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Let's see. How did the story flow in that novel?

was a romance fantasy web novel that had a tyrannically big popularity.

Of course, I didn't search it myself but had heard from the girl who left the novel in the PC (Gaming centre) room. I read it when I was bored late at night, but it didn't make sense that I actually chose to read it.

Just like the title of the novel, there appears a lovely princess. That is the second princess of the Obelia kingdom, Jennet.

In this story, when the 2 princesses made their debut one ends up having a really unfortunate fate. That made Jennet be the actual protagonist of the novel.

She was one very beautiful princess who had nice brown hair with the pure gem blue eyes that only blood-related royals could have. 

Not only her looks, but she had the kindest personality as an angel and gained many people's love. Not only the people from the Obelia kingdom, but males from other countries had also fallen in love with her and sent her many love calls.

And... the list included the emperor Claude.

You ask, 'isn't it obvious that a father should love his daughter?' ? People say that because they don't really know who Claude is.

This b*stard had killed his own brother, who was the crown prince then, and rose to the position of being the emperor. He really didn't have a drop of blood nor tear to drop.

However since everyone knew that the former emperor had done bad things to the kingdom, Claude was then called a hero of the kingdom. But that didn't mean that he was kind either.

To prove, didn't he kill all people living in the Ruby palace?

Anyways, that great one person who had melted his frozen heart was this lovely princess Jennet.

To say the truth, the when emperor realized of her existence was when Jennet had turned 14. But before, she had stayed at a place owned by the Alfius family. 

Jennet's mother, who was the daughter of a famous family, was actually the fiancee of Claude, but some incidents occurred for her to be chased out of the palace grounds. She then passed away giving birth to Jennet. 

Her mother's older sister, Jennet's aunt was the already married and now was the countess of a count.

So she was taken and was hidden by the Alfius family.

They were trying to protect little Jennet from the Claude who once was crazy. That's why Claude knew of her existence a long while after.

Of course, it wasn't from a first sight that he had started to have warm feelings (Not lovers kind of feelings!) towards Jennet.

However how was our protagonist Jennet? She was a lovely princess who gotten a unbelievable amount of attention and love.

Even the ice cold hearted Claude was affected by Jennet.

Afterwards, Jennet had happily lived the best life with her dad, the emperor and also with the Alfius family with the world's number 1 husband Isekiel, having each meals all in very good quality.

"Oh ickwly eeskusingwy oneeing."

So sickly disgustingly annoying (?). 

SOL  (SOL: Smiling out loud or sh*t out of luck)

I stopped thinking of that novel in a still position and bit my blanket. The soft blanket was easy to bite with my still growing baby teeth.

I don't know if this just my jealousy, but I still thought that Jennet was very annoying.

Is it because that she is an angel-like protagonist who doesn't know of the bitterness of reality? Starts being loved after birth by people around her, and then also snatching Claude's heart as well. When I was reading in my previous life and got to the part where Jennet had stolen Claude's heart, I exploded and threw the book to the counter.

"Wow, Claude and Jennet are really bad b*stards." Was the conclusion I made after reading it. 

Isn't it normal for some swear words escaping from my, or other's mouth? I mean thinking back at the loved Jennet compared to the unfortunate first princess Atanasia.

The princess with fresh blonde hair and gem pure blue eyes, the first princess with the same age as Jennet's.

Even though Atanasia's after birth mother crisis was similar to Jennet's, they end up having a completely different fates.

But compared to Jennet's, Atanasia's mother's death was directly passed to Claude and he had shut his daughter out to another place.

That's how the maids grew to ignore her, and Atanasia had lived a terrible life 'till then.

Her first meeting with Claude at her 9th birthday. No possibility of him remembering Atanasia's birthday, he was having an imperial banquet with the people from the other kingdoms.

Due to the sounds and lights from it, Atanasia ends up leaving the Ruby palace, and coincidently went in the wrong direction and met with Claude within the castle grounds garden.

Obviously, Claude just passed by taking a little glimpse of her with emotionless expression. However, for starving Atanasia, it was considered as a very coincidental yet meaningful first meeting. 

Even before Jennet has yet to appear, she was already into her cold father. 

She had done her very best to get loved by him, so she at least grew up into one elegant princess. However, her hope was all shattered apart after the debut of Jennet with the head of the Alfius family.

​Compared to the sun-like Jennet, Atanasia was just some dark fog.

Since that was the case, it was obvious that people cared for Jennet more than they did to Atanasia.

Jennet was described as an angel-like princess, but Atanasia was one very soft hearted girl and was very innocent. Very, too. How much? Well...

Hating Jennet who took all the love and attention from people? Nah! She helped her when she entered the palace and was not used to it! She helped Jennet get used to the place, and also helped her in many different ways! That was that first princess Atanasia.

Sigh. She couldn't not be one stupid girl. You take care of yourself, not others. Why help your rival?

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