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The ship barely skimmed past the glacier Ning Qingxue was on. It was as though the people on the ship didn’t care at all if it would crash.

Ning Qingxue didn’t even dare move. This ship seemed too quiet. There wasn't any sound at all. Ning Qingxue had a sudden thought; was the ship moving on its own? Or was it indeed a pirate ship that had had a fight with another group and had everyone on the ship died?

But even then, there should be some battle scars at least. What she was seeing was a perfectly fine ship. The sails even looked brand new.

If this really was an empty ship, then wouldn’t she have greater chances of survival? Ning Qingxue rejoiced and didn’t give it much further thought. Just as she wanted to get up and check the ship out, a sudden boisterous sound came from it, as though people were partying and drinking.

There are people on the ship? Ning Qingxue quickly bobbed her head down, but the sound seemed to have disappeared again. Hold on, this wasn’t right. The sound had come suddenly but also left just as suddenly. Ning Qingxue even wondered if she hadn't heard wrong. But no matter what, she didn’t dare go on the ship anymore nor did she dare even enter the water.

This ship was too eerie. If there were people on it, they wouldn’t let it brush past the glacier and still be drinking loudly inside. If there weren't people on it, the ship seemed to be moving a bit too fluently, right?

Ghost ship? Ning Qingxue once again felt goosebumps.

She had received a high level of education and was an atheist. If it had been before, perhaps she would’ve gotten on the ship already.

But after having experienced the defensive artefact, the fireball charms and all those things, her atheism had gotten a bit shaky. Perhaps there really were ghosts in this world.

The ship was scraping past the glacier without a stop, but Ning Qingxue didn’t dare move and hid within the ice, listening carefully. Even after the ship had gone a long way, she didn’t hear any sound. Had it just been her imagination?

The sea surface got colder once again due to the sun being covered in clouds, and fog was also starting to form, while the ship disappearead from her sight.

Ning Qingxue shivered. She didn’t dare go into the water and search for land anymore. She might as well just stay on this glacier.

In order to resist the cold, Ning Qingxue cultivated non-stop. When she got tired, she would eat a bit. During the day, as the sun came out, she stood on the glacier looking around in hopes of finding a normal ship.

Yet Ning Qingxue grew more and more disappointed. The only fortunate thing was that the necklace had recovered some of its luster. She believed that it could indeed auto-repair as long as it didn’t break.

However, Ning Qingxue realized that her glacier was getting smaller and smaller. In some time, it would melt.

Once the glacier melted, she would fall into the ocean again. Ning Qingxue looked around the ocean but didn’t find another glacier. She reached her hand into the water and felt that it was a bit warm.

What was this? Ning Qingxue climbed to the top of the glacier and looked around. Suddenly, she saw a black figure far away.

It was an island! Ning Qingxue jumped around excitedly. If it wasn’t for the fact that she didn’t like being around a lot of people originally and that she had a cultivation method at her disposal, she might've gone crazy staying on a glacier by herself for days on end.

She fretted whether the glacier she was on would somehow float over to that island. She was afraid of getting in the water again and swimming over if it didn't.

Luckily, Ning Qingxue saw after a while that her glacier was indeed floating towards the island. She rested easy.

Even if she wouldn’t be saved by people in the end, she would rather die on land than being engulfed by the ocean. She hated the salty seawater yet had to use it to wash herself everyday.

Ning Qingxue packed her things. The bag was already almost empty, so other than the slightly heavy gun, everything else was very light.

Around the time it was getting dark again, the glacier neared the island. Only now did Ning Qingxue notice that this island wasn’t small. She estimated it had to be more than 10 km². She rejoiced at seeing vegetation on the island and even seeing a few seagulls fly over the island. This meant that it was habitable.

There was a smell of sulfur and as Ning Qingxue looked up, she could see that at the centre of the island, there was a spacious area. Ning Qingxue frowned; this island might be a volcano. If this volcano erupted, she would have nowhere to run to.

But even if she knew this volcano could erupt, she would still go on it, because she had nowhere else to go now.

When Ning Qingxue scanned around the island, she was dumbfounded. An eerie ship with sails had stopped by the island!

Ning Qingxue didn’t dare stand at the highest point of the glacier anymore. She quickly climbed down as the glacier was getting closer and closer to the ship. Ning Qingxue could see clearly that although the ship had stopped at the island, it hadn’t thrown out its anchor. Ning Qingxue was sure that there was indeed no one on the ship, but she was still scared and prayed for the glacier not to get close to the ship.

But the glacier still kept nearing the vessel, and with its current direction and speed, it would definitely crash into it.

Should she jump into the water? Ning Qingxue hesitated. If there wasn’t this eerie ship, she would. But with this ship around, she was all the more afraid of jumping into the water. After all, on the glacier she could still look around. Once she was in the water however, who knew what could happen in there?

A gust of wind blew and Ning Qingxue shivered. She suddenly came to realize that the glacier’s course was being changed a little by the wind. This way, the glacier might not crash into the ship after all.

Ning Qingxue felt a little relieved but still held onto the gun tightly, hiding on one side of the glacier.

As the glacier brushed past the ship, Ning Qingxue subconsciously wanted to become aware of what was on the ship and as soon as this thought rose up, the scene inside the ship was immediately projected inside her brain!

Ning Qingxue was astonished; what was this? The moment she got startled, that image in her brain disappeared, but Ning Qingxue could clearly feel that there really was no one on the ship. Though in the largest room of the ship there was a table which even had meals on it.

Ning Qingxue grew scared. She didn’t understand how an image of the ship could have appeared inside her brain when she'd thought about it.

Although Ning Qingxue was cultivating a dao cultivation method, she still didn’t know about spirit sense. She had mobilized her spirit sense just then and checked the inside of the ship, but had gotten so scared, not knowing how to use it, that she'd subconsciously retrieved it because of it.

Ning Qingxue pondered, 'There is no one managing the ship, yet it didn’t crash into any glaciers or corals and managed to sail to this small island. If this isn’t eerie then what is!'

As she thought this, Ning Qingxue didn’t dare even move anymore. She felt her hand sweat from holding the gun. If she had a choice, she would never want to get on the island due to this eerie ship, but she didn't.

Suddenly, Ning Qingxue felt goosebumps all over again, as if a bleak wind had blown from the crevice of the glacier towards her. Ning Qingxue could clearly feel that before the bleak wind could near her, it was blocked by the necklace and disappeared.

There was a warm flow of energy coming from the necklace that flowed through her body and calmed her down.

Ning Qingxue grabbed the necklace and murmured, "Did you save me again? Thank you."

The glacier finally touched the island. Ning Qingxue was afraid of staying on it, not because it was getting smaller, but because the glacier was right next to the ship.

Ning Qingxue jumped onto the island. She didn’t even dare look back as she just ran in the opposite direction of the ship.

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