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Hi, I'm Arisa Arishima, welcome to my corner! As someone that like reading a story, naturally we will be exhausted to find an interesting book or novel to read, and NovelUpdate is a place where our needs supplied (especially Asian Novels). And, we already know the most dominant novel is Chinese, followed by Japanese and Korean, and just a few numbers of novels from another country. Don't know because it's less interesting or just because a translator from that country is lacking.

So, as an Indonesian, I want to show you how great is Indonesian writer and their novels. Although, the plot in their novels maybe looks simple and not complicated as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean novels, but they still give you different taste, vibes, culture, and a pleasant feeling about it. I want to translate four best-seller novels in Indonesia from Ilana Tan's four season tetralogy novels—Summer in Seoul, Autumn in Paris, Winter in Tokyo and Spring in London in this blog. First, I will translate her first series, Summer in Seoul. Because this is just a fan translation, I will take the translation down if Ilana Tan herself or Gramedia as a publisher feels offended. Thank you so mush for willingly to visit my site and read my rambling. And don't hesitate to comment about your opinion for the story or my translation's quality (cause I'm a newbie in this field). So, without any delay, check this out!


Jung Tae-Woo — Seoul’s famous young singer who reappeared after avoiding the world of showbiz for four years.

"I just want to ask you to take a picture with me as my girlfriend," Jung Tae-Woo told the girl in front of him.

Sandy aka Han Soon-Hee — an Indonesian-Korean mulatto girl who had recognized Jung Tae-Woo from the start, but was not the least bit impressed.

Sandy raised her face to look at the man, then said, "Okay, as long as my face is concealed."

Initially, Jung Tae-Woo was not suspicious about Sandy's reason to accept his offer immediately. While Sandy can only hope she won’t regret her decision to be involved with Jung Tae-Woo. Summer days as Jung Tae-Woo’s "lover" started. And, there was a change in their feelings. But both of them oblivious about the truth of the story four years ago were chasing after them.


In the past, if I wasn't like that, how about me now?

When I wasn’t there, where am I now?

Now, if I’m like this, how about me then?

When I’m here, where will I be?

Don’t know about the future or the past

Just know that I’m like this now

Just know that I’m here now

And I'm seeing you

There was a saying that when a person in half-alive and half-dead situation, he would be able to see pieces of events in his life, such as watching a film that had no clear story line. Was that true?

And yeah … She was experiencing it now. When her body was thrown here and there, her eyes suddenly became dark, but strangely she could see someone’s face clearly. She could hear his voice too.

How much she misses him now, want to meet him, talk to him. There was something that she should say to that person. She must tell him that she missed him.

Just only once …

If possible, she wants to say it once …

If possible, she wants to see him just once …

But looks like it can't be done…

Her voice won't come out …

She didn’t have the energy to talk …

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