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Seeing that Ye Mo had a bleak face and remained silent, Hong Si felt more uneasy. He hesitated before saying again: "Today, we received news from Liang Qisheng of Ping River. He said... he said qian bei was at Chun An. So, we were prepared to exterminate the Ye family in midday to prevent elder Tan and Feng from stopping us. After that, we were planning to go with the people Liang Qisheng invited to ambush qian bei at Chun An. We didn’t expect...."

"Liang Qisheng? Is he related to Huo Quming?" Ye Mo remembered that middle aged man he saw at the Huo family.

Hong Si quickly nodded and said: "Yes, he’s Huo Quming’s martial brother. They are from the Ping River sect. The Ping River sect is fading and only Huo Quming and Liang Qisheng remain."

"Who are elder Tan and Feng?" Ye Mo thought that since the He Liu sect was going to kill the Ye family people, who else would be able to stop them? Since they were going to stop them, why didn’t they do so when they killed ten people of the Ye family yesterday?

"Tan and Feng means Tan Jiao and Luan Qingfeng. They came from the hidden sect but now, they don’t belong to the hidden sect. they are in the Heaven Squad." Hong Si said and then looked at Ye Mo and could tell he didn’t know what Heaven Squad was. He quickly explained again: "Heaven Squad means martial artists who have surpassed earth level peak stage but can’t reach great heaven state. They chose to go into the mortal world to seek opportunity to break through great heaven.

But, all the Heaven Squad martial artists must make contributions to the country. They mediate between the hidden sects and the government. They also deal with things normal people can’t deal with in the government. But since such things never occurred before, so they usually just need to worry about cultivation. This is because the people in the heaven squad need large amount of cultivation resources and these resources are provided by the government.

Ye Mo understood immediately. They are people who sit on the country’s resources but don’t do anything and beautify themselves in the name of Heaven Squad. They are really shameless. Thinking that he was running around everywhere in search of spirit things and was almost hunted down for a blood coral at Liang Pu. Compared to him, these Heaven Squad people were taking it too easy.

Hong Si saw Ye Mo’s face wasn’t happy and quickly said: "he Heaven Squad does do missions as well. They need to go out and search for talented younger generations to prepare human resources for the country. They also need to stay there to prevent the hidden sect from damaging the government. "

"Are there a lot of these people?" surpassed earth level peak stage, this means they are half way great heaven state.

Hong Si shook his head, "Not many. You can count half great heaven state people with one hand. It’s said the strongest is Wu Dao qian bei and Tan and Feng are catching up to Wu Dao qian bei. So, they are the pinnacle masters of this world."

Ye Mo said coldly: "Since there are Tan and Feng here, you still dare to come annihilate the Ye family at Beijing."

Hong Si quickly said: "It’s said that the He Liu sect power exceeds Tan and Feng. And, it’s said that the elder of He Liu sect Gong Zizai is Tan Jiao’s friend. So, so….."

Ye Mo immediately knew what was going on but his previous guess was right. Han Zaixin hid things from him indeed. The country’s power was far from what the Flying squads showed. There was a Heaven Squad behind them but they just didn’t do much. He also understood why Han Zaixin didn’t stop the He Liu sect from ravaging the Ye family. It was because he couldn’t mobilize the Heaven Squad. And, Tan Jiao and Gong Zizai were friends. He killed Gong Zizai, of course Tan Jiao wasn’t happy.

"Where is He Liu sect?" Ye Mo knew the full story and immediately had killing intent for Tan Jiao. Hong Si felt Ye Mo’s killing intent and shook immediately. He quickly replied: "It’s located in Qi Yang mountain, Shadow Cliff Valley."

"Give me the key." Ye Mo already knew that if you wanted to enter the hidden sect, you needed something like a key.

"It’s on elder Qu. Elder Qu already went to Chun An to ambush you." Hong Si didn’t dare to hide anything at all.

Ye Mo looked coldly at Hong Si and said indifferently: "Are you going to do it yourself or make me do it?"

Hong Si didn’t expect that Ye Mo was still going to kill him after saying so much. He felt all was lost. He really regretted coming to this but he thought again, even if he didn’t come here, Ye Mo would still find He Liu sect eventually, so it would be the same.

He Liu Sect was over but he really didn’t want to die like this. He got an ancient martial arts cultivation method before and after he reached yellow level, he dumped his wife and son searching desperately for Dao. He finally found the He Liu sect and was able to enter it due to his good potential. After decades of arduous cultivation, he reached earth level but he was still going to die here today even though he knelt down and begged for mercy; even though he told the qian bei everything.

