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Chapter 520: Going Back For A Visit

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After Liu Rushuang gave Han Moxi permission to rise, Han Moxi smiled. “Royal sister-in-law, welcome back to the palace. Whilst you were gone, his majesty got drunk every day. Fortunately, his body has good foundations, otherwise, right now… *Sigh*… forget I mentioned it.”

Liu Rushuang’s clear, enigmatic eyes looked towards the Dark Moon Palace. All she could feel was a warm feeling brush across the bottom of her heart.

Han Moxi looked at Qing’er and pondered. “Royal sister-in-law, it’ll be the Double Ninth Festival in a few day’s time. I’d like to take Qing’er out of the palace for a few days, so I was wondering… will you please give me permission to do so?”

Liu Rushuang came back to her senses and giggled softly. “You two may do as you please. If the two of you would like to get married at any time, remember to let me be the first to know. That way, I can prepare Qing’er’s bridalwear.”

Han Moxi couldn’t help but chuckle. “Thank you for your blessing, royal sister-in-law.”

Qing’er’s face flushed, as she stood beside them.

At lunch, Han Moze and Liu Rushuang sat at the dining table in anteroom of the Dark Moon Palace.

Every so often, Han Moze would pick up some food for Liu Rushuang with his chopsticks.

With a faint smile on her face, Liu Rushuang used her hands to stop him. “No need. There’s enough in the bowl to eat.”

Han Moze was left with no choice but to leave it. He noticed that Liu Rushuang looked as if she was daydreaming, and so he smiled and asked, “What are you think about, Shuang’er?’

Liu Rushuang has always said what was on her mind in front of Han Moze, and so she let it all out. “Ze, do you believe that there’s a world beyond this one? This world and that one are entirely different. Even if two people are thousands of miles apart, they could immediately talk to the other person with a phone. In that world, people travel in cars and planes that I haven’t seen before, as a horse rider myself. Also, in that world…”

Han Moze listened on increasingly confused. No matter how intelligent he was, he couldn’t understand what Liu Rushuang meant by phones and planes.

For the first time, Liu Rushuang saw a dumb look on Han Moze’s face, and couldn’t quite keep a straight face.

“Shuang’er, why are you saying all this?” Han Moze furrowed his sharp brows.

“Nothing. I was just thinking about things that happened in my past life.” Liu Rushuang wore a natural smile.

Han Moze noticed that Liu Rushuang didn’t seem really happy and asked, “Shuang’er, from what you said, it seems like that world is more convenient than this one. Do you not like staying in this world and want to find your relatives in the other world?”

Liu Rushuang shook her head. “No. In my heart, my Phoenix mother and father from the celestial realm are my real parents. I can only see my parents from the mortal realm as predestined encounters.”

Han Moze’s eyes sparkled for a moment. “Shuang’er, would you like to go back to visit that world?”

Liu Rushuang’s heart ached when she thought about the blind and mute Mama Zhang. If Mama Zhang hadn’t taken care of her, then she would have lived a hundreds and thousands of times worse off. She remembered how Mama Zhang would secretly give her food every time she was beaten. On cold days, it was also Mama Zhang who secretly sewed her clothes…

Han Moze saw the dull look in Liu Rushuang’s eyes and said, “Shuang’er, it looks like there’s still someone you miss from that world.”

Liu Rushuang smiled bitterly and said, “Yes! If only I could go back for a visit.”

Han Moze raised his eyebrows. “Shuang’er, do you know of a place called the Isle of Ursa Major?”

Liu Rushuang slightly furrowed her elegant brows. “Never heard of it.”

Han Moze smiled. “They say that there’s a yin and yang dish on that island. All you have to do is spin the round dish, and you can transmigrate to any time and space. But, it’s just a legend.”

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