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Chapter 510: Also Two Years Ago?

Lou Qianxue rolled her eyes. “Dan Taiyuan, remember to read more books. Don’t just read one or two of them, then come over. You have failed twice. If you fail again, this promise will be over.”

“…” Dan Taiyuan’s body stiffened, and he slowly left.

Lou Qianxue heaved a long sigh of relief.

“I hope that I won’t get tortured again tonight…”

Lou Qianxue’s wish came true. After Dan Taiyuan left, she soundly slept all the way until morning.

After having her breakfast, Lou Qianxue wanted to go to the Imperial academy with Lou Xiaoxiao and the other juniors. Lou Potian did not forget to remind them.

“You don’t have to come back for dinner today. Remember to treat Young Master An and the others to a good meal.”

“Yes, Grandpa. You can hand this matter over to us.”

Lou Xiaoxiao promised him.

Lou Qianxue also said, “Grandpa, the house is too big. I’m worried about you being alone at home. Get someone to hire some servants, or Sister Xiaoxiao and I will go to the slave market to have a look.”


Then, the group headed to the academy.

Lou Xiaoxiao and a few of the juniors went to attend lessons. As the lessons had yet to start for the new students, Lou Qianxue went to familiarize herself with the academy before looking for Hong Qinghe.

“A meal? Sure! We have known each other for more than two years, but we haven’t had a meal together.” Hong Qinghe expressed his interest.

After agreeing to Lou Qianxue, he hesitated for a while before speaking. “Actually Wuxin and his sister, Mu Wushuang, are also in the Imperial Academy, but…”

He glanced at Lou Qianxue before continuing, “But both siblings, hmm, are quite close to Third Prince now… Do you want to call them as well?”

“Third Prince?” Lou Qianxue frowned, but relaxed again. She shook her head and said, “It’s not necessary. I’m not that close to them.”

Hong Qinghe nodded. “I have also heard about Miss Xiaoxiao’s matter. Consider I did not say those words just now.”


After agreeing to meet at the academy’s entrance when afternoon classes were over, Lou Qianxue went to look for Li Tingtao and Bai Muyan based on the address Lou Xiaoxiao told her.

They did not have any backing in the Imperial city, so they had to live in the academy’s dorms.

“Qianxue? Lou Qianxue!!!”

“You! You’re still alive… Cough cough cough. Two years have passed since we last met, but you look the same as before.”

Lou Qianxue smiled. “When I passed by the Liuyun Prefecture two years ago, I had an urgent matter to attend to. Hence, I did not look for you all. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Li Tingtao shook his head. “Miss Lou, you left behind the Marrow-Washing Pill that benefited the whole Liuyun Prefecture. We are so grateful to you for that. We wouldn’t dare to blame you.”

As he spoke, he sighed again. “Two years ago, An Shaoning lost his cultivation, and there was no trace of you. Yan Gongqing also brought Su Yingying to the Alchemy King’s mansion… I thought that I would never have the chance to see you again in my life. I didn’t expect that we can still be classmates now.”

“!!!” Lou Qianxue froze. Her face changed as she asked, “An Shaoning lost his cultivation? What do you mean?”

“Huh? You didn’t know? I heard that An Shaoning was with your sister yesterday… Cough cough cough. We also don’t know the details of how it happened. Anyway, that also happened two years ago. An Shaoning suddenly refused to come out of his house, and he did not want to meet any of us. Subsequently, news of his broken meridians spread… We also knew about his and Lou Xiaoxiao’s matter during these few days when we reached the Imperial city.”

“Two years ago?” Lou Qianxue deeply frowned. “When Sister Xiaoxiao and I were chatting so much last night, why didn’t she mention it at all? No matter what, I’m also an alchemist. I can take a look at him.”

An Shaoning was her prospective brother-in-law. Nothing could happen to him!

“Miss Lou…” Li Tingtao gave Bai Muyan a look to get him to stop talking about this. Thereafter, he carefully asked Lou Qianxue, “Are you alright?”

Lou Qianxue came back to her senses and shook her head. “I’m fine. I’m just thinking that we haven’t met in a long time. I want to invite you all for a meal this afternoon.”

“Is Miss Lou treating us? Great! It’s exactly what we wish for. I still have some matters to chat with you!”

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