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No one saw how the black-clothed man kicked Zheng Chao off the stage. Feng Wu looked on in disbelief. He was sure that he wouldn’t be able to kick Zheng Chao off as easily.

Ye Mo frowned. He saw clearly that the black-clothed man’s moves were filled with eeriness and so was his inner qi. His inner qi might not be as strong as Zheng Chao’s, but Zheng Chao was obviously not used to this ghostly way off fighting. Just then, the black-clothed man had twisted his body into a double helix shape. It was very brief, but Ye Mo picked up on it with his spirit sense.

Ye Mo was sure that if the man used a style of fighting Zheng Chao was used to, victory would be hard to predict. As for him, the threat this black-clothed man posed was far less than Wang Lenchan because under his spirit sense, this black-clothed man’s elusive moves were clear as day.

But for others it was different. Even Wang Lenchan wouldn’t be able to be certain of victory if he wasn’t familiar with the black-clothed man’s moves. Unless Wang Lenchan used his killing blow as soon as he came out, but who would use those killing blows that had strong aftereffects immediately?

"This petty power, yet you dare act cool?" The black-clothed man seemed to have done something insignificant as he tapped his hands.

Feng Wu’s eyes went cold. Even if he was no match for this person, he had to attack. Otherwise, his Jiu Ming Academy would lose face.

Seeing Feng Wu wanted to fight him, the black-clothed man said plainly, "Since you’re agreeing to fight me, that must mean that if you lose, you will give the crystals?"

Feng Wu said coldly, "You’ve got your sly schemes, but those crystals don’t belong to me. There’s no way you can have them."

Feng Wu had to be careful.

The black-clothed man laughed, "Is the country with the biggest ancient martial arts heritage too scared to even bet this much? I’ll be frank here: I came here for the crystals today. If you don’t want to fight, that’s fine. Just say that you Chinese ancient martial artists are no match for me."

"Shameless thing, let me test how strong you are." Zeng Zhengxia stood up and pulled out the sword he had gotten from Ye Mo.

"Hmph, I’m ready to fight anytime, anyone. But if you come, that means you accept my challenge and you will give the crystals if you lose," the black-clothed man said.

Feng Wu waved his hand, "Since you’re so confident, let your disciple come first, and I’ll choose a disciple from our side."

"Okay, Xihu, go test how genius those Chinese geniuses really are," the black-clothed man sneered.

Feng Wu stopped Zeng Zhengxia and said quietly, "This person is a bit strange. We didn’t even see how he knocked Zheng Chao off the stage. I suggest watching his disciple first, and then we can attack."

Zeng Zhengxia agreed.

Ye Mo sighed. With the unpredictability of those moves, this black-clothed man’s disciple would likely win. If Zeng Zhengxia’s personal disciple were to go on, Ye Mo would need to help.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo started to prepare some wind blades.

At this moment, that Xi Hu walked up and said, "Anyone dare fight me?"

As soon as he spoke up, a black level primary stage youth jumped on the stage, "Some shameless coward dares to challenge our China? You’re asking to die."

This young man was one of the final 12. He whipped his whip towards that Xi Hu as he spoke.

Xi Hu heard this, and his face sunk. He also took out two blades that resembled rulers. At this moment the whip was already nearing him. If he didn’t dodge, he might be split in half by that.

At the moment the whip arrived, Xi Hu fell to the ground as though whipped down, but Ye Mo knew that the whip hadn’t touched him at all. Ye Mo sighed. This youth holding the whip was going to be in trouble.

As expected, before the young man could even let out a laugh, he sudden had a fearful expression on his face and soon fell dead on the stage.

Ye Mo had noticed that that Xi Hu’s body became a lot longer when he fell to the ground, and it extended to the youth’s back before Xi Hu smashed his ruler into the young man’s heart.

"Martial Brother Wei!" a cry of agony sounded from below the stage. A man jumped up and pulled out his sword, about to kill Xi Hu, but before he could properly thrust his sword, Xi Hu had disappeared.

When everyone focused on the stage again, the man who had jumped on it was already dead. Cause of death could be guessed from the hole in the back of his head.

This was too ghastly. No one had seen how the eerie youth attacked. Only Feng Wu and Zeng Zhengxia had seen a little.

The scene sunk into silence. This pair of master and disciple was too creepy. No one could see how they attacked, and they left no attacker alive.

Even Feng Wu and the furious Xiang Mingwang fell silent.

"What - will only those two be coming up? Does China have no one left?" the black-clothed man challenged in contempt.

"I’ll go up." A handsome youth got up full of anger. It was Shi Zhongzhi, the number one ranked seed.

Feng Wu said, "Without my orders, Jiu Ming Academy must not fight."

Ye Mo said to Zeng Zhengxia, "Brother Zeng, tell your personal disciple, Zeng Xihou here, to come. I’ll teach him a move and let him go up.

Zeng Zhengxia called Zeng Xihou over without hesitation. If it were someone else, he would think they were trying to harm his disciple but not Ye Mo.

Zeng Xihou had been itching to go, so now that his master let him, he wanted to charge up without hesitation, but he was stopped by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo gave a stack of wind blade rune papers to him and said, "Don’t talk to him when you get up there. He isn’t as strong as you. He’s only relying on some eerie movement technique. You just need to throw this stack of rune papers and shout out ‘lin’."

"Yes, Martial Uncle." Zeng Xihou took the paper respectfully. Due to his master, everyone in 36 River respected Ye Mo.

Ye Mo had made an entire set of wind blade rune papers this time. It wasn’t like a single rune paper. He had proper killing intent for this cruel Xi Hu.

Zeng Xihou walked onto the stage. Xi Hu looked coldly at him, "How nice, having the guts to die, you’re better than those cowards. China has a few fighters at least."

Zeng Xihou simply pinched his two fingers in the air, imitating the killing of an ant.

Seeing this, Xi Hu had aggression show on his face, "We’ll see how cocky you are after I kill you."

At the same time, Zeng Xihou threw out that stack of rune papers and yelled, "Lin!"

Zeng Xihou felt countless blade rays and blade chi flash across his eyes and all he thought was, ‘What a strong sword chi!’

Splash- Blood shot out everywhere. Even Zeng Xihou was dazed. He knew that the rune papers Ye Mo gave him would be useful because he had seen Han Yan use them, but he didn’t expect them to be this strong. This Xi Hu was actually killed without resistance.

Soon after, Zeng Xihou wanted to vomit. Xi Hu’s head and feet had been completely split apart.

"Huh?!" It took that black-clothed man a while to react. His beloved disciple was split into a bunch of pieces?

In his fury, the man charged up the stage and raised his metal ruler to smash it down on Zeng Xihou, but he somehow missed. When he realized what had happened and saw Ye Mo take away Zeng Xihou, he didn’t continue his attack.

Ye Mo looked at him coldly, "Just with your meager strength, you dare act cocky and have designs on the crystals, you Japanese?"

The black-clothed man calmed down and no showed the fury he had before. He said with extreme frigidness, "I, Yoyon Karou, challenge you to a fight. If you lose I can let you go, but you must give me him." He pointed at Zeng Xihou.

Ye Mo said plainly, "Talk after you win, you can’t win with your mouth."

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