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Tian Youneng immediately started thinking of ways to safe his life. He immediately thought of Xu Shi.

The Li Family was a behemoth, but it didn’t mean that everyone feared him. Xu Shi didn’t fear the Li Family. Xu Shi was from the Heaven Squad, he wouldn’t be afraid of the Li Family. Even if the Li Family leader Li Mingyong saw Xu Shi, he needed to show his respects. If it was Xu Shi’s master, then he needed to be even more respectful.

If he got Xu Shi to deal with the young man, then even Li Qiancai couldn’t do anything about it. And, Xu Shi had to fight the young man because Guo Qi had killed the warrant officer Xu Shi had brought. This was a slap to Xu Shi’s face.

Tian Youneng thought about this, and almost laughed. It had nothing to do with him, why was he even scared? He couldn’t help to commend himself for being so smart.

"Commander Li, Tian Youneng." Tian Youneng’s fat figure was very agile, he immediately ran to Li Qiancai and bowed.

Li Qiancai waved his hand annoyingly and stopped him from talking. He knew that Ye Mo was there due to Li Dong and, although Li Dong wanted to harm Tian Youneng, he didn’t dare to hide it from his uncle.

Li Qiancai wasn’t someone Li Dong could compare with, he knew too much about Ye Mo. Not even the Li Family could be able to stop Ye Mo’s power, and the Li family needed to have connections with Ye Mo. One time, Li Qiuyang had met Ye Mo, they ate dinner together and he was lucky enough to help Ye Mo big time. Now, he was an important member of the family. This time, he had such a good opportunity, he didn’t want to let it go. Just when Ye Mo wanted to talk, Tian Youneng had interrupted him and it made him very annoyed.

"Are you Li Qiancai?"

Li Qiancai had already told Ye Mo who he was when he saw him. Now that Ye Mo was asking again, he felt strange, but still replied carefully.

Ye Mo nodded and said, "I’ve seen you once."

"Instructor Ye has seen me before?", Li Qiancai was shocked. He knew Ye Mo wouldn’t make things up, but he was always in the military, how could have Ye Mo seen him?

Although he really wanted to call him 'Brother Ye' like Li Qiuyang or Ye-Qianbei, but for now, he could only call him using his official title, 'Instructor'.

Ye Mo smiled, "A year ago, I was at an auction in the Wu Liang Mountain's Xi Xia temple. I even sold a few pills there. When I entered, I saw two people from your Li family."

"What?" Li Qiancai was dumbfounded. Ye Mo’s words were like lightning blasting into his head.

Although the Li Family was also a part of the five great families, only the Li and Zhang Families had people in the hidden sects.

Zhang Family only had Zhang Zhihui, and he basically never stayed with the Zhang family; so the Li Family was the greatest family in China because they had direct connections with the hidden sects, and many of their members would be sent to the hidden sects for cultivation.

It could be said that the power of the Li Family was far from what the other four families could compare with, excluding the Zhang Family if they actually did have Zhang Zhihui with them.

There were few people who knew that the Li Family had power in the hidden sects, yet Ye Mo had just mentioned it casually, and this made Li Qiancai very shocked. There were families with connections to the hidden sects, but they usually wouldn’t get too involved or the government would get offended; but the Li Family could even go to hidden sect auctions, where one could see clearly their relationship. Wait, if Ye Mo knew that he and Li Qiuming had gone to the auction then it meant that he also went. How come he didn’t see Ye Mo?

He said he had been selling pills there. 'Huh'. Li Qiancai was astonished again; was he the person who sold the face-preserving pill and then took the blue carrot from the Xia Family? It must be him.

Ye Mo saw Li Qiancai’s expression and immediately knew that he had recognized him. What happened in the past was no longer a secret and, with his current power he didn’t need to hide it. That day at the auction he had seen one person who looked like Li Qiuyang and a person next to him with a mask on, that person seemed to be Li Qiancai.

"You..." Li Qiancai could no longer contain his excitement, a face preserving pill was worth more than one billion. If Ye Mo was the person who had sold it, he only needed to keep making them and his wealth would be enough to buy any country he pleased.

