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Hey guys, this will be the next Jiu Lu Fei Xiang story that is released, thanks to the 100 people who joined our discord!

Honestly at first glance, and even up to the first part, this short seems like your typical campus romance, but later, the sweetness kicks in, and you can’t help but squeal!

Su Wan’s Secret Love

By: Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

Synopsis: Su Wan has always had a crush on that one boy, Li Chengran. In the last year of high school, Su Wan confesses to him, but Li Chengran continues to remain aloof, shattering all of Su Wan’s hopes. But, she still cannot let go.

Later in the summer, Su Wan and Li Chengran’s relationship spark~ How will our cute bunny, Su Wan, face our male lead, Li Chengran in the end?

**NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with Chinese schools and such, before you do anything else, as it will explain a great deal of the context you need to read this story.

Main Characters: Su Wan, Li Chengran

Supporting Characters: Wang Xin, other students

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