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Ye Mo nodded, "You take this as a way of knowing that I was right about you. But don’t worry about it. Since it was me who dared to open factories at Flowing Snake, I also have the ability to settle things. Is there anything else?"

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, although Xu Yuehua was still doubtful, she could only suppress it and continue, "There’s an organization in Hong Kong called the Hong Kong Four Strange Looks. The leaders of this organization are four brothers, but these brothers are cruel and heartless. Even Jiao Bianyi does't dare to easily offend them.

I suspect these four brothers might try to harm CEO Ye, the reason is due to your chi increasing pills. Since the last time you left Western Sand, they have spent a fortune to get a South East Asian organization to make laser bombs, and they’ve been collecting information about you."

"Laser bombs?" Ye Mo frowned. Thinking about it, he remembered when he killed Ren Sha.

If laser bombs were the ones Ren Sha had thrown last time, then he might get hurt if he wasn’t careful. If many of those bombs went off at the same time, the consequences would be serious.

But Ye Mo thought there wouldn’t be too many of those bombs.

Seeing Ye Mo frown, Xu Yuehua continued, "The Fu brothers might have a real ancient martial arts cultivation method. And, I suspect their big brother, Fu Youjin, is yellow level."

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Thank you, Sister Yuehua, I will go visit these four brothers later."

Xu Yuehua heard this and she rejoiced that Ye Mo considered her on his team now.

Ye Mo had definitely approved Xu Yuehua’s intelligence capabilities. Although he didn’t even consider the Four Strange Looks a threat, if they really had the laser bomb and ambushed him, he could be fine, but what about Qingxue? If Qingxue got hurt again, would killing them solve the problem?

Ye Mo turned around and said to Ning Qingxue, "Qingxue, stay with Sister Yuehua for now. I’ll be back soon, you can call home to say you’re safe."


In a mansion in Hong Kong, the four brothers gathered to discuss attacking Ye Mo.

"Fourth Brother, you’re right, as soon as Ye Mo returned to Hong Kong, the first place he went to was the Xu Yue Hotel", Fu Youyin said with excitement.

Fu Youhai nodded and said with confidence, "That day Ye Mo met with Xu Yuehua, it must have been because he wanted to hire her. Although Black Widow is a bit greedy, she has good abilities. Ye Mo must have given her some time to think about it. If he couldn't find that Ning Qingxue at sea, the first thing he would do is to come see that Xu Yuehua."

Fu Youjin frowned and said, "Fourth Brother, I have a bad feeling about this. I heard that he didn’t come back alone this time, he brought a girl to Xu Yue hotel. That girl is very pretty, I think he might’ve found Ning Qingxue already."

"Big Brother, that’s impossible. The plane was gone and so many people didn’t come back, how come did he find Ning Qingxue? Is he a god? Is he stronger than the US government?", Fu Youyin immediately said.

Fu Yousan said, "Big Brother, I also didn’t agree to attacking Ye Mo before, but since we made a decision, we can’t keep changing minds. It’s too early and we haven't prepared yet."

Fu Youhai nodded, "It’s a bit early indeed, and we only got one of those laser bombs. If we wait another week, we can get two more. That’s like a mini nuclear bomb. I think that even if Ye Mo is earth level, he wouldn’t be able to escape."

"Do you think Black Widow knows about us buying the laser bombs? She knows everything in Hong Kong. If she hears about this and tells Ye Mo, then it would get dangerous." Fu Youjin said with worry.

"Big Brother, you’re worrying too much. Let’s not discuss whether she knows about it. Even if she did, would she think we’re trying to attack Ye Mo?" Fu Youyin argued.

"En, let’s do this. But from the pictures we got, the woman next to him is just too pretty, I will have this woman." Fu Youjin said, making up his mind.

"Big Brother, are we lacking women? The first thing we should do is think about how to get the bomb to Ye Mo’s hands. As long as we do that, we will be successful." Fu Yousan said.

Fu Youhai smiled, "It is very simple, we’ll package the bomb and give it to Xiao Lan. Let Xiao Lan give it to Ye Mo and say it's from Xu Yuehua. Xiao Lan is Xu Yuehua’s trusted person, I don’t think Ye Mo would question it."

"Yeah, the moment Ye Mo has the bomb in his hands, we will detonate it immediately. This is a good method…" Fu Youyin agreed.

"No..." Fu Youhai shook his head. The rest of them looked at him and he smiled bleakly, "Those who cultivate to Ye Mo’s stage all have a natural instinct for danger. I think we should let Xiao Lan walk in front of Ye Mo and then detonate it. With its power, anything within 10 meters won't be able to escape."

Fu Yousan said hesitantly, "But this way, won’t the chi increasing pills be gone?"

Fu Youhai sneered, "Detonate it a little further away and the pills might not be blown away. Even if they do, it’s fine."

"How does that work, Fourth Brother?" Fu Youjin asked.

Fu Youhai said plainly, "I’ve investigated Ye Mo. Luo Yue is probably his, and his chi increasing pills are made there. Even if we annihilate Ye Mo, why would the workers at the factory stop, Big Brother? Perhaps we could get the recipe for the pills, and that would be a fortune."

"Great." Fu Youjin clapped and immediately said, "But this way, poor Xiao Lan, I quite like that woman. She’s also always kept an eye on Xu Yuehua, it’s quite a pity for her to die."

"Big Brother, didn’t you already say that the woman next to Ye Mo is yours? Why would you care about a mere woman like Xiao Lan? Once we all have chi increasing pills, even Xu Yuehua will be ours. What can she do to us? By then, we’ll go on her together." Fu Youyin said.

"Hahaha," the four brothers laughed in agreement. Obviously, they were very happy with Fu Youhai’s plan.

But before the four had finished laughing, there was a monotone clapping, "Not bad, the plan is very good but you overestimate yourselves. Even if you got the bomb in my hands, you would injure me at most."

"Ye M- Ye-Qianbei…", the four brothers stood up at the same time and looked at Ye Mo in horror. They really couldn’t understand how Ye Mo had come in this meeting room. This was their most secretive place. There were many guards, and anyone who approached it within 20 meters would be found.

The fact was Ye Mo had appeared in front of them, but no alarm was set off.

"Xiao Lan, is it you? You traitor, how dare you bring him in…" Fu Youyin looked at the girl next to Ye Mo and hissed in anger.

The girl spat and said, "I belong to Sister Yuehua, I stayed here just to help her investigate things, how am I a traitor? Furthermore, even if I didn't work for her, you animals want me to die with the bomb! Why should I listen to you? And, Brother Ye brought me in today, not the other way around."

"Huh…" The four brothers looked at Ye Mo all at the same time. They really didn’t understand how he had come inside; could he turn invisible or something?

Ye Mo thanked Xu Yuehua more and more. If it wasn’t for her reminder, he might not have avoided their plan, what if they had injured Ning Qingxue? What is more, Ye Mo had seen the power of the laser bomb, it could indeed harm him.

What made Ye Mo the angriest was that they had schemed to take Luo Ye. Although Ye Mo knew that with Xu Ping, they all would be fine, these four still pissed him off.

As though they knew this was their only hope, Fu Youhai took out a black ball and raised it, "Ye-Qianbei, I know it’s our fault for trying to attack you. We’re willing to take back our words. If Ye-Qianbei disagrees, we will all die together."

Then, his other hand grabbed the controller.

Ye Mo sneered, "What right do you think you have to negotiate with me?"

Fu Youhai wanted to say something, but he suddenly felt his two wrists aching. He looked down subconsciously and immediately realized that both of his hands had been cleanly cut off.

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