail, and deceive everything in order to become the perfect diplomat . ”

Marlene sighed and shook her head . Just as Rhode mentioned, it would be extremely tough to convince the other dragon soul heirs to agree with him . Rhode had his eyes on the future while they focused on the present . Of course, courage and imagination were required to come up with imaginary future plans . One would only relate to reality when it was formed by past, present, and future .

“Senior Heart . ”

Rhode shifted his gaze to Orchid Heart .

“I need you to form an elite team to eradicate Chaos . Like us, they will accept missions, eliminate Chaos, and receive rewards . Form a comprehensive team and leave them in Gillian’s care . I abstracted some information from Grazite’s soul stone and it seems like Chaos isn’t going to stay silent . We have to be prepared before that . ”

Orchid Heart nodded slightly . Then, she yawned, before responding .

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“I have no problems finding people for the team . But Rhode, what should we do if we lose them?”

“Don’t worry about it . ”

The corners of Rhode’s lips lifted .

“I have said earlier that after the rules merge, this continent we’re on will become similar to the one that we know . In other words, some things that can only be accomplished in the game can also be done here . ”

“What you’re saying is…”

Everyone stared blankly . Shortly after, Canary, Mini Bubble Gum, and Orchid Heart returned to their senses . Mini Bubble Gum blinked in excitement as she gazed straight at Rhode . Rhode looked at her and nodded slightly .

“That’s right, Bubble . It is just as you think . The moment for you to display your full potential will come in the future . ”

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