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Looking at Luo Xuan walking out, Ye Mo just realized that he was being laughed at. She must’ve thought he was acting as those grand masters in those dramas, always going into solitary training. But her suspicion was right. After all, although there was solitary training in ancient martial arts but those were people at the peak of black level. And, they still had to eat food.

Ye Mo didn’t explain. He had all the necessary conditions now and was ready to reach stage 4 chi gathering. That night, Ye Mo took a shower and cleaned his room. He used wind control to glide to the top of the building.

He was really scared of Luo Xuan. Perhaps if he didn’t come out for 2 days, this girl was going to kick his door again. He didn’t have that many doors to be kicked and if some accidents occurred, his chi might backlash and that would be deadly.

Ye Mo stood at the top of the building but didn’t start cultivating immediately. He gazed into the lights of the distant. Ever since he came here, he had never properly thought of his future.

When he first came here, he was thinking if he could cultivate to the point where he could travel space and go back to find Luo Ying but now, he realized that this place wasn’t even suited for cultivation. He could only keep his memories of Luo Ying in his heart.

But he really didn’t want to live out an ordinary life like this. Luckily he found the silver heart grass. That gave him hope and the motivation to cultivate.

In the following days, he found that although this place wasn’t suitable for cultivation, there were many spiritual things. As long as he could find enough of them, perhaps he could still cultivate to almighty state. But these spiritual things not only required luck but also money and power. He formed Luo Yue. He wanted to use it to gather wealth and collect all the spiritual items in the world.

During this time, he met Qingxue. She was an emotional girl. When she went to search for him at the Shen Nong Jia, he realized that he had already fell in love with this girl. Without him noticing, Qingxue had become equally important as Luo Ying in his heart. If he couldn’t go back to Luo Yue to find Luo Ying, he was willing to live out a peaceful life with Qingxue like this.

In fact, Ye Mo also had another reason to establish Luo Yue. He always hoped that when Luo Ying recovered her memories, she would come look for him due to this name.

Ye Mo sighed and murmured: "Susu, wait for me. I’m going to reach stage 4 chi gathering. I can fly on the flying sword now. Even if I have to look everywhere, I will find you. I said that I won’t let you suffer your entire life again, won’t let you be harassed. Wait for me….. and Qingxue, I want to go see you….."

Ye Mo collected his thoughts and sat down. He took out a chi increasing pill and dumped it in his mouth. Then, he started to control his chi to do meridian cycles.

Ye Mo who had been accustomed to the scarcity of spirit chi was suddenly not used to the intense medicinal powers of the chi increasing pill. Strong spirit chi started to charge at the unopened barrier in Ye Mo again and again.

Even though Ye Mo was the peak of stage 3 chi gathering, it wasn’t easy to reach stage 4 at such an environment. Without chi increasing pill, perhaps he would never be able to reach stage 4.

After some time, when the effects of the pill was about to dissipate, Ye Mo felt that he was still a bit off from breaking that barrier. He didn’t even think before eating another 3 pills immediately.

The pills melted in his mouth turning into a large sum of spirit chi and started to charge at Ye Mo’s meridians. Ye Mo just felt that pulsating pain in his meridians. He knew this was a precursor for breakthrough. He clenched his teeth and didn’t stop for a moment at trying to breakthrough.


Ye Mo felt there was a loud bang in his body and the blocked meridian suddenly opened up. Some black impurities seeped from the surface of his body.

Large spirit chi rushed into his dan tian. A spirit chi more than twice as strong as before surged out making his meridians beat with more power.

Ye Mo tried using his spirit chi. It was pompous. He had experienced stage 4 chi gathering before but didn’t have such power before. Was it stronger to breakthrough at places with scarce spirit chi?

Although he didn’t know if this conjecture was correct, Ye Mo was sure that his current stage 4 was much stronger than his previous stage 4 in his past life.

He knew there was a milestone between chi gathering primary stage and middle stage but the difference in power exceeded Ye Mo’s expectation. There were 9 levels in chi gathering. Level 1 to 3 was primary stage. 4-6 was middle stage and 7-9 was tertiary stage.

If chi increased at this rate, wouldn’t his chi multiply many times again at level 7? Ye Mo rejoiced. He wanted to stand up and release his power but he knew that his state wasn’t stabilized yet. He must not slack. It would be tragic if he fell back to chi gathering level 3 due to his cockiness.

Ye Mo didn’t dare to think much and started to control his chi to go in meridian cycles to stabilize his state.

Luo Xuan stood in front of Ye Mo’s door walking back and forth. She hadn’t seen Ye Mo for two days and this made her worry again. Although she hung the peach wood sword on his door, who knew if the ghost could come in?

After hesitating for a long time, she finally couldn’t resist the worry in her heart and opened the doors again but what made her disappointed was that the door was still broken and the other two doors weren’t even closed. Was he harmed already?

Luo Xuan left Ye Mo’s room and sighed. She guessed that it was highly likely her neighbor was harmed. Although this guy was quite annoying but after living with him for a week, she felt Ye Mo wasn’t that bad. Although he liked sucking up to people but these people were everywhere. She should have persuaded him to leave early but she was too careless.

Plus, he lived next door. Although it wasn’t much use but the more people the better. This building was too silent.

Thinking about this, Luo Xuan looked at the 9th floor as frost flashed across her eyes, "I’ll go end you tonight, otherwise, you’d be harming others if you stayed here."

She had made up her mind to end that ghost. Although it was strong, she had 3 qi returning pills now.


The moon was high in the sky and Ye Mo suddenly stood up. His state was completely consolidated. At this moment, he felt that even if there was an earth level master in front of him, he would be a joke.

Ye Mo had a sudden urge. He took of his dirty clothes and used a few clear water spells on him. Then, his body was clean like a fetus.

Ye Mo took out a clean set of clothes from his ring and put it on his body before giving out a long sigh. Then, he took out his flying sword and under the control his chi gathering middle stage chi, the sword transformed into a huge sword that was a few meters long and one meter wide.

Ye Mo stood on the sword and with a long howl, the sword shot up into the sky and clouds.

That excitement and thrill filled Ye Mo’s chest. He felt relieved as though he escaped a confinement.

Ye Mo darted in and out of the clouds on his sword. The wind blew his hair and clothes but he didn’t want to raise up a barrier. He liked this feeling. It was a feeling of longing and great excitement. Ye Mo howled and the sound echoed his path in the sky.


Luo Xuan who just got to the 9th floor suddenly stopped. Did she hear Ye Mo’s howl? Was it wrong? No it wasn’t. It was at the top of the building. In desperation, Luo Xuan actually forgot to search for the ghost and quickly climbed up to the 10th floor. Then 11th and 12th.

Eventually, she got to the top and stood at the top. She felt relaxed as she looked at the lights in the distance.

Right, I came here to find Ye Mo. Luo Xuan remembered her purpose and looked around. The roof was quiet and empty making her feel free but lonely.

Suddenly, she had the impulse making her want to fly and soar into the sky. But then she sighed. She knew this was impossible. Even her master couldn’t fly. Flying, that was just a legend.

Ye Mo’s clothes? Luo Xuan turned around and saw a set of clothes. The clothes were dirty. It was obviously the set Ye Mo was wearing before.

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