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Chapter 1004
Chapter 1004: What I Can and Want to Do

In an instant, the meeting room fell into a unique silence . Rhode shrugged, gazing at the four stupefied people . In fact, Rhode wasn’t the first person who suggested this idea because he suddenly recalled a novel that he had read about escaping disasters . Humans on Earth installed several massive propellers to force Earth off its orbit . Although this was only pure sci-fi, he had to admit that this gave him some inspiration . If you don’t want to do it, why can’t I? Why must I stay here and die with you? Besides, one was limited while the other was unlimited . As long as one didn’t have any mental problems, one would know that it was unfavorable to continue resisting .

“Why? Aren’t you concerned about the risks and dangers from transmigrating immigrants? There won’t be any issue if we transmigrate the entire continent, right? The dragon soul protection should be able to resist the spatial turbulence and other possible dangers . What do you think of this idea?”


One by one, the four of them knitted their brows and pondered carefully . Then, Arthur forced a chuckle and nodded .

“Frankly, Mr . Rhode, this is a really bold idea . We never thought of doing it and theoretically speaking, it is possible . But… the risks are huge . Besides…”

“Yes, you’re right . To eke out a living until the last person dies or to gather everyone and carry bravely on a journey that may possibly destroy everyone, this is indeed a problem . ”

Rhode understood what Arthur meant before he finished his sentence . Indeed, a higher presence like the Creator Dragons naturally understood the threats of Chaos . But how about the ordinary people? Transmigrating the entire continent involved high risks and dangers . If anything were to go wrong, everything might collapse . When that happened, the Dragon Soul Continent would be destroyed in their hands rather than by Chaos . This was as though two glasses of poisoned wine, where one would seal the throat while the other would allow the victim to speak a few last words . That was their choice . Of course, if one were more cautious, it wouldn’t be possible to be like Earth, where they permitted elites and talents to enter different Dimension Gates by batches . If they were fortunate enough, they might possibly find a world similar to Earth . Perhaps the chances were low, but there ought to be one that would lead to ‘paradise’ after passing through 100 Dimension Gates . And as long as they could survive in the new world, they could reproduce and continue civilization .


“I admit, just as you said, I’m someone from another world . I’m not any of you and can’t understand how you created, cared, and protected this world . But… Everyone . Even children have to graduate from school, leave their parents, step into society to work, live, love, and get married one day . ”

Rhode waved his hand .

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“This is why I can’t dedicate myself to it until the very end . All I can think of will either be the best of both worlds or benefit me only . I don’t want to cover up the truth . To me, this proposal is my final thought . Apart from that, I can’t only act like what you said: escape through the Dimension Gate if we fail to resist Chaos . I suppose I can more or less protect some people and head into a beautiful, new world using my power . Since we want to see great results, we need to work hard . It is the same for both the game and reality . If you want to raid a dungeon perfectly, then don’t anticipate the commander to prepare everything beforehand because if you don’t work hard, everything will be for naught . Since they also crave for a peaceful life, they shouldn’t hide behind the safety of others and should also share the risks . If they tremble in fear and hide like ostriches, avoiding reality while you’re fighting to the death, that will be their own problem . ”

“But Mr . Rhode, they’re ordinary people, after all…”

“Ants will bite when they’re facing threats . If they are worse than ants, they are better off killing themselves than to burden others . As long as they’re able-bodied, they will be useful in some way . So, how is it? Don’t tell me that they’re just a bunch of batteries soaked in nutrient fluid and used for intubation . Even if they are, they can still be used to generate electricity . ”

Rhode had no hesitation about it . He respected the Creator Dragons, but now, he felt the need to explain the situation clearly because he was the person in that world, unlike the ‘former’ Creator Dragons who were as though ironic animal protectionists who escaped disaster and lived their lives savoring nutritional food while calling loudly to protect animals and promote the coexistence of people and animals . If one were to abandon them in the Gobi Desert without any food, they would probably eat a panda . Since ancient times, the animal protectionists, human rights activists, and liberals were all the same: a group of incompetent fools . After eating and drinking their fill, they spread their presumingly noble and unrealistic ideals, disrupting this world of its peace . They had no intelligence, lacked knowledge, and yet they did everything they wanted with their self-righteous enthusiasm . Forget about those who naively released cobras in residential areas, those dimwits who brazenly entered research institutes to release animals infected with deadly viruses back to the city and turned an entire city into a ghost town were the biggest threat to mankind . Not only that, but they were also unrepentant, irresponsibly pushing the blame to the world… This group of dimwits was mostly likely those passionate, idiotic characters in ‘Jurassic Park’ . When they had nowhere to go after being chased by the very dinosaurs they released, they would understand their true standpoint .

