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All of a sudden, a thought came to Liu Jingcheng's mind, that a young man would have lived his youth in vain if he was not wild during these his youthful years. Liu Jingcheng was already a man in his fifties who had been through a lot in life and he was surprised to be overpowered by this young man's confidence.

Someone with an attitude of exchanging one's life for another, instead of following the rules, was who the society feared most.

"Don't think that I'll let you off just because you speak those bold words. Why do I have to kill you? In fact I have many other ways of making you feel that you'd rather die," said Liu Jingcheng. He had to make this statement to save his face. What he initially thought to be a simple job had unexpectedly turned into a tricky situation. He could foresee he was the one to suffer in the end if this went on, however, should he just let him go?

Qin Sheng knew Liu Jingcheng had run out of ideas when he made that statement, so he burst out laughing and said, "I know the society today goes by the law, but people like you manipulate the politics and the laws of the country using your wealth and power. I've seen people like you putting someone in jail by framing him with some crime he hasn't committed. Unfortunately, with your capabilities, I will be able to come out of the prison in a few days if you do that to me. By then, I will come after you, not in the peaceful manner we are in right now. So I'm giving you one chance."

Liu Jingcheng became silent and fell into deep thoughts.

"Do you have any idea why I came to see you? If I'm not willing, these men of yours would not be able to bring me over. You may ask them if you don't believe my words, they know better," Qin Sheng paused and continued, "I don't want to create any trouble and have others clean up after me. I try to settle my own problems as much as possible."

At his wit's end, Liu Jingcheng hesitated and did not know how to respond to Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng laughed as he got up from his seat. Pretending to study the potted orchid plant in the room, he suddenly asked, "Do you know Third Master Wu?"

Having attained his level of status in society, Liu Jingcheng certainly knew who Third Master Wu was.

"I know you can't swallow this if you are forced to stop here, since you are already pent up with rage. How about I give you a way of escape by taking a step back each. I'll go visit your son in the hospital afterwards as an apology. I'll leave it to you how you want to explain to him." Qin Sheng was obviously willing to take a step back and took the initiative to seek reconciliation, and now it was up to Liu Jingcheng if he agreed to it.

Liu Jingcheng fixed his gaze on Qin Sheng and started to contemplate.

"I'm suggesting this because I respect that you are a father after all, and hopefully you will continue to teach your son properly. It was my fault to have resorted to violence, but it was also because he provoked me with his words. If this had happened two years ago, your son's body would have been thrown into the river for the fish to feed on. In addition, please tell your son not to have wishful thoughts about Han Bing, otherwise I can't guarantee his safety," Qin Sheng sighed and continued, "Alright, it's getting late, and I should get going. You think about what I say. You can also get to know more about me through your son or do some research base on whatever resources you have. If after going through all these, you are still set on taking revenge on me, please find someone capable. Even Yang Deng, who is Third Master Wu's assistant was not my match. These men you sent today were a far cry from being able to subdue me."

Qin Sheng had mentioned Third Master Wu just to dampen Liu Jingcheng's confidence.

At this juncture, Qin Sheng thought the matter had almost come to some kind of an end. His face broke out in a smile as he walked towards the door of the room and patted those men on their shoulder before he stepped out of the room. He thought these men were rather interesting, but they were definitely not cut out for this job.

Liu Jingcheng looked on as Qin Sheng exited from the room and did not try to stop him. He had to come to terms with the fact that this young man was indeed someone with guts. After all, he, being a man with much life experiences, could read people pretty accurately.

The most important thing was Qin Sheng's last few words, which stated that he was not even fearful of Third Master Wu. For this reaon, there was no way Qin Sheng would be intimidated by him.

Finally, Liu Jingcheng sighed and waved to the two burly men from Shandong, indicating that they should leave. He would treat his ordeal as a lesson learnt. Hopefully, his son would learn to stay low-keyed given that there were just so many people with hidden talents around. He, being a low level manager would not be able to cause any waves if he died, and perhaps he would not even know how he died.

