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Zhang Jue looked at Xia Ziwei and said, "Because of Ziwei. As soon as my uncle sent me here, her sister knew about it immediately and told her to come with me."

Ye Mo looked at Xia Ziwei and said coldly, "Xia Ziwei, I’ll give you one last chance. If you still don’t speak up, then don’t blame me."

His business was involved here, so Ye Mo wouldn’t be so easy to talk to. There was some killing intent in his words already.

Xia Ziwei looked coldly at Ye Mo and said, "The reason why Zhang Feng had to marry my sister even though she was pregnant was because my sister has a special body. In ancient martial art terms, she has what is called a Li Yin body."

"What?!" Zhang Jue looked at Xia Ziwei in disbelief. The Li Yin body was an open secret among ancient martial arts sects. This body only ever appeared in legends; no one had truly seen a Li Yin body before.

Xia Ziwei didn’t even look at Zhang Jue and continued, "Ancient martial art cultivators who dual cultivate with a woman having a Li Yin body can reach at least the earth level, and they even have a chance of reaching great heaven state. Zhang Feng found out about my sister possessing the Li Yin body and tried his uttermost to marry my sister.

However, there was a huge problem; the woman must wholeheartedly cooperate with the man or else it won’t work. My sister had her heart set on Mo Kang already, so Zhang Feng married only my sister’s body, yet not her heart."

"So that's how it was?" Mo Kang’s heart tightened. He suddenly hated himself for not even being capable of protecting the one woman he loved. What was the point of having this much money? He would rather have nothing if it meant he could live with Xia Rou forever.

Xia Ziwei looked at Mo Kang in contempt; she looked down on him from the bottom of her heart. He couldn’t even protect his own woman.

"The reason that Zhang Feng didn’t dare kill Mo Kang was because he was scared my sister would close her heart completely. If she did, then he would stand no chance. However, after all these years Mo Kang still lived in the Xia family. Hence, he thought of a wretched way of sealing Mo Kang’s meridians, turning him into something that would never wake up. If my sister still wants Mo Kang to live, she wouldn't be able to reject his will."

Xia Ziwei wiped the sweat from her head and said, "My sister knows Zhang Feng’s character, and she knows his means. Turning people into a vegetable like this entails that even if you don’t die of old age, you will still die due to constantly reflecting on your most painful memories. Therefore, my sister told me to build a temple for Mo Kang, putting a magic artefact inside to release the hatred in his heart, so that he may live a few extra years."

So that was it.

Mo Kang had tears all over his face and just kept muttering Xia Rou's name. His torture had been physical, but Xia Rou had been tortured both mentally and spiritually. And here he was, all this time blaming her for her betrayal.

"But 20 years have passed and Zhang Feng’s patience is running thin. He thought Mo Kang had died, yet my sister still wouldn’t love him. Just when he was about to lose control, his men found out about Mo Kang being fine over at Luo Yue. Even he couldn’t believe that Mo Kang could have been cured. He knew that this was his chance. He used this opportunity to threaten my sister; twenty years ago, he didn’t dare to threaten her but now, no matter whether he does or doesn't threaten my sister, she wasn’t cooperating anyway," Xia Ziwei’s tone gradually calmed down.

She continued, "My sister was about to come see Mo Kang, but her actions were under Zhang Feng’s control, and he didn’t allow my sister to come. Yet this time, my sister had made up her mind to come. So Zhang Feng wanted Zhang Jue to bring Mo Kang back first. My sister knew what Zhang Feng wanted to do and told me to stop Zhang Jue from bringing him away."

"Then what is it your sister wants?" Ye Mo asked.

Xia Ziwei shook her head, "I don’t know, my sister just told me to wait here. She said she would come for sure. I’d been waiting for a few hours already, and you know what happened afterwards. My sister is afraid that if Mo Kang is taken away, there's no way he will ever be able to return."

Ye Mo stared at Xia Ziwei and said, "But I still feel like you’re lying. Why can I see in your eyes that you want Mo Kang to die as early as possible? Last time I was here, your eyes were also the same."

Xia Ziwei looked hatefully at Mo Kang and said, "That’s right, I want him to die. If it wasn’t for him, why would my sister be in this situation? This kind of garbage, how can it live for this long!"

Mo Kang was holding his head, muttering, "Yes, I’m a piece of garbage, complete garbage."

Ye Mo ignored Xia Ziwei and kicked Zhang Jue again, "So you want to scheme for the beauty pill at Flowing Snake, right? Other than Zhang Feng, who else is thinking the same way?"

"You don’t need to ask him, I will tell you," a plain yet heavy voice sounded. Ye Mo had also already noticed that person’s arrival before that.

This person was very fast. There was a 200 meter distance between them, yet he appeared in a mere moment. This guy was a very bulky looking man, had some beard, a loud voice loud, and even his actions had a certain temperament to them. Three more people arrived a bit later than him. Other than a middle aged woman, there were two women at the black level.

"Xia Rou..." Mo Kang looked on dumbly at that average looking middle aged woman. He didn’t expect her to come to look more emaciated and older than people of the same age after not seeing her for twenty years.

That woman also stared at Mo Kang dumbly. Ye Mo could feel her body was shaking, yet she couldn’t move at all.

That bulky man looked softly at Xia Rou and said, "Rou'er, I’ve already agreed for you to come see him once. Say what you need to say, and remember our promise."

Xia Rou didn’t seem to have even heard this man’s words as she moved slowly towards Mo Kang.

Mo Kang couldn’t hold it in anymore and charged over to Xia Rou, hugging her, while he couldn’t say a word.

The bulky guy stared at Mo Kang with killing intent flashing across his eyes. A mortal dared hug his wife in front of him! Only Ye Mo managed to see him raise his hand, so he stepped forward and caught a very thin needle. He looked coldly at the guy and said, "Zhang Feng right? How dare you use projectiles in front of me."

Before the man could talk, Xia Rou reacted and pointed at the man, "Zhang Feng, what was it you promised when you came along? Why did you attack Mo Kang? You lied!"

Zhang Feng’s face went green and, ignoring Ye Mo, he said in a cold voice, "You have the guts to cheat on me, hugging another man in front of everyone, yet you still dare criticize me? You can forget any past deals we had."

Although Xia Rou was just a tool to him, she was still his wife. He couldn’t tolerate what she was doing.

"Cheating on you? Bullshit! Zhang Feng you finally show your true face. Let me tell you, I never thought about going back alive today. I’ve already long since married Mo Kang, look at this. You’ve imprisoned me for twenty years. Now, I will die with Mo Kang, and what can you do to keep imprisoning me?" Xia Rou took out a red booklet and waved it in front of Zhang Feng.

"You-" Zhang Feng saw the marriage certificate and almost spat out blood. Although it was a marriage certificate of the mortal world and trash to him, he couldn’t tolerate Xia Rou had kept it for all these years.

"Xia Rou!" Mo Kang called.

Xia Rou smiled sadly, "Mo Kang, although I haven’t lived with you, we can still be together after we die. I brought this on you all these years. I promised I was going to come out and find you, but I wasn’t able to…"

Mo Kang finally came to his senses and shakily pulled out a sealed marriage certificate from his pocket, "Xia Rou, I have mine here too. We can be together forever now. Don’t worry, Brother Ye said he will help me."

"Brother Ye?" Xia Rou repeated.

Mo Kang nodded and pointed at Ye Mo, "Yes, this us Brother Ye. He's the one who cured me of the disease before."

"Ahaha!" Zhang Feng was so angry he laughed. Even if Xia Rou immediately agreed to dual cultivate with him now, he wouldn’t let a woman who had betrayed him live.

"You are that Brother Ye? You asked me how I dare shoot projectiles in front of you? You dare investigate about our hidden sects?" Zhang Feng’s laughter stopped. There was not a bit of a smile on his face. His face was even colder than his voice as an intense killing intent surged up. He needed to beat this person in front of him to a pulp right now.

Ye Mo sneered, "I also broke Zhang Jue’s knee. And of course, if my investigations show that your shabby sect dared scheme for my business, then I won’t mind pulling your sect up by its roots."

"Who do you think you are? The Heavenly Emperor?" Zhang Feng sneered. He was already earth level middle stage now, a master in the hidden sects. This young guy had the guts to bluff in front of him?

"I am not the Heavenly Emperor; I am Ye Mo," Ye Mo’s voice was very calm as he looked at Zhang Feng as though he were a dead man already.

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