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"You, you actually know about the inner hidden sects?" Luo Fei looked at Ye Mo in shock. She really didn’t dare believe it and subconsciously looked around carefully before saying in a quiet voice: "Sister Luo Xuan even told you this? You guys, you guys…"

Quite obviously, she thought that Luo Xuan and Ye Mo had already broken through that last barrier.

Ye Mo sneered and couldn’t be bothered to say anything, so he just asked, "If you're at the entrance to the small world, how do you go in and out?"

"Sister Luo Xuan didn’t tell you?" Luo Fei was confused as to why Luo Xuan would leave these things out.

Ye Mo said plainly: "I know the gist of it, but I didn’t ask specifically. But you’re different. You owe me, so I want you to tell me."

Luo Fei felt a little sour in her heart. He could've asked Luo Xuan, but he just had to ask her. This meant that he cared about whether Luo Xuan was willing to answer or not but didn’t care about what she thought.

Seeing Luo Fei hesitate, Ye Mo sneered, "I saved you just for this purpose, but if you don’t want to answer, I can’t be bothered to force you. Just take it as me having done a good deed."

Thereafter, Ye Mo turned and left. He really didn’t want to interrogate a poor woman like her. He believed that even if Luo Fei didn’t say anything, he would still be able to find the entrance to the small world. Not to mention, Luo Xuan had hinted some things.

"I’ll tell you. I almost lost my life, why would I care about other things. But you mustn't try your luck and find the entrance nor should you try to offend the people of the inner hidden sects. If you do, you'll die for sure.

In the depth of the sea of clouds in the Heng Duan mountain ranges, there’s a natural seven star formation. It’s said to be 7 huge peaks. I don’t know how this formation was formed, but the Tian Kou position of the formation is the entrance to the small world. However, every so often, the entrance would change," Luo Fei saw Ye Mo was going to leave and answered decisively.

"Then how did you guys go in and out?" Although Luo Fei was a lot more specific than Luo Xuan had been, Ye Mo was still confused.

Luo Fei said slowly: "I heard that every 50 years, the field between the small world and the outside would loosen. The people from the small world would come out for experience or in order to find some things.

But each time, there are only 50 spots. This time, our sect sent the 3 of us. Usually, these squads have a Great Heaven qian bei to lead them. Once they find out that one of us has disobeyed the rules, we will be killed immediately, and our sects will also be affected."

"Then that means you inner hidden sect people can’t come out whenever you want? And you can’t do whatever you like outside?" Ye Mo asked strangely. According to his conjecture last time, the two people of Tai Yi Xu Wei and Qingxue he had met had also come out this time.

Luo Fei nodded: "Yes, people can only come out when the time is right, but each time, you can come out for 3 years. Of course, the people can go back before 3 years, but they can’t come out again. In theory, we aren’t allowed to casually do things to people outside, but there are still some who kill ruthlessly nonetheless. In their eyes, the people of the outside world are like ants. And... There are indeed no people to manage this. As long as you don’t harm the benefits of the inner hidden sects, no one would care no matter how many bad acts you commit outside."

"So, if you were killed outside, would no one care as well? Also, the inner hidden sects don't allow the people coming out to cause trouble, but that trouble only means things that harm the interests of the inner hidden sects. Everything else doesn’t count, is that it?" Ye Mo continued asking.

"Indeed, but for some larger sects such as the 3 big sects of the inner hidden sects, their core disciples will have Dao Guardians protecting them. As long as they don’t harm the interests of the inner hidden sects, they can do whatever they want. Aside from that, their Dao Guardian would use this opportunity to search for cultivation geniuses to bring in. But once you go in, you can never come back out again unless you wait for the same opportunity 50 years later." Luo Fei nodded.

Ye Mo seemed to have understood the meaning of the inner hidden sects. He questioned further: "If you inner hidden sect people come out and stay here, can you get away scot free?"

Luo Fei shook her head and said sadly: "No, if we stay outside, unless we die, we will be killed if we don’t go back on time. We may even bring trouble to our sect due to this."