"Qian bei, Wan bei offended qian bei. It’s understandable that qian bei is going to kill me. Qian bei please allow me to go back and see the wife and son I haven’t seen in a few decades. This is my last hope. As long as I’ve finished this, I will come back to accept death. Before this, wan bei is willing to destroy my dan tian." Then, Hong Si palmed his dan tian and spat out blood.

With Ye Mo’s eyes, he could tell that Hong Si’s dan tian was really destroyed.

"Brother, this person is quite pitiful. Let him go. And, yesterday, he didn’t kill anyone."

Although Ye Mo’s killing intent for Hong Si didn’t change, Ye Ling softened her heart and wanted Ye Mo to let him go.

For an ancient martial artist who’s dan tian was destroyed, it didn’t even matter if he was dead or not. But because he had such power before, ordinary people still were no match for him.

"In that case, go." It really didn’t matter if he killed Hong Si who had lost all his power. Hong Si’s eyes shot out with surprise and joy. He quickly stood up and thanked: "I’m very grateful to qian bei for having mercy on me. Wan bei will go back to see my wife and son, then I will come back to accept death."

Ye Mo waved his hand, "Since I let you go, there’s no need to come back to accept death."

Ye Beirong saw the opportunity and immediately said to Ye Long: "Ye Long, send Hong Si out."

Ye Ling quickly agreed and took Hong Si and left the meeting room. After he walked past Ye Mo, the way he looked at Ye Mo was fearful.

"Ye Mo….." Ye Beirong felt his tone was dry. He didn’t know how to face this theoretical grandson of his.

Ye Mo said plainly: "I am me. Although my name is also Ye, it has nothing to do with the Beijing Ye family. You don’t need to mind me."

Ye Beirong opened his mouth and wanted to say something but he couldn’t say a single word for a long time. He knew that the Ye family wronged Ye Mo not the other way around. If Ye Mo didn’t rely on himself, he would’ve died at Ning Hai already. So, he had no right to say anything to Ye Mo.

Plus, putting Ye Zifeng as the leader of the family was an obvious attempt to use Ye Mo. It was already great of him not to be angry over this.

Although Ye Zifeng was not bad, he was obviously not eligible to be leader in his 20’s but why was he still family leader, it was all because of Ye Mo.

"Brother, grandpa he..." Ye Ling wanted to say something but was stopped by Ye Mo.

"Take me to see Ye Zifeng. After this, I’m going to leave here for some business."

Ye Ling was part of the Ye family and he didn’t want to say anything nor change anything but Ye Mo had his own principles. Just because he cared about Ye Zifeng and Ye Ling, it didn’t mean he needed to care about the Ye family.

Just when Ye Ling wanted to go, Ye Mo suddenly pulled her and said: "Wait." Then, he burnt the remaining body to ashes.

Ye Mo just finished clean up and Han Zaixin and Zhang Jue rushed in worriedly.

"Ye Mo, you actually came back? How can you come back at this time? Quickly leave. Take your brother and sister. Go now. Leave Beijing as far as possible." Seeing Ye Mo, Han Zaixin dazed for a moment and quickly urged him to leave.

Ye Mo felt touched. Although elder Han was a bit calculative, he was quite loyal in times of need. He was also calculative for the country.

Zhang Jue also saw Ye Mo and was very excited. He also came up and said: "At night, the He Liu sect people are going to come. You really need to leave. They are all earth level masters. A casual palm smashed me far away and….."

"You are injured." Ye Mo grabbed Zhang Jue’s hand and knew that he was internally injured.

Han Zaixin sighed: "Yes, Zhang Jue came to help yesterday but the He Liu sect people were too strong. Zhang Jue wasn’t a match at all. If it wasn’t for his status, perhaps he would’ve died. Elder Tan already said, Zi feng and Ye Ling need to be given to the He Liu sect to appease their anger, so, you should leave quickly….."

Ye Mo was immediately triggered. He did the things, why must Zifeng and Ye Ling be sent to the He Liu sect? This Tan bastard doesn’t want to live.

"Hmph…." A deep sneer sounded. Other than Ye Mo, everyone felt their mind rupture. Ye Mo casually patted his sister and Ye Ling recovered.

A white robed man whose age could not be told suddenly appeared in the Ye family meeting room, "Since you came back, there’s no need for you to go. I’ll take you three to the He Liu sect. Old Han, this time I decide."

Hearing the white robed man’s words, Han Zaixin’s heart sunk. He knew he came late, Ye Mo could no longer leave now.

Zhang Jue felt all hope was lost. He knew that even he wanted to do something to help Ye Mo, but in front of elder Tan, it was all pointless.

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