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Liang Shiguo threw the letter on the ground, and Chen Zhui picked it up. The letter could be said to be very polite.

"Mr Liang, ever since I found out that the crystal was your organisation's, I wasn't able to sleep for the whole night. Even if there hadn't been a reward, I would've wanted to give the crystal back. Now that I already took your money, that's already embarrassing enough, how can I take such a precious card too? You're making me blush.

Although I know Mr Liang genuinely wants me to have the card, but I thought about it and decided that I truly can't take it. I left the card outside the door, please check it. I am an honest man, so I shall not take something that does not belong to me. Mr Liang also knows that I'm not the sort of person to leech on small benefits, right? If I took Mr Liang's card, it would really go against who I am. I'm afraid Mr Liang would still wish to give it to me, so that's why I left this letter downstairs. You must not be too kind, Mr Liang."

Chen Zhui looked at Liang Shiguo in confusion, "Director Liang, you're saying Ye Mo is shameless because he knew that the card was a bomb and left it there?"

Liang Shiguo calmed down and frowned, "Take me to the hospital first."

After they got in the car, Liang Shiguo continued, "He's not a god. He probably didn't know there was something wrong with the card. I'm saying that he's shameless because he took the 10 billion without a word, yet now he's saying that it'd be ruining his good name to take this card, even saying that he had been planning to give the crystal back to us for free! Do you believe that sh*t? Just look at how fast he transferred the money away. This person is too shameless."

Liang Shiguo couldn't help himself from cursing.

Chen Zhui frowned and said, "Director Liang, I feel this whole thing is strange. If Ye Mo really didn't know that this was a bomb, why would he give the card with the letter to the waiter? I also think Ye Mo is a very shameless person, so for someone like him, why wouldn't he take a card that's worth a few million?"

Liang Shiguo calmed down. In his fury, he had ignored such an obvious problem. 'Yeah, why did Ye Mo do that?' But if Ye Mo knew that was a bomb, why not just put it closer to him?

Liang Shiguo suddenly felt that he couldn't see through that Ye Mo anymore.

Was this an accident? Liang Shiguo didn't believe it was.

"Mr Chen and Peter, we shouldn't go to the hospital now but to the the airport instead. The crystal is on us. We need to send it away immediately. It's not safe with us. I only have some minor injuries, so some slight treatment will be fine." Liang Shiguo decisively made the car drive straight to the airport.

Ye Mo was following behind, but he wasn't planning on tracking those three. He was following the crystal, which he had marked with his spirit sense. He might have traded it away, he wasn't really going to give it to Northern Sand.

To Ye Mo, following the three was honestly a relaxing endeavor. They boarded a plane to Hong Kong already half an hour later. From this, one could see their organization's capability.

The plane departed quickly, and Ye Mo followed on his flying sword, complaining how slow the plane was. Two hours later, the plane landed in Hong Kong International Airport.

As soon as the three got off, there was a car ready to pick them up.

Ye Mo followed them to a rural gas station before finally stopping.

Coming there, Ye Mo realized that this had to be a Northern Sand meeting area. The office room upstairs looked very simple, but Ye Mo could easily tell the people working there weren't that simple. Two of them were yellow level and most importantly, there was a lavish room underground with the entrance to it being very hidden.

Ye Mo worried that Chen Zhui would be able to see through his invisibility. Even though he was at the chi gathering middle stage, Chen Zhui was an earth peak level master. If he noticed his chi waves, it wouldn't be hard to discover him despite his invisibility. At the moment, Chen Zhui and Peter were standing at the door, and it would be impossible to go inside without passing the two of them.

Just when Ye Mo was feeling troubled, Chen Zhui's phone rang. He turned around and carefully whispered something.

Ye Mo knew this was a chance. Chen Zhui was distracted and Peter was a mutant, so even if he was stronger than Chen Zhui, he wouldn't be able to sense his chi waves.

Ye Mo managed to enter the underground room without being caught. Four fully armoured black-clothed men stood there, all near the yellow level. Ye Mo was worried that there would be earth levels here, but there wasn't even a yellow level. It was pretty reasonable, though. After all, it wasn't easy to cultivate ancient martial arts.

It would seem that those four black levels he killed last time must've had quite some status in Northern Sand. No wonder Liang Shiguo had decided not to let him go.

"Director Liang, you're injured?" a busty beautiful woman asked. She saw the bandages on Liang Shiguo's shoulder and actually reproached him.

Liang Shiguo waved his hand, "Sister Ling, now isn't the time to talk about that. I've brought the thing here, and I'll be giving it to you. It's torture to have it on me. Have a look."

Then, Liang Shiguo showed the crystal to the woman.

The woman didn't ask any further questions. She examined the crystal carefully and nodded, "It's right, this is real. Thank you Director Liang, Elder Qu will be arriving shortly. I will ship it away with Elder Qu tonight. Please sign here."

Liang Shiguo signed and rested easy.

"Director Liang, you seem to have encountered some trouble? Did you get this from Ye Mo?" she asked strangely. She had never seen Liang Shiguo with such a face before.

Liang Shiguo nodded, "Yes, we lost a lot of men this time, which I have already reported. I'm waiting for notice on how to deal with that Ye Mo." Then, two more people came inside. It was an old man in his 60s and a man in his 30s.

"Elder Qu."

Liang Shiguo and the young woman greeted the old man as he came inside.

Elder Qu nodded and said, "Xiao Liang has done very well this time. He finally got the crystal! Although 10 billion is important to us, it's nothing compared to the crystal. But while knowing that Ye Mo could kill 27 gunned masters and 4 black level fighters in an instant and still acting so carelessly, making other mistakes, I can't deal with it. It must be reported."

The woman looked at the old man in surprise, "Director Liang made other mistakes?"

The old man nodded and said, "After realizing that his first method was wrong, it was a good decision to openly discuss with Ye Mo about the crystal, but he didn't even notice that Ye Mo broke the three hidden cameras. Although he found out about it later on, he didn't take it seriously and wanted to use some low means to get rid of Ye Mo - his second mistake."

Then Elder Qu glanced coldly at Liang Shiguo and said, "Xiao Liang, do you think someone who can sense those hidden cameras in such a short time wouldn't be able to tell there's something up with the card? Looks like you're declining now. These last two years have been too successful for you. If you didn't get the crystal or if Ye Mo had realized the use of the crystal, you would've been dead 100 times over. Northern Sand only has 5 earth level tertiary stage masters, and we gave you one of them and also sent Peter. Yet you went and lost 4 black level and 23 elite members."

Liang Shiguo looked down and sweated but didn't dare say a word.

Elder Qu seemed to feel like he had said too much and eased his tone, "But you at least got the crystal back, so you should be able to keep your life. As for Ye Mo, we should stop thinking about attacking him for now. At the moment, we probably don't have anyone who is a match for him in the organization."

"Ye Mo is that strong? No one in the organization is a match for him?!" the young woman blurted out with shock.

The old man nodded seriously, "Although we can't be certain, that should be the case. We can only see whether perhaps Mu Zhen might be a match for him. If even he can't beat him, our only other option would be to gang up on Ye Mo."

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