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As though to prove Ning Qingxue’s guess, the three primitive people started to head slowly to where Ning Qingxue was hiding. They walked carefully, using their sticks to push aside branches.

They knew someone was hiding there, however, they were afraid of getting ambushed.

Ning Qingxue realized that if they got a few more steps loser, they would be able to see her. She didn’t know whether to shoot or not. Although she wanted to, shooting would mean death. Even though they were primitive people, it was still too much for Ning Qingxue to handle.

It was different from when she used the fire ball to kill the Japanese man. He had tried to rape her; however now, she didn’t know what to do about primitive people who hadn’t hurt her yet. She thought of how the primitive man treated that woman, and felt scared. If the man saw her, she didn’t dare to think of the results.

Just when she was hesitating whether or not to shoot, the three of them suddenly stopped. The woman pointed at the ship and screamed.

They had seen the ship, as Ning Qingxue understood, and they could also see the ship from where they stood. The man who had come later also screamed and ran to the ship.

Seeing him go, the other two followed as though going later would mean that all the goods are gone.

Ning Qingxue saw the three leave and felt relieved. If those three really had got to her, she would have had no choice but to fire and that might have attracted more of them.

Ning Qingxue went to the entrance of the cave and moved the branches a little, looking through them. She wanted to know what would happen if they managed to get on the ship.

It wasn’t very far, and Ning Qingxue could clearly see the three savages running to the side of the ship and charging at it. Two of them went in, yet one stayed outside.

From their very familiar movements, Ning Qingxue guessed that it wasn’t their first time seeing these ships come over. Their ancestors might have had an accident in the sea; therefore stayed there and reproduced.

After a moment, the two who had gone inside ran out and jumped into the sea.

Ning Qingxue saw clearly that the two men who had jumped into the sea didn't come out.

The woman, who was waiting on the island, screamed after seeing them jump and ran for her life. She could also feel there was something wrong with the ship.

Ning Qingxue felt scared, this ship was eerie indeed.

The woman screamed louder and louder, soon there were other sounds. Ning Qingxue confirmed her theory, there were others indeed.

The woman saw these people, she came and ran to them while screaming, trying to express something. After speaking for a while, she suddenly fell to the ground and didn’t make any noise.

Two primitive woman tried to pull her up and wake her up, but she didn’t react.

The primitive tribe went around the dead woman, and approached the ship leaving her behind.

Ning Qingxue watched, wanting to see what the remaining people would do. However, the woman who had dropped dead on the ground suddenly got up. Ning Qingxue was confused, had she lied?

But the next scene shocked Ning Qingxue even more, the woman suddenly jumped intothe sea and disappeared.

Ning Qingxue watched this with horror, she couldn’t really comprehend why this was happening. Was that ship really a ghost ship? After thinking about this, Ning Qingxue decided not to go near it.

She suddenly thought of her necklace. Did she not got into the sea like that woman thanks to it?

As soon as Ning Qingxue grabbed the necklace, she felt her chi going out of control. She didn’t dare to keep watching and went back to the cave.

The chi inside her body was reacting to it and made her shiver, it was like she was being burned alive. Ning Qingxue knew something wasn’t right, there was a problem with her cultivation. She quickly blocked the entrance and sat on the huge rock, while running meridian cycles again.

This time it was different that the previous cultivation. She felt the bustling of her chi as though it was trying to find a breakthrough point. Ning Qingxue didn’t understand much about cultivation.

After a while, Ning Qingxue felt suffocated. She was scared. It was like that chi had no place to go.

If she didn’t keep running the chi in meridian cycles, her meridians would burn. But as she cultivated, the chi in her dan tian was getting more and more dense.

Rumbling in her brain, she suddenly felt that the dense chi had a place to go as it burst open more meridians.

Ning Qingxue didn’t open her eyes, but rejoiced at feeling finally well. She felt relieved, as though she had broken through something.

Suddenly, there was new chi rising in her dan tian that immediately charged up to her Cheng Lin chakra point and into her head.

That sense of comfort surged, it felt comfortable, and Ning Qingxue subconsciously moaned.

She didn’t open her eyes, she seemed to have gotten a lot of memories back. Ning Qingxue was shook. Was this what master Wu Guang talk about? That when her power reached a certain level, her memories would recover on their own?

More and more things rushed into her brain, she immediately realized that she really had recovered her memories.

The memories of her with Ye Mo flowed back like the tide. From how she went to Ning Hai to celebrate Su Jingwen’s birthday, each scene flowed back clearly.

That medical case and the receipts, that unused bank card, those bottles, the multiple times she asked for money from Ye Mo….

Ning Qingxue’s face grew pale. So that’s how she had began with Ye Mo.

Ning Qingxue’s heart felt more and more pain, she didn’t even dare to open her eyes now. She now understood why she didn’t want to divorce with Ye Mo.


She remembered when she found Ye Mo in the desert with Chi Wanqing, and Ye Mo followed her aunt leaving her alone in the desert. When she saw Ye Mo leave, it was like her soul had gone empty.

And that’s when she completely fell in love with Ye Mo. Ning Qingxue didn't dare to open her eyes, she was afraid that she would lose her memories if she did. But, her tears uncontrollably were flowing down her smooth white face.

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