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Luo Fei was Luo Xuan’s second martial sister and had had no intention of killing her. Ye Mo therefore no longer had the will to kill her.

A lotus life pill would've immediately healed up Luo Fei’s injuries, but Ye Mo didn’t like this sort of woman, so he didn’t want to use such a precious pill on her. He casually grabbed her and wanted to take her to a quieter place to ask questions.

However, as soon as Ye Mo grabbed her, he immediately noticed that she also had a Gu planted in her. Ye Mo forced it out of her body in a casual manner. It seemed similar to the Gu in Qi Yulin’s body.

Ye Mo finally understood why Luo Fei hadn’t been able to run away from Qi Yulin. He planted a heart link Gu in her. Ye Mo shook his head. Although this Luo Fei was cunning and learnt things fast, she was still too inexperienced and not much better than Luo Xuan.

Ye Mo took Luo Fei to a more far off place and dumped her on the ground.

Luo Fei slowly woke up. When she saw Ye Mo, she immediately grabbed the soft sword near her and looked vigilantly at Ye Mo, "Who are you? Where’s Qi Yulin?"

Ye Mo said plainly: "Who I am isn’t important. Your poison is very strong, Qi Yulin is already dead."

Hearing that Qi Yulin had died, there was a strange look in Luo Fei’s eyes. She seemed sad but at the same time relieved. She looked around, and it didn’t seem like the place she had been before. From the calm look on Ye Mo’s face, as if knowing everything that had happened, it was obvious that it would be very easy for him to kill her. He must’ve brought her here. Thinking about this, Luo Fei put away her sword.

"What do you want to ask? If it’s something I can say, I will tell you." Luo Fei didn’t ask who Ye Mo was. She knew that if he didn’t tell her, she couldn’t do anything about it. If Ye Mo asked some things she couldn’t answer, then she would rather die. The moment that she was caught by Qi Yulin, she had never planned on living anyway.

She was a smart woman. Ye Mo nodded and said: "I’m a friend of Luo Xuan’s..."

"What..." Luo Fei quickly looked up and asked desperately: "What happened to her? Where is she?"

As though knowing she didn’t have the right to ask about Luo Xuan, her voice quietened down.

"You ambushed her and almost killed her, so now you have no right to ask about her," Ye Mo said plainly.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Luo Fei felt a little relieved. The way this man put it meant that Luo Xuan was fine. She breathed and looked mindlessly at Ye Mo: "It’s good that Luo Xuan is okay. I didn’t want to kill her. What do you have to ask? I know I’m no match for you, but I just hope you aren’t tricking someone who’s about to die."

Ye Mo smiled and took out a jade bottle: "This is Luo Xuan’s bottle, do you believe me now? Don’t worry though, I won’t kill you."

"She actually gave this bottle to you..." Luo Fei murmured and suddenly said seriously: "Luo Xuan is very innocent. She gave her most cherished bottle to you, so I hope you won’t mistreat her. If Luo Xuan told you to ask me, then ask."

Ye Mo frowned. What’s this got to do with mistreating or not? But he still said: "You are Luo Xuan’s second martial sister right? Are you sure that the Ni Luo Sutra isn’t on you?"

"Yes, I had been preparing to take the Ni Luo Sutra, but then when I was actually going to, I realized it was already gone," Luo Fei shook her head.

Luo Fei had indeed not taken it, but now Ye Mo was more confused. If Luo Fei hadn’t taken it, then it could only be the big martial sister who did. If Luo Xuan had taken it, she wouldn’t need to say it. However, if the big martial sister had already taken the Ni Luo Sutra then why would she hide it and be heavily injured as well?

Ye Mo looked at Luo Fei and ordered: "Tell me everything about how you ambushed your martial sisters. Perhaps then I will know who took the Ni Luo Sutra."

Luo Fei nodded and said: "When I gave myself to him, I had made up my mind to go with him for the rest of my life. He told me that I had no need to go back, that he just wanted to find a quiet place and live with me for the rest of my life..."

Speaking up to there, Luo Fei had a wishful look in her eyes, but they soon dulled. She continued: "But he said he just really wanted to see what the Ni Luo Sutra looked like. So that day, when Luo Xuan said she got the Ni Luo Sutra, my first reaction was to go find him and let him see it."

