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The old man looked at Ye Mo and explained, "My health isn't too well, so Xiao Ku brought me to San Francisco to look for medical treatment while visiting old friends just like you. But it's alright, give me your hand."

Ye Mo realized that the old man also knew he was sick. But Ye Mo couldn't even see anything other than the death chi surrounding the old man, so how did he know that he was sick?

"Hmm?!" The old man was shocked.

Ye Mo immediately asked, "Is there something wrong?"

The old man contemplated for a long time before saying with a frown, "Young friend, your palm is very strange. I can't see your past or future. Hold on, your fate seems to have been changed? No, it has been changed for sure, yes-"

Speaking up 'till that point, the old man closed his eyes for a while before saying, "Powerful being, powerful being - if I'm not wrong, two year's ago, your fate was changed. Your destined death was changed to something that even I can't tell."

The old man put Ye Mo's hand down and saluted with his fist, "Young friend, I've proven myself useless. I can't see your fate, but there's one thing I would like you to enlighten me on."

Ye Mo was trying to calm down from his shock. This old man was the first person to see through his fate having been changed. His fortune telling art was too scary. He could actually see one's past and future.

"Qianbei, ask whatever you like," Ye Mo's tone also became respectful. This was a truly capable old man.

"May I ask who the person who changed your fate is? I would love to meet this Qianbei." The old man's tone was very careful and serious.

Ye Mo didn't expect him to ask about this, so he could only say, "That person is a woman, and after she helped me change my fate, she left. I still haven't found her up until now, so I'm also looking for her."

As the old man heard this, he looked disappointed. After a long while, he said despondently, "I, Meng Jiushan, am a frog at the bottom of a well. I thought myself to be at the pinnacle of fortune telling, yet now I came to realize again that there's always a taller mountain. Such power is not something I can see through."

The two people in the row in front heard those words and turned around immediately. One of them was a middle-aged woman, and the other was a young girl. The woman looked worried but had a royal temperament to her.

"Are you Master Meng Jiushan?" the woman suddenly said. Clearly, she couldn't contain her excitement.

The old man came back to his senses and nodded, "That's right, I'm Meng Jiushan." He had always been very confident in his fortune telling art but had been struck down today.

"Master Meng, I didn't expect to be able to encounter you here, I- Master Meng, this is a bit disrespectful, but I want to ask you to look at my fortune," the middle aged woman asked desperately. She knew it was luck amongst luck to be able to see Meng Jiushan. So even if it was disrespectful, she had to ask.

Meng Jiushan said, "Madam, since you know that I am Meng Jiushan, you should also know that I have an unpleasant rule. I can only tell fortune three times a day. Hence, I cannot see your fortune today."

"But you only did it once today, right? I can pay double the price!" The woman was desperate. She knew that if today passed, she wouldn't have another opportunity like that ever again. Although her family was wealthy, Meng Jiushan wasn't someone who could be invited by wealth alone.

As soon as the woman said this, Meng Jiushan's face sunk. It was as though he did fortune telling for money. He didn't ask for money from Ye Mo at all, and Ye Mo didn't propose to give him money either. He was very happy with what Ye Mo did. Yet this woman spoke about money immediately. This made him unhappy. If he were to need money, where couldn't he earn it?

Sensing Meng Jiushan's displeasure, the middle-aged woman realized her mistake and quickly apologized, "Sorry, Master Meng, I didn't choose my words carefully. Please forgive me."

Meng Jiushan waved his hand, "Don't worry about it, but I really did fortune tell 3 times today, so maybe next time." Then, he stopped talking.

The young woman beside her suddenly said, "Mom, these fortune tellers are just liars. Dad and I told you so many times, but you don't belive us. We'll go back and think of something else."

"Xiao Yin, don't say that. Master Meng is one of the three most famous masters in China, how can you say that!" the woman reproached immediately.

Ye Mo looked at the middle-aged woman and could tell that she was sick too. Her eyes seemed tired and her breathing uneasy. Ye Mo didn't look too carefully, though, because she was still a woman.

"Sir, I have some things I wish to ask Master Meng about, can I switch seats with you for a bit?" the woman asked.

Ye Mo sighed. He could tell this woman was well-mannered, so someone like her persisting after being rejected meant that she really was worried about her condition.

As Meng Jiushan heard her words, he just shook his head.

Usually, Ye Mo would've switched with her but this time, Ye Mo also had some questions for this Meng Jiushan. He felt like Meng Jiushan was very extraordinary.

He needed to know why Meng Jiushan could tell his fate had been changed. He didn't want to let other people be able to see stuff like that casually in the future.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo said apologetically to the woman, "I'm sorry, but I can't switch with you this time. However, I'm also a doctor, so-"

Suddenly Ye Mo paused - he realized that the pistol was gone.

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