Exiting from the teahouse, Qin Sheng called for a taxi to bring him bak to Shilin Huayuan. Along the way, he kept grumbling and mumbling to himself about having the spend 10 over dollars on the taxi fare, thinking Liu Jingcheng could at least send him back.

In the taxi on the way back, Qin Sheng called Xia Ding to tell him that he had settled the conflict with Liu Chengfeng. "I've just met his father. I'm quite sure the problem is solved," he reported to Xia Ding.

"How did you do that, Boss?" Xia Ding, who was working overtime in the office, asked curiously.

Qin Sheng half lied and said, "I used various tactics, including forcing him, appealing to him and deceiving him. I told him I'm an orphan and that I do not have any family, so if he were to put me on a spot, I will kill his entire family. When he heard that, he immediately gave in to me. Then I told him a way of escape so that we each take a step back. I said I would go to the hospital to visit his son, and that he should teach his son properly. If he insisted to take action on me, I warn him not to blame me if his son disappears suddenly, because I've already warned him."

"Ha ha ha, really?" Xia Ding lifted his legs and rested them on the table and burst out laughing.

Qin Sheng grinned and continued, "Of course it's true. How else do you think I settled this? I'm a nobody, with no parents and money. All I could do was to go all out."

"You are really something else, Boss! By intimidating him first, he couldn't do anything to you given his humble background. I will stand up to him if he dares to touch you," Xia Ding said, not taking the matter to heart.

Reaffirmed and comforted by Xia Ding's words, Qin Sheng said, "Your reassuring words are all that I need."

"Oh, did you and Su Qin contact each other these two days? I've a feeling that you two will get back together eventually," asked Xia Ding purposely, as he started to lit a stick of cigarette. He would have totally misunderstood Su Qin if Qin Sheng had not tried to explain to him the other day. After all, however, they were each other's first love. It would be great if they could be together.

"After dinner with my colleagues last night, we went to the bar, YOUNG, where we bumped into her later on. But she only stayed for a little while before she left." Qin Sheng thought he should explain to Xia Ding the coincidence the night before.

Xia Ding burst out laughing when he heard what Qin Sheng said. "You went to YOUNG? Looks like she still thinks about you a lot, otherwise she would not have tone to look for you there."

"What do you mean?" Qin Sheng was even more puzzled.

Xia Ding purposely beat around the bush by saying, "I guess you are clueless about who the new boss of YOUNG is?"

From Xia Ding's words, Qin Sheng could guess the answer instantly, and his facial expression betrayed his mixed feelings. Xia Ding revealed, "The new boss is Su Qin."

Although Qin Sheng already guessed as much, he was still taken aback at the mention of Su Qin's name. Following this, he came to realize the reasons behind many things that had happened, for example why Su Qin was at the bar last night in work suits, why Kangzi had tried to get acquainted with him. Obviously Su Qin had found out that he was back in Shanghai when he visited the bar YOUNG in the last two occasions.

Why did Su Qin choose to keep quiet about it?

"Aren't you surprised, Boss?" Xia Ding seemed to be very happy with himself for knowing so much about Su Qin, however, he was not aware that Qin Sheng had already visited YOUNG a times since he came back.

Feeling moody, Qin Sheng did not want to dwell on this topic any longer. He changed the topic by saying, "I'm taking a trip to Nanjing the day after tomorrow."

"Why are you going to Nanjing?" Xia Ding asked.

Qin Sheng replied, "I'm accompanying a member of Shangshan Ruoshui on a business trip."

"That's nice, you can meet up with Fourth brother over there and have him show you around, and get to check on his wife," said Xia Ding, who sighed and continued, "Too bad I'm busy these two days, otherwise I would love to follow you there for a short getaway."

"There'll be plenty of opportunities in the future when you are free," said Qin Sheng, whose mind had drifted elsewhere.