Ye Mo nodded and didn’t say anything. He looked at Tian Youneng, who was listening on the side. The man's expression changed rapidly. If his perceptive skills weren’t so good, he wouldn’t have even thought that this fat man was the person who had been raging about capturing Guo Qi and Fang Wei. Tian Youneng had a smile on his face, his look made people think that he was truly happy.

Seeing Ye Mo and Li Qiancai’s conversation come to a end, Tian Youneng quickly said, "Commander Li, I’ve prepared a feast to welcome you. Commander Li, may I ask who this is?"

Before Li Qiancai said anything, Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "Are you Tian Youneng? It’s only 2pm and you've already started eating, no wonder you’re so bulky."

Ye Mo’s words almost made Tian Youneng puke. He was all fat indeed, but that had nothing to do with being bulky.

Although he wanted to eat Ye Mo in that moment, he maintained a warm smile on his face and said, "Haha. It’s indeed a bit early for food."

Ye Mo said without any manners, "Since it’s too early, then bring captain Lu Lin. I don’t have time to waste talking to you."

Tian Youneng’s face looked a little stale, and his smile became a little forced. Even if Commander Li was going to capture someone, he couldn't act like this. This was smacking him in the face. He had approved the capture of Lu Lin, and now that young man came and told him to release her without giving him any reason. Even if Ye Mo wanted to free her, he needed to give him a reason for it to make sense. He would say, "Oh, is that so? I’ll let Lu Lin come over immediately." Afterwards, he would report it and let someone else who could handle it deal with Ye Mo.

But he didn’t say anything and just asked for her again. He was too bossy, and the young man hadn't even introduced himself. Although Tian Youneng wanted to rage, he didn’t dare to. Who could he be for Li Qiancai to treat him so respectfully?

"Yes, yes. But Lu Lin’s case is a bit serious, she has just been transported out and she is still on the road. May I ask who are you?", Tian Youneng said carefully.

Ye Mo sneered, "Then get her back immediately. I’m taking her away. if she loses even a strand of hair, I will cut off your arm. If she loses a nail, then I will take your life."

"You-" Tian Youneng was an experienced man, but he couldn’t help getting angry. That young man was too cocky.

Although Li Qiancai didn’t know what had happened, he just saw Tian Youneng’s face and said, "Commander Tian, I believe you should do as Instructor Ye says."

"Oh, yes, yes." Tian Youneng didn’t expect Li Qiancai to tell him to listen to the young man without hearing the reason first. Who was this young man? How was he an instructor?

"Yu Yang, immediately get Lu Lin back to the barracks!", Tian Youneng was full of anger and could only vent it on his men.

Seeing Yu Yang leave, Tian Youneng turned around and said to Li Qiancai and Ye Mo with a smile, "Lu Lin would be back in an hour at most. We can go see the training grounds in the meantime."

Tian Youneng was planning something; although Xu Shi hadn't returned yet, when he did, the first place he would go to would be the training ground. That way, he would see Guo Qi for sure, and when Xu Shi would see Guo Qi, he would rage and the young man would have to stop him. Like this, he could see the two men fight it out.

At this moment, he rejoiced from Guo Qi killing Xu Shi’s warrant officer; otherwise, his plan wouldn’t work. Although he belonged to the Qiu Family, he didn’t believe the Qiu Family would fight with the Li Family for a son-in-law.

Li Qiancai looked at Ye Mo and it was clear that he would follow what Ye Mo wanted.

Tian Youneng brought them to the training ground, the people watching moved aside. Some recognized Li Qiancai, but just didn’t know who was beside him.

When everyone saw Guo Qi and Fang Shi, they were dumbfounded. The hunt for them was still outgoing, but the two men who had been brought in by Commander Tian himself and Commander Tian seemed to be very respectful.

Guo Qi and Fang Wei were clueless now. They didn’t dare to even guess anything now. They could only stay behind Ye Mo quietly. Although they didn’t know how strong Ye Mo exactly was, he had already heard Tian Youneng send people to get Lu Lin.

"What is going on? Commander Tian, why can these two criminals walk into the barracks unscathed?", as soon as they walked in, a cold voice sounded.

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