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Han Yan saw the impurities coming out of her body and quickly said, "I’ll go take a shower."

Ye Mo didn’t have to wait long for Han Yan to come out. She walked up to Ye Mo and said gratefully, "Brother Ye, I’m really thankful to you for this. I know the pill must be very precious, if I get into the top 30, then the money reward-"

Ye Mo waved his hand, "The pill is what I promised to give you, you don’t need to thank me. I made a sword for you. Try it. Wear this wrist guard too. There are three sword moves that I made in my spare time, see if you can get familiar with it before the tournament. I can only help you this much. I’m going out tonight, if you need anything, just give me a call."

Ye Mo had just given the thing to Han Yan when his expression changed drastically. His spirit sense could scan everywhere in this hotel, and at that moment he saw Wang Xiyue getting choked and slapped on the third floor.

"You keep practicing here, I’m going out for a bit." Then, Ye Mo hurried downstairs.

Before Han Yan could react, Ye Mo was gone. She looked at the long sword in her hands carefully. She hacked the table gently, and it sliced off a corner of the table as if it was tofu.

Han Yan was dazed, what sword was that? The sword had a much higher caliber than the weapons in the Extreme Weapons Vault.

Meanwhile, in a big room of the 5th floor, the leader of the Xia Family, Xia Changtian, sat at the top seat with a green face, hearing Xia Seng’s exaggerated report. He and a few elders had just come back from a meeting, and they were going out again that night but that had happened.

Xia Changtian slapped on the tea table, "How can he have such big balls! A mere Guang Han Sect member and a black level insect dare to mess with our Xia Family."

The sturdy Nan-wooden tea table was smashed into pieces because of the hit. Xia Seng knelt on the ground, but there was coldness in his eyes. He knew that Ye guy was dead meat. The family leader was furious.

"Xia Seng, you’ve lost face for our Xia Family. When we get back, you will face the wall for a year," Xia Changtian reproached.

At that moment, an elder sitting next to Xia Chantian intervened, "Xia Seng, you said that young man was in his 20s and has black level tertiary stage power?"

Xia Seng quickly replied, "Yes, Elder Pang. Shi Zhongzhi from Jiu Ming Academy said that Ye guy is probably in black level tertiary stage."

"A black level tertiary stage master in his 20s? His surname is Ye?" hearing this, Xia Changtian murmured. Suddenly, his face changed drastically, and he glanced at the other elders. His expression turned bad.

"Ye Mo," Xia Changtian and Xia Pang said this name at the same time.

After that, they were sure that young man was Ye Mo. Other than Ye Mo, who would have such power that even the hidden sect members didn’t know? The main thing was that, who else would dare beat a Yi Jian Sect disciple that badly?

A shiver rose up from the back of Xia Changtian and Xia Pang. Although news of Ye Mo beating Dian Cang until they had to seal their sect hadn’t gotten out, there were some rumors about it. Even if it was fake, it was known that Ye Mo had decimated the He Liu Sect and that they had no choice but to seal their sects and hide.

Two of the six big hidden sects were forced to shut down by Ye Mo, and now an idiot from the Xia Family had to mess with him.

It’s said that Ye Mo loved to annihilate sects. No matter how strong the Xia Family was, they weren’t as strong as one of the big six. Furthermore, they knew something that others didn’t. Their son-in-law, one of the three masters of the Hong Martial Sect, earth level middle stage Zhang Fengzhi, was killed by Ye Mo.

After Ye Mo killed him, he helped Mo Kang to take Xia Rou. Despite this, the Hong Martial Sect didn’t dare say anything. They even went to help Ye Mo make an announcement and compensated him for his losses.

But the reason for this compensation was ridiculous. It was that these people had gone to Flowing Snake and hit in his property. Despite this, most of the people who went still brought something to apologize. His Xia Family was one of them.

From this, one could see Ye Mo’s dominance over the hidden sects. It could be said that Ye Mo’s name was a taboo for the hidden sects. Xia Changtian didn’t know what the other four sect’s attitude to Ye Mo was, but his Xia Family didn’t dare to mess with Ye Mo.

They wanted to get on Ye Mo’s good side, but it was all ruined because of the idiot Xia Seng. If Ye Mo got pissed, their Xia Family would be in trouble.

"Family Leader, perhaps we can contact Rou and get Mo Kang to get his mercy." Xia Changtian was willing to sacrifice Xia Seng if needed.

"Family Leader," Xia Seng still called out at the wrong moment.

"Piss off, you animal. Our Xia family will sooner or later be destroyed by trash like you." Xia Pang kicked him.

Xia Seng was sent thrown in the air while spitting blood, but he didn’t dare say anything. He had heard of Ye Mo’s power, but just didn’t realize the person he had offended was Ye Mo. He was over, Xia Seng’s heart sunk. He felt he was too unlucky, a random guy he messed with turned out to be Ye Mo.

"Immediately go see if Ye Mo is still in the hotel. If he is, notify me as soon as you know," Xia Changtian said decisively. He needed to get Ye Mo’s forgiveness as quickly as possible.

"Family Leader, Yi Jian Sect’s sect leader and teaching elder are here to visit," someone reported.

Xia Changtian and Xia Pang immediately knew why they had come. They wanted the Xia Family to join them in fighting Ye Mo.

Xia Pang sneered. The Yi Jian Sect didn’t need them to deal with a mere black level warrior. They didn’t know who Ye Mo was, and if he had a good background, then they could drag the Xia Family down with them.

"Please, come in." The Yi Jian Sect was no lesser than the Xia Family, Xia Changtian didn’t want to get on their bad side either.

"Xia Brother, you got quite a catch today." A skinny man entered first. He saluted and smiled.

Xia Changtian also saluted with his fist, "Sect Leader Yu has also acquired quite a lot too."

As soon as these few people sat down, the man Xia Changtian had sent rushed back in and said, "Ye Mo just went to the third floor into the boss’ office."

Xia Changtian got up as soon as the man said this, and left quickly with Xia Pang. Before he left, he hurriedly said, "Sect Leader Yu, I have very important business to deal with, we will talk later."

Seeing this, the sect leader and the elder thought it was strange and too rude. A mere family like the Xia Family dared to act like that. He had come to visit them personally, but they left hurriedly. Even if he was going to see the sect leaders of the six big sects, he couldn’t be like this.

"Sect leader, did he say ‘Ye Mo’?" The elder had immediately heard this.

The person who had beaten Feng Nan was also an ancient martial arts cultivator with the surname Ye. They immediately connected the dots and realized that the person who had beaten up Feng Nan was Ye Mo.

When Ye Mo reached the 3rd floor, Wang Xiyue was already dumped in a corner. The person beating him was a man in his 30s, yellow level tertiary stage.

Ye Mo saw Wu Yingyuan next to that man, he knew that this person was the master he had heard about. But Mayor Wu looked very respectful then, he didn’t seem to notice that Wang Xiyue was getting beaten.

"You're very ballsy, Boss Wang. You dare give a room to that trash. I think you don’t want to live," this young man kept swearing. He thought that Wang Xiyue should have given the room to him on first notice, but Wang Xiyue didn’t and he disrespected him.

"Young Master Pei, the person living at the top is him." Wu Yingyuan was the first to see Ye Mo at the door.

The young man stared coldly at Ye Mo and swore, "Idiot, do you want to d-?"

Young Master Pei just said half a sentence and stopped, his face had turned into horror.

"Xi- Sect Leader Xia," He mumbled and bowed to the old man who had just walked in.

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