"But that Qi Yulin said to find a quiet place with you and live with you for the rest of your lives, and you believed him? Plus, how would the people from inside know if you’re dead or alive. The outside world is a big place." Ye Mo looked strangely at Luo Fei. He was suspecting that she was lying.

Luo Fei looked down and said: "Because he’s the core disciple of one of the 3 big sects, Kun Qian Sect. One of the enforcers is from the Kun Qian Sect and his uncle. He had already told him to remove the things in our bodies so we can stay outside. However, I didn’t expect him to…"

Luo Fei didn’t say it but Ye Mo sighed. Luo Fei was cheating herself. She just hoped it was true, but in fact, Qi Yulin’s uncle wasn't going to remove it at all, or he didn’t have the ability to do so. The only things that Qi Yulin’s uncle did was to plant the same heart Gu in Luo Fei’s body. A pity that this woman was still fantasizing that Qi Yulin had only treated her poorly after seeing the sutra.

As though knowing what Ye Mo was thinking, Luo Fei didn’t explain. She instead continued: "All of us inner hidden sect members who come out have an inner qi restriction planted in us. If we don’t return on time, the inner qi would explode and we would die."

"So, although the restriction was removed, you were worried that the enforcer would know your position, and when he came to get you, you would bring trouble to the people around you, right?"

Luo Fei nodded and confirmed: "Yes."

"Give me your hand." Ye Mo was a little confused. He had been in contact with Luo Xian but had never felt any inner qi restrictions. Or was it that the person who planted this was much stronger than him?

As though knowing what Ye Mo was going to do or perhaps because she was simply no longer an innocent young girl, Luo Fei gave out her wrist without hesitation.

Ye Mo grabbed Luo Fei’s wrist and 3 pulses of chi went through Luo Fei’s chakra points and into her meridian.

Luo Fei felt 3 warm flows go through the chakra points in her hand and slowly course through her entire body. There was a numbing yet warm feeling. This made her feel very uneasy, but at the same time she liked this strange warmth in her meridians. In the mean time, she was shocked about how strong Ye Mo’s power was.

Half an hour later, Ye Mo indeed found an ethereal gust of qi. This qi was completely different to the qi Luo Fei was cultivating. It wasn’t from her body. Clearly, this qi was in hibernation and was very powerful. If it were to be fully released, even an earth level middle stage warrior would die, much less a black level.

Perhaps this qi was the inner qi restriction Luo Fei was talking about.

Ye Mo fell silent and let go of Luo Fei’s wrist. He didn’t try to remove that qi, for he wasn't 100% confident he'd succeed. The person who had planted the restriction was a master.

Seeing Luo Fei look at him worriedly, Ye Mo plainly said: "Do you believe that the restriction was removed by Qi Yulin’s uncle?"

Luo Fei’s eyes went dull, but she immediately shook her head, "Before he kicked my stomach, I believed him, but after that, I knew that everything had just been one-sided. I even started suspecting that his uncle hadn’t removed the restriction and instead planted a tracking device in my body."

Ye Mo sneered, "You’re not too dumb. I’ve removed the same heart Gu in your body, and I did find a gust of qi that doesn't belong to you. It’s power could turn you to dust. Even I don’t have a 100% certainty at removing it. After all, one accident and you die immediately."

Luo Fei immediately said: "I don’t care about death, I won’t mind even if I die now. I have nowhere to go now, so if you’re willing to help me then try whatever you like. If you think it's too hard, I'll still be very grateful to you and go find a place to face it alone."

Having declared that, she seemed to no longer be lost. She had been tricked by someone she loved so much and yet she had still believed him. She felt she might as well die.

Ye Mo looked hesitantly at Luo Fei. If she hadn’t wanted to tell him where the inner hidden sects were, he would leave without hesitation, but this woman seemed to be quite smart and figured out his personality. She had told him about the inner hidden sects without him promising anything. This made Ye Mo rather hesitant about what to do.

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