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Boom- The mansion exploded, leaving behind a huge mushroom cloud.

Everyone was shocked. The police had agreed to his request, yet he still blew up his mansion. No one knew why though. If it was about destroying the evidence, the base should’ve been enough.

Ye Mo didn’t expect that the power would be so great either. Even the base was probably affected.

"President, something doesn't seem right." Yuan Weiping was looking at a screen.

"Get rid of all communication, go into stealth mode, and maximize our speed. It doesn’t matter if it seems right or wrong, as long as the base was destroyed," Yuan Zhirong said.

Yuan Weiping said worriedly, "Our base wasn’t blown up; the mansion was blown up instead."

"What?" Yuan Zhirong immediately figured out why the video was leaked. Their family had been infiltrated!

Spurt- Yuan Zhirong spat out blood in his rage.

"Luo Yue! I admit I underestimated you. If I don’t get revenge for this, then-" Yuan Zhirong’s face was white as paper, he knew that he had lost completely this time.


Li Chunsheng saw that Qian Fanghan wasn’t saying anything while the helicopter left and immediately knew that this was a problem. However, no matter how strong the Yuan family was, could they be stronger than the Song family? Hence, he didn’t worry that Yuan Zhirong would get away.

Seeing the helicopter leave without being stopped, Ye Mo sneered. This was just as he’d expected. This was a clash between higher ups, but that had nothing to do with him. Qian Fanghan’s face had ‘this has nothing to do with me’ written all over it.

You big shots can brawl all you want, but there’s no way you can escape from my eyes. I really want to see how someone will save you in this situation. The person who would try to save Yuan Zhirong was pretty much a pig waiting to be roasted.

Ye Mo didn’t understand how his helicopter could be so fast, though. It couldn’t even be called a helicopter, but rather a jet instead.

Ye Mo didn't care about any political brawls. He wasn’t going to let Yuan Zhirong go; even if he had to take a spaceship, Ye Mo would still chase him.


"President, should we find a place where we can get an alternative vehicle before leaving? Although our plane is the best in the world, it’s just too big," Yuan Weiping said worriedly.

Yuan Zhirong’s veins were bulging. He still wasn't able to determine who could've had such power as to relocate all the bombs from the base to his mansion.

He had dominated everyone all his life, since when did he have to suffer this hard?

"No need, since they say they can delay the chase for one hour, they should be able to. If they can’t do even that, then I’d rather die than give them what they want," Yuan Zhirong said cruelly.

"President, although that thing is very important, anything can always happen, just like last night. Also-" Yuan Weiping paused.

Yuan Zhirong woke up from his anger and said, "Also what?"

Yuan Weiping continued as he piloted the plane, "We’re not even that big of a family in Beijing. If they go back on their words and disregard what we have…"

Yuan Zhirong had regained his composure, so hearing this, he said after a moment: "Weiping, you’re right. We have to rely on ourselves for everything. They helped us not because of how strong we are. Wait, these people saved me for now, but they won't let me go just like that. Weiping, find a place to land immediately, we can’t take this plane."

"You are very smart indeed! But your Yuan family is useless; a virus that was pretty much finished was given to you, yet you weren't even capable of spreading it. Such incapable people! For some minor interests, you went and offended a small company. If you don’t want to die immediately, stop the plane at the Duan Heng Ranges," a voice suddenly sounded, seemingly very angry.

Yuan Zhirong and Yuan Weiping looked at a speaker in the corner; even if they were idiots, they would still realize that they’d been completely used.

"Who are you, who the hell are you?!" Yuan Zhirong screamed at that speaker.

Calling Luo Yue’s product just some minor interest, who the hell was this person? Yuan Zhirong had been using people all his life, but he had never been so utterly used himself.

"You don’t need to ask who I am, you just need to steer the plane where I tell you to. Although I don’t care about that thing, your life still has some use," the voice said.

"How did our Yuan family offend you? Are you the one who gave the thing to Bing’er? Why did you do that? Why did you not choose all those big families but us instead?" Yuan Zhirong’s tone was getting crazier.

The cold voice replied, "Because your family wasn’t too powerful. That’s why I chose you. But like the pig you are, you blew up your mansion instead of the base. The reason I saved you is because you can still be of some use."

Yuan Zhirong was dazed and said dumbly, "I’m a pig, I’m a pig indeed! Hahaha, I was a pig once, but I won’t be a pig twice. If I really go where you tell me to, I will probably still die. You’re just making me bring the thing. Even if I die, I won’t let you get what you want!"

"Hmm, you want death? Do you not desire revenge?" the tone was much smoother this time.

Yuan Zhirong’s expression was one of madness, "My greatest enemy is you, but I know that I can’t get revenge. If I were able to kill my enemies, my first victim would be you and then Luo Yue. I know that even if this hadn’t happened, when I gave the thing to you, our Yuan family would still be over. Weiping, let’s die together; steer the plane towards the rocks!"

Weiping answered calmly, "Yes, President."

Then, the plane charged towards the mountain.

Hearing this, the tone of the speaker became agitated, "Yuan Zhirong, you’re crazy! Stop right now!"

"That’s right, I’m crazy; I can be used once, but don’t even think of trying to use me twice." Yuan Zhirong’s tone suddenly became calm. He ignored the speaker and said to Weiping, "Weiping, you’ve been by my side for tens of years, and I eventually ended up taking you on a path of no return. I’m sorry."

Yuan Weiping smiled, "President, as I vowed before, from the day you saved me and my sister, my life was yours."

"Okay, Weiping, I’m a few years older than you, just call me big brother," Yuan Zhirong’s tone was very calm, and he had a deep sense of relief. He knew that no matter what, there was no way out.

"Big Brother!" Yuan Weiping said without hesitation.

As soon as he called him big brother, the helicopter crashed into the mountain in a huge explosion.

Ye Mo who was following behind closely in the air stopped. He could tell that this was suicide. He didn’t understand why Yuan Zhirong still sought death after having made it out.

Ye Mo landed near the rubble. Their bodies almost couldn’t be recognized.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense and was sure that the two dead men were Yuan Zhirong and Yuan Weiping. Ye Mo didn’t feel anything; the two got what they deserved.

A small golden case caught Ye Mo’s attention. Ye Mo grabbed the case through the air and opened it. The space inside was very small. Other than a diamond-like crystal, there was nothing else. Ye Mo looked at the crystal carefully. It seemed to be just a normal rock, so since he couldn't tell what it was, he dumped it into his storage ring.

Other than that, Ye Mo couldn’t find anything on the crash site, so he turned and left.

An hour later, another helicopter arrived with three men in black getting off. They didn’t say anything and simply charged into the remains of the crash as they started searching.

Half an hour later, the oldest man said in a bleak voice, "There’s nothing, no footsteps either, and it doesn’t seem to have been searched. It doesn't seem like the thing was brought out."

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