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Chapter 1006: 1006
Chapter 1006: Everything That is Changing

[Upgrade Complete . Rebooting system]

After Rhode witnessed the lines of system prompt, his entire world shook . Then, his vision turned black . A faint, golden thread glowed and transformed into an enormous square that exploded and expanded across the land, scattering quickly into countless golden threads that were intertwined into a massive web . For some unknown reason, Rhode realized he was as though overlooking the sky, watching the web of golden threads enfold the whole Dragon Soul Continent . The golden web gradually twisted and changed its shape as though welcoming a certain presence . Shortly after, the innumerable golden threads slowly vanished before his eyes . The dragon soul protection over the Dragon Soul Continent had completely changed its form . If it was said that the dragon soul protection in the past was as though a rubber cover, it had now become a solid, matchless defense barrier made of alloy . The entire energy system was slowly operating, re-abstracting, and changing the structure and composition of the strength of Order, as well as strengthening the defenses and resistances against the outside world .

Everything seemed rather similar to when Rhode transcended into the Legendary Stage . But now, he felt a deeper connection, as though he was connected to the world and the world was a part of him . As long as he swung his arm or thrust his foot forward, he could change the world completely . Unlike using a powerful might to destroy everything, it was something more special and natural, just like the inevitable changes when a human moved .

But this feeling only lasted a few minutes, before everything returned to normal .

Rhode’s vision was pitch-black . After returning to his senses, everything before his eyes had disappeared and was replaced by a system interface that had completely changed its form . If it was said that the system interface in the past was a standard client of a certain online game, the system interface now was more like a large-scale framework for strategic simulation games . Not only could he read the current situations of the entire continent, but he could also witness the strength of the other dragons’ territories, as well as the balance and structure between Order and Chaos .

The stability level of Order for the Country of Darkness, Country of Law, and Void Territory was above 95 percent on average . The Country of Law was nearly 100 percent, the Void Territory was around 90 percent, and the Country of Darkness was around 85 percent . On the contrary, the Country of Light had the lowest stability level of Order at 59 percent, and the corrosion rate of Chaos was the highest ,at 41 percent . Based on the icon colors, most of the regions in the Country of Darkness, Country of Law, and Void Territory were in green which represented stability of Order . On the contrary, almost all regions in the Country of Light were yellow, like a desert, except for Casabianca, which was in green . Some of the stability level of Order in remote areas had fallen below 30 percent; completely corroded by Chaos . In other words, there were no hopes in recovering them .

“This is really troublesome . ”

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After scanning the upgraded system interface, Rhode finally understood why the four Creator Dragons needed him to complete the mission . He discovered some visual reminders on the system interface . If he were to compare the entire continent to a spaceship and he was the commander, he would hold the authority to read, investigate, and make decisions . But apart from that, the way the spaceship flew, received intelligence, or changed the programming structure was all managed by the AI .

“Mechanical worshiping of postmodern, social civilization… Sigh . How I wish it wasn’t this automated . ”

Rhode gazed at the map before him and criticized it in his head . There were no options for him to adjust features of the continent . In other words, he couldn’t possibly be like Game Masters who could simply ban players or fix bugs in the game . On the contrary, he had to work for the changes . For instance, the Country of Light with an unstable level of Order . In order to stabilize the level of Order, Rhode had to dispatch men to eradicate Chaos in the affected areas and couldn’t simply adjust the proportions of Chaos and Order using the system interface .

But the biggest benefit this upgraded system brought to Rhode was the ability to completely monitor movements of the entire continent . Moreover, Rhode would be notified when Order in a certain region was compromised and could nip the problem in the bud immediately . Furthermore, his system was as though an omnidirectional, three-dimensional satellite that allowed him to see everything that was happening in the continent . But perhaps due to the difference in strength of dragon soul protection, some areas weren’t as visible to him . For instance, he could only discern the topographic map of the Country of Law and Country of Darkness and not clearly see their buildings and people, as they were covered in a thick layer of gray smoke . On the contrary, apart from Casabianca in the Country of Light, the other places were basically revealed to him…

The situation in the Country of Light seems really dangerous .

Even though Rhode sensed weakness in the Light Dragon in the past, those were only guesses, after all . But now, he felt it deeply after seeing the various data on the Country of Light . At this point in time, the Light Dragon’s soul protection over the Country of Light was like a piece of cheese with holes corroded by Chaos . Not only that, but the conversion efficiency of the Light Dragon was also the lowest, maintaining at the minimum level . If she were compared to a power plant, perhaps a slight increase in pressure could cause a power trip .

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The main energy source that supplied the dragon soul protection over the Country of Light came from the Munn Kingdom and other regions… Which was a horribly tragic sight . The country was riddled with problems and was pitiful and heart-wrenching . The Country of Light was as though an infected, rotten, and swollen wound . Rhode had to either heal or remove the wound completely . If the wound was left untreated, the infection would spread . When that happened, it would be more complicated and challenging to resolve the problem .

It seems like it is essential to resolve the problem with the Country of Light .

Rhode pondered in silence . In order to transmigrate the entire continent, he needed to ensure the dragon soul protection over the continent was perfect . Of course, it wouldn’t work having the dragon soul protection over the Country of Light in this broken state now . If he were to transport the entire continent in this state, the whole continent would take off like an unchecked spaceship and only god knew whether the spaceship would end up as the ‘Space Shuttle Challenger disaster’ [1 . A fatal incident in the United States space program that happened on January 28, 1986 . ] or ‘Space Shuttle Columbia disaster’ . [2 . Second fatal incident in the United States space program that happened on February 1, 2003, following the incident in 1986 . ]

It seemed like the issues in the Country of Light were getting more complicated . In the past, Rhode had the intention of watching from the sidelines only because he could still transfer Lilian over safely and leave the Country of Light to their demise . The death of others in the Country of Light also had nothing to do with him at all . But now, for his plan to succeed, he had to attach some importance to their problems . No matter if it were to ensure that Lilian could completely grasp the nation or if he had to deal with the Country of Light, he needed to end the chaotic situation before him .

Forget it . I’ll think about it after I head back .

Rhode waved his arm at this thought, shutting down the system interface . Then, he lifted his head and descended down the stairs . Everyone crowded around him quickly and many realized the changes in him from the inside-out, where a powerful, unstoppable aura suffused from him . This meant something even more for Mini Bubble Gum and Canary .

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“Leader, I have to solemnly draw a clear line between us from today onward . I’m extremely dissatisfied with your illogical way of leveling up…”

Mini Bubble Gum crossed her arms and spoke with knitted brows and a pout . On the other hand, Canary smiled in silence, while the holy sword spirits looked with dubious expressions . Because they felt a familiar scent from Rhode’s aura .

“Master, you… the… Void Dragon?”

“Yes, and a few others . ”

Rhode nodded and answered Celestina’s astonishing question . Considering the fact that Erin was also present, Rhode didn’t go into details . However, the holy sword spirits couldn’t contain their surprise any longer, where even Karin pushed up her glasses and her eyes glinted in an unprecedented flash .

“Master, can you explain the details?”

“Now is not the time . ”

Rhode lowered his head, gazing at Christie, who was looking at him in uncertainty . Then, he smiled and stroked her long hair gently . In fact, he felt complicated emotions looking at Christie now . He had to admit that he wasn’t mentally prepared to be a father yet . Even though he always treated Christie well, he felt like he had more responsibility to look after her now, after learning that she was his daughter… He didn’t know how, but it seemed like he had to act like her father now . But the most important problem was…

“Let’s head back . ”

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