Xia Ding quickly said, "Don't wait until the next time. He would get upset if you didn't inform him that you were going Nanjing. At least meet up with him."

"Alright, I get it. That's it, I can't talk anymore, got to go." Qin Sheng said with a low voice.

Qin Sheng fell into deep thoughts after he hung up the phone. Why did Su Qin take over YOUNG? Why did she not contact him, knowing that he had returned to Shanghai. Was she angry with him? Were there other reasons?

Once back in Shilin Huayuan, Qin Sheng changed into sports gear and went to the gym to work out as a form of venting his frustration. He had become one popular patron to the gym. Many people who frequented the gym were envious of his muscles, in fact a number of lady patrons had initiated conversations with him and asked him for his contact numbers, although Qin Sheng tried to ignore them.

After a while, both Hao Lei and Chang Baji also came to the gym. Unlike Qin Sheng, Chang Baji especially welcomed the ladies' attention. He had a way of flirting with those beautiful ladies and making them laugh.

After they returned home from the gym, Qin Sheng informed Chang Baji and Hao Lei of his trip to Nanjing two days later. All they said was for him to be careful, and they did not question him further.

After two uneventful work days, Qin Sheng took leave from both Xu Lancheng and Ms. An to go to Nanjing. Xu Lancheng had gotten used to this. To him, Qin Sheng would one day become the big boss of Shangshan Ruoshui. He was only doing what needed to be done.

Ms. An, on the other, continued to nag at Qin Sheng to treat his job seriously, to treasure this platform, which would be a great help to him in future.

Qin Sheng did not try to hide anything from Ms. An this time but told her that he was accompanying Miss Xue on a trip to Nanjing to handle some personal affairs. Ms. An approved his leave straight away after hearing the reason. She believed it was an opportunity hard to come by to build up a closer relationship with their members, especially top-notch clients like Miss Xue.

By the time Qin Sheng finished work and returned to Shilin Huayuan, Ms Cheongsam had gave Qin Sheng a call to tell him that she was on her way to his house. This trip to Nanjing would last two to three days in duration, so she had instructed Qin Sheng to bring a few more sets of clothes as change.

Qin Sheng did not forget to inform Han Bing of his trip before he set out. He had not contacted her in the last few days as Hao Lei had commented that she had been rather busy with work these few days, so Qin Sheng did not want to disturb her.

As for Su Qin, the two did not contact each other after they parted their ways that night. Su Qin did not send any messages to Qin Sheng, neither did Qin Sheng take the initiative to contact her.

Ms Cheongsam's driver was the one to drive them to Rainbow Bridge district, where they took a high-speed train directly to Nanjing. Ms Cheongsam had made all the necessary arrangements over at Nanjing. Qin Sheng had only been to Nanjing once, which was when he was in the fourth year of university. It was then that he got to know Yu Kefei's family.

"I hope you haven't forgotten anything?" Ms Cheongsam asked softly as they got up the car.

Qin Sheng was wise enough to sit next to the driver. Ms. Cheongsam was dressed casually in a light jacket and jeans. She looked younger yet did not lose the elegant air about her.

"I just brought two sets of clothes, there's not much I can choose from," said Qin Sheng with a chuckle.

Xue Qingyan had brought along just one luggage, which contained three sets of clothes suitable for three different occasions, as well as make up set and shoes etc. "It's lucky to be a guy, you need only to bring this little things," sighed Xue Qingyan.

"Regardless of whether you're a woman or a man, it can be exhausting," Qin Sheng joked, but there was truth in what he said.

However, Xue Qingyan did not really understand the joke, otherwise she would have scolded Qin Sheng for being so bold as to joke around with her. All she said to Qin Sheng was, "Don't be so pessimistic, young man."

Qin Sheng just laughed but did not say more.

They finally arrived at the train station 40 minutes later. Ms Cheongsam had bought the train tickets for the both of them beforehand. Once they collected the tickets, they boarded the train and embark on their trip to Nanjing...

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