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"Sorry, there are no more free rooms."

Ye Mo looked around casually. The place looked like a bar but was of a much higher standard than that. Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense and knew that there were still a lot of rooms available, especially the high class ones.

However, since they didn’t give him a room, it meant the gold card level was too low. Thus, Ye Mo didn't mind, and he just spoke a few words, "Since there are no more free rooms, just give us two cups of coffee to take outside."

Looking at Ye Mo and Shi Xiu walk towards a corner of the main hall, the waitress finally felt relieved. She was most scared of meeting those who had low level cards but thought they were number one.

The coffee was delivered quickly. Ye Mo waved the waiter away and then asked Shi Xiu, "Tell me, what happened? I’ve looked for you a few times before graduation but couldn’t find you. What happened in your family for it to take so long?"

Shi Xiu stayed silent for a long while before sighing, "Ye Mo, if you were still in the Ye family perhaps you could help me out. But now, what’s the point of talking about it. Sigh, it’s all in the past."

Ye Mo drank the coffee and urged, ‘Shi Xiu, if we’re friends then tell me what happened. If you don’t, how do I know if I can help you or not?"

Shi Xiu’s eyes went red. Ever since he left uni and things happened, no one had ever said they were his friend. But today, he heard the word friend again.

"Ye Mo, looking at you, I know you’re a whole lot better than me. At least, you’re no longer affected by Yan Yan." Shi Xiu drank all of the coffee as his eyes seemed lost.

He quickly continued talking though, "My dad used to be the governor of the town of Cha Ci. The reason I said I had a place to go to after graduation was due to my dad. After graduation, I was able to become a government official at the office in the local government. And due to my achievements and my dad’s connections, half a year later, I rose to the position of vice-manager."

Ye Mo frowned. Although he didn’t understand politics in China, half a year after graduation and he became a vice-manager; this was too fast. If there was someone to support you then it was fine, if not however, it would be a double-edged sword.

And Shi Xiu’s dad was only a town governor. If that town belonged to a small city, then this governor would be even lower ranked in power. How could his dad bring him to be at the managerial level?

"Was it your dad or someone else that promoted you?" Ye Mo suddenly asked.

Shi Xiu looked at Ye Mo in shock. He had also connected the dots later, yet Ye Mo asked this question instantaneously. Although Ye Mo wasn’t involved in politics, it seemed his awareness was better than his.

Shi Xiu held his fists tightly, "It wasn’t my dad. It was the town vice-governor that my dad didn’t really like. The reason was that during the flood, I had gained merit oranizing everything to save assets, so that vice-governor suggested me to be the manager in charge of floods. My dad rejected it, but that vice-governor said that if I wasn’t promoted when making accomplishments, it would affect the eagerness of other officials to work hard. So like that, I became a vice-manager.

At the time, my dad also thought that I had made great achievements. He also thought that this was the vice-governor trying to amend relations with him, because my dad was about to be promoted."

Ye Mo sighed. Politics really meant trouble every step of the way.

"But as soon as I was promoted, it alarmed the people in the small city's government, and someone immediately came to investigate my dad. Those people were like ravenous wolves charging into my house, finding large amounts of bribery evidence and e-mails. That night, my dad was taken away."

"My mother was already sick at the time and after that, she has never woken up again."

"Had your dad really been bribed?" Ye Mo asked.

Shi Xiu shook his head, "My dad never takes bribes. If he did, my mother wouldn’t have been sick for all those years and not have money for an operation. All of that 'evidence' was made up. The newspaper wrapped around the cash was from that day, yet this guy said the money was from a few months before. This was so ridiculous that I wanted to charge up and contest, but my dad stopped me."

Even Ye Mo sighed at the darkness of politics.

"After my mother passed away, there was soon news of my dad committing suicide due to fear for his crimes. I know that my dad was innocent and he wouldn’t commit suicide, but I even get to see him one last time. I understood my powerlessness, and perhaps I will never be able to get revenge for my parents. I was relieved of all my duties. When I got home, Tan Tan became my only spiritual support but today, she left," Shi Xiu’s eyes went red.

Ye Mo sunk into silence. He didn’t know how to comfort Shi Xiu. If possible, he would rather he never get involved with politics again, but he knew that Shi Xiu had to get his revenge with his own hands. If he wasn’t involved in politics anymore, he would never be able to get revenge.

Although it was easy for him to do it in Shi Xiu's stead, but that would leave him with regrets.

"When I met Tan Tan, I was still just an office man. She didn’t mind at the time though, and she was very nice to my mother. She was always taking care of my mother. I don’t believe that she could change into this. She isn’t a woman who loves money, but, but-" Shi Xiu couldn’t help himself and started to cry.

"Shi Xiu, do you want revenge?" Ye Mo suddenly said.

"Revenge?" Shi Xiu looked up at Ye Mo in surprise, "Do you know that I’m about to go to jail? How can I get revenge?"

Ye Mo asked strangely, ‘Jail? Weren’t you already relieved of your duties? Why are you still going to jail?"

Shi Xiu sighed, "After my dad was taken away, I went around borrowing money trying to get my dad out. I spent a lot of money but dad still remained inside. A lot of the money had interest. I already sold our house, but it’s still far from enough. The court has notified me that if I don’t pay it back, I will be locked up in a week."

"How much do you owe?" Ye Mo sighed. He believed Shi Xiu had fallen into a trap borrowing money.

Those people asking for interest know how much Shi Xiu had in assets but were still willing to lend him money. No way there was nothing dodgy about this.

"The loan is 200k, but including the interest, it’s now 500.000," Shi Xiu said sadly.

Even Ye Mo slammed the table in anger, "How can the interest be that high?"

"Boss Huang, why are there so many flies in your bar?" a strange voice sounded. Two young men walked into the bar just now with a middle aged man carefully accompanying them. The young man walking at the front also had two bodyguards behind him.

Hearing the young man’s words, that middle aged man quickly said, "Young master Qiu, please go inside a room first. Why bother with these insignificant things?"

"Are you saying that I’m being unreasonable?" the youth asked as his face sunk.

"No, no, I’ll make them leave immediately to prevent them from ruining your mood."

Ye Mo’s eyes went cold. It seemed that less and less people knew him after he'd left Beijing, even some random guy dares kick him away.

Shi Xiu pulled Ye Mo and said, "That guy is doing it on purpose. I know the person following behind young master Qiu. The vice-governor who schemed against my dad is his big uncle. He’s called Dong Jie, a student of Beijing University. He definitely saw me and is looking for trouble. That young master Qiu isn’t simple. Ye Mo, let’s go first."

Ye Mo understood now. No wonder there was such a cocky person. So what if someone slammed the table?

"You two go out, this place doesn’t welcome you." Two security guards came in front of Ye Mo.

"Piss off," Ye Mo looked coldly at the two security guards, "If you don’t piss off in three seconds, then don’t blame me for the consequences."

"Fuck, you’re asking for it." One security guard pulled out a baton and was about to smack down on Ye Mo.

"Don’t fight-" Wang Yan saw something happen to Ye Mo and quickly called out as she ran over hurriedly.

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