“… We understand now, Mr . Rhode . ”

After a few moments, Serena sighed as though she accepted Rhode’s suggestion and said . She retrieved a gemstone from her pocket and extended her arm . Along with her action, she injected a pure, spiritual radiance into it . Shortly after, Ningmi and Ningjing took over the gemstone and made a few hand gestures above it . Finally, Arthur grasped the gemstone and closed his eyes . Then, the glamorous gemstone instantly turned dull and pitch-black . He handed it over to Rhode .

“This gemstone contains the production resources of the Dimension Gate, Mr . Rhode . Honestly, your idea is really bold . But… this may be a great solution . ”

“High risks, high rewards . ”

Rhode accepted the gemstone and scanned it .

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“How will you be rewarded if you don’t work hard for it? Don’t you agree?”

“You’re right . ”

Arthur said and became silent . He exchanged glances with the three women, before continuing .

“Since you’ve come this far, we don’t feel the need to cover up the truth from you anymore, Mr . Rhode . If you really want to do it, we suggest that you find the Order Star first . ”

“Order Star? What is that?”

Rhode was taken aback . He quickly recalled his memories and realized that he had never heard of this thing . Shortly after, Serena answered .

“Mr . Rhode, you’re also aware that Order and Chaos are relative . The disorder in Chaos reflects the presence of Order, while the destruction of Order symbolizes the generation of Chaos . This is the origin of us, the Creator Dragons . We used the strength of Order within Chaos to create this continent . Because without Order, there won’t be Chaos . But too much Chaos will destroy Order, like a self-breeding virus, like how humans raise animals and slaughter them for food . Through the creation of Order, Chaos will destroy and abstract its energy to expand its presence . But ordinary people won’t realize that Order is buried underneath the infinite Chaos . In fact, the entire Dragon Soul Continent is created through using the hidden strength of Order . ”

Arthur said, spreading his arms apart .

“If you go through space and arrive at another world, you will be like us . Even if you possess powerful strength, you can’t cast any spells in them . Order in the entire Dragon Soul Continent may possibly collapse and all energy systems will be remodified and divided . Therefore, just in case, we hope you can find the Order Star and fuse it with the continent to perfection . This way, even if you head to another world, Order in the Dragon Soul Continent will remain an independent existence and won’t enter different rules and lose its energy . ”

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Rhode knitted his brows slightly . According to the Creator Dragons, this Order Star should be the source to create this world .

“So where is it now?”

“We aren’t too sure . Back then when we created the world, we didn’t keep it closely with us in order for it to not be discovered by Chaos . But according to our understanding, it should be somewhere deep in Chaos . It will be a really dangerous task… Mr . Rhode, if you intend to retrieve it, please be mentally prepared . ”

“… I understand now . Thanks for your reminder . ”

At this moment, the meeting room gradually turned blurry . Rhode looked at the surroundings; everything was beginning to display weird reflections . The four Creator Dragons quelled their expressions, before gazing helplessly at the happenings .

“Seems like time is up…”

Rhode’s body slowly became transparent . There wasn’t enough energy to maintain his projection in this world anymore . Rhode shrugged at this thought, before lifting his head and gazing at them .

“Alright, please don’t worry and leave this matter to me . This is the only thing that I can do for all of you . ”

“This may be harder than you imagine . ”

“I know . ”

Rhode turned around and waved his hand airily .

“I can only do it myself if you aren’t willing to . Don’t rely on others if you want to do something . I feel that it is more reliable to handle it myself . So then, everyone… Goodbye . ”

The walls vanished and a white radiance enveloped the place . Everything within it disappeared .

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