"I was afraid that little martial sister wouldn’t agree, hence I went out of Ying Hua temple before calling him. He said he would come immediately. Not long after, he was there. However, he had a worried look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he replied that my big martial sister Luo Yin wouldn’t let him see it, so he was a little worried and disappointed. I knew he was right. If big martial sister knew about it, she definitely wouldn’t let him check it out, because big martial sister detested him. But, I really wanted to satisfy his wish."

"Then, did you ambush your big martial sister with Qi Yulin?" Ye Mo interrupted.

Luo Fei shook her head, "No, I would never ambush my big martial sister, but at that time, he was my everything. I couldn’t bear to see him disappointed, so I told him I would beg my big martial sister. However he said instead of begging her, why not knock her out first and then have a look. Later, we can wake her up. I don’t know what was going through my mind, perhaps I just cared about him too much, that I actually agreed. Afterwards, I arranged with him that I would lure my big martial sister out first and then hide inside the temple while he knocked her out."

The more Ye Mo listened, the less he understood. Just then, Qi Yulin had said he hadn’t attacked. Why then was Luo Fei now saying that he did?

Luo Fei continued: "I hid outside the temple for a little while, and big martial sister came and went into the temple. After seeing her go in, I pretended to be injured and yelled for help outside. After big martial sister had come out, I quickly went inside the temple. But soon I saw her come in injured after which she fainted. I thought he had wounded her and was afraid that Luo Xuan would see, so I wanted to casually knock Luo Xuan out and only then take the Ni Luo Sutra."

"But after you'd palmed Luo Xuan, you found that the Ni Luo Sutra had disappeared too right?" Ye Mo said.

Luo Fei nodded, "Yes, I calculated at the time that that palm strike would knock Luo Xuan out and wouldn’t injure her. But I hadn’t expected Luo Xuan to have a sudden increase in power, thus I didn’t knock her out with that attack. But she had already given up her attention on the Ni Luo Sutra. When I got the bag, the Ni Luo Sutra was gone indeed. I didn’t take it."

Ye Mo sunk into silence. Did Luo Xuan’s big martial sister really take the Ni Luo Sutra? Did she really go out immediately when she heard Luo Fei’s scream, injure herself and come back into the temple? If her wounds were fake then that might be possible.

If Luo Xuan’s big martial sister did take it, then there two possibilities. One was that she wanted the Ni Luo Sutra for herself. The other was that she was afraid the Ni Luo Sutra would spell danger on Luo Xuan and put the danger on herself first, only telling Luo Xuan later.

Ye Mo thought about Luo Xuan’s words. She had said that her big martial sister had told her not to believe anyone, not even her big martial sister herself. Perhaps that held a truth. When Luo Ying got the Ni Luo Sutra, she might have felt guilty and said this. At the same time, she used this to make Luo Xuan suspicious of Luo Fei.

She arranged to meet up with Luo Xuan a year later, perhaps wanting to use this year to study the Ni Luo Sutra.

If this was true, then this big martial sister’s calculations were too scary. Not only did she put the suspicion on Luo Fei, she also used Luo Fei to hold off Qi Yulin, making him think that the Ni Luo Sutra was in Luo Fei’s hands.

Wait, if the big martial sister really took the Ni Luo Sutra, would Luo Xuan be in danger staying with her? No, Ye Mo soon realized that Luo Xuan should be fine now. First of all, Luo Ying probably had some feelings for Luo Xuan. Second of all, she had to make Luo Xuan firmly believe that the Ni Luo Sutra was with her second martial sister.

Ye Mo shook his head. Even he had been tricked. The first time when he met Luo Fei and Qi Yulin, he also believed that the Ni Luo Sutra was on Luo Fei. It seemed he had had a great lapse in judgment, or this Luo Ying was simply too good at finding a scapegoat.

In that case, it should be certain that when Luo Fei and Qi Yulin had discussed about the plan, Luo Ying had already heard everything on the side, and so she used their plan for her own schemes. The only one to have been completely fooled was Luo Xuan.

Ye Mo shook his head. These 3 sisters were too strange. Although Ye Mo was sure that usually their relationship was very good, who would've thought that everyone had a secret concerning the Ni Luo Sutra.

Perhaps Luo Fei and Luo Ying had thought that what they had planned was a secret, but surprisingly it appeared that their little martial sister Luo Xuan held the true secret. She had given the most precious two golden papers to Ye Mo, and Ye Mo was sure that Luo Xuan had hidden this from her two martial sisters.

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