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Ye Mo hadn't come out after saving her. Song Yangzhu could already imagine Ye Mo being crushed by the mountain, surrounded by those horrendous fish in the river.

She should be happy about Ye Mo's misfortune, but she wasn't at all. She stood at the bottom of the mountain, looking at the still raging rockslides and felt faintly melancholic. She didn't want to cry for Ye Mo, but she couldn't hold back her tears.

Why was she crying for her enemy? Why? She couldn't understand.

It was as if she could still feel Ye Mo's warmth on her body. Holding the luminous pearl in her hand, she remembered how they were still together as one last night, yet today, she was here all by herself.

Revenge had been taken, but she couldn't pay back the debt she owed. Although Ye Mo was her enemy, he had also become her man.

Song Yangzhu thought about 'her man' and fell into a daze. She sat there for an entire day, unendingly crying. Was she crying for having taken revenge or for the man that died? Only she could know.

It wasn't until the third day when she finally left. The hunger she felt wasn't even the most torturous pain for her. It was the lack of direction and meaning she felt.

But the past is in the past, it's best to never think of it again. Song Yangzhu murmured, "From today onwards, Song Yangzhu doesn't exist. I've gotten revenge for the Song family, and now, I'm leaving."

Like that, her figure gradually disappeared from the outskirts of the Mei Nei Snow Mountains.


With that rumbling sound, Ye Mo knew things weren't looking too good.

He knew that if he didn't leave now, he would never be leaving. Ye Mo grabbed onto some wooden board and wanted to throw it to serve as a foothold, but he saw that the stairway had been covered by rocks and earth.

Ye Mo instinctively threw the board down in the opposite direction. As expected, as soon as he stood on the board, the fish ate it all, but Ye Mo only needed to gain some momentum from the board as he jumped and landed on the opposite wall. He used his flying sword to pierce into the wall and used it to stabilize his body.

As rocks and earth kept falling, many fell on top of Ye Mo. There were some large boulders that smashed into the river, with the water even splashing as high as Ye Mo.

Ye Mo quickly climbed some distance and dug a hole in the wall. At any other moment, he wouldn't want to use his flying sword to dig into stone walls, but now, he had no other choice.

Just when Ye Mo managed to dug a hole to store himself in, larger rocks started falling. If he had been just a little slower, then no matter how powerful he was, these rocks would have smashed him down.

There was another rumbling noise as more and more rocks fell. Ye Mo's heart sunk. He knew something special must've happened. The entire mountain was shaking! He suspected that the wall he was in might fall too.

Ye Mo realized that he wouldn't be able to save himself like this, so he quickly started digging into the wall again.

Another hour later, the rumbling weakened, but it was definitely still there.

Ye Mo estimated that he had to be somewhere in the middle of the mountain. He really was unlucky. He didn't know if Song Yangzhu got out either. Ye Mo sighed. It would be for the best if he never saw her again, but he also felt deep down in his heart that she was his woman. He didn't want her to have anything with other men.

'Was I too domineering?' Ye Mo asked himself, but he immediately patted his head. His life mattered more right now, why was he thinking about these useless things?

The sound on the outside got much smaller, and just when Ye Mo wanted to halt, he found that he'd dug through the stone wall already. What appeared before him was a huge valley. The surroundings consisted of stone walls all over, except for a small cave formation down below.

This was such a strange place. Ye Mo crawled down carefully and went around for a bit. He saw those disgusting fish occasionally in the river again, but there weren't that many. What was this place?

Ye Mo looked around and found a place to continue digging. He knew that if he didn't dig through this place, he wouldn't be able to get out.

Ye Mo stopped using his flying sword to dig. Although it wouldn't get broken by this much, Ye Mo didn't want to risk it. This was his only magic artefact, it was half his life. He could only rely on the flying sword to get out on the other side.

Luckily, he had a lot of weapons in his storage ring.

While Ye Mo continued digging, he cultivated and recovered his strength. This had become a habit for Ye Mo. It was lucky that he had food and water in his ring too. A week later, Ye Mo had fully recovered, and his power had as expected reached a higher level; the middle stage of stage 4. He was one step away from tertiary stage.

In his joy, Ye Mo dug faster. Another day later, he had dug into a new valley.

However, at this valley, he could see the sky! Ye Mo rejoiced. He could fly out of here on his flying sword now.

Ye Mo stood at the cliff and sighed. He could finally say he had survived. Although he didn't get the crystals, he didn't lose his life either, and his power had even increased.

But before Ye Mo got on his flying sword, he dazedly looked downwards. What he saw below was a mess. There were ruins and broken bodies all over the place.

Ye Mo couldn't be more familiar with the place; this was the Gourd Cave he had escaped from. He had actually dug all the way here! He sent his spirit sense down and scanned the place full of bodies. He could even see Xiang Mingwang's head.

Ye Mo rejoiced. That bomb was really strong. The entire Gourd Cave had been annihilated by it.

But Ye Mo had to pull back his excitement as he didn't see Ren Pingchuan. This meant that Ren Pingchuan had left. Ye Mo's felt some worry. Ren Pingchuan was his biggest enemy. He would have even preferred it if only one person had died as long as that person were Ren Pingchuan.

But Ren Pingchuan couldn't fly, so how did he leave? Upon further thought, Ren Pingchuan couldn't fly, but it wouldn't be hard for a great heaven master to leave the bottom of the valley.

Ye Mo landed on the square and carefully scanned with his spirit sense. He was sure that Ren Pingchuan's body was nowhere to be found, but Ye Mo didn't find a single living being either. This was impossible.

Although most of the sect members were at the square, there were some that hadn't come out too. Where did all of them go?

Ye Mo walked into the ancient main hall and didn't see a single person. He was getting more and more suspicious that there had to be another exit somewhere.

At the center of the hall stood a two-meter tall stage with an ordinary black chair on it. Behind it was a dragon-inscribed veil. Behind the stage were six huge pillars, each with the same strange animal on them.

Ye Mo inspected the animal and quickly recognized it to be the ugly fish he saw in the river.

Why was this creature carved here? Ye Mo couldn't understand. Did the Gourd Cave keep them? What did they represent?

Ye Mo scanned the area using his spirit sense and found a stone hole. It seemed a little strange, so Ye Mo walked towards it.

Suddenly, he stopped his footsteps and felt the urge to run.

"You're here," an extremely old voice sounded. Ye Mo immediately got goosebumps all over his body. It was Ren Pingchuan! This old guy didn't die and was waiting for him here? How did he know he would come?

Ye Mo had kept his spirit sense out yet still only found Ren Pingchuan from 30 meters away. How had Ren Pingchuan